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#046 いんげん豆とひよこ豆のオーブン焼き〜Oven roasted dish with green beans and chickpeas 〜

Today’s dish is an oven roasted dish with green beans and chickpeas, which is perfect for a large party Chop up a bacon roughly and fry it up until it becomes crispy And add garlic, onion, chickpeas, and green beans, fry them all up and boil it down after adding red wine and whole tomatoes…

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Baked eggplant parmesan. Easy to make.

2 eggplants ( 750 g ) peel them partially cut them into slices of about 5 mm put the slices in a strainer by sparkling salt above each of them if you watched till here, please don’t forget to subscribe and to turn on the notifications. Thank you! then put them aside ~ 30 min…

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Pan Fried Pork Chops

hey everybody welcome to the channel I’m Brandon carpenter I’m joined today by my sous chef Bach. If you’re new here do me a favor click that subscribe button and click that bell so you’re notified whenever I drop a new video today we’re working on a pan-fried pork chop now this dish takes 24…

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Delicious baked and stuffed potato skins. Easy to make.

1 kg potatoes ( 4 big pieces ) sting them with a fork put each of them on aluminium and baking foil add 1 thread of rosemary about 2 small threads of thyme 1 garlic clove cut in half sprinkle ~ 1 tsp olive oil add a pinch of dry oregano a pinch of salt…

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[ENG] BTS Jin Feeding His Pet Sugar Gliders

JM: Wah so this is actually the first time you’re going to show them to the world JK: Ah yes, these are Jin Hyungs .. JK: Fishcake & Odaeng (names of the sugar gliders) JM: They don’t cry when Jin Hyung holds them but they cry when I do J: They cry so strangely J:…

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“Mama Bake Them Johnny Cakes Christmas Coming” Sharipb’s photos around St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

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Skillet Cookies (No-Bake Cookies Recipe) | Just Eat Life

Hi guys! Jen here! So today I’m teaming up with my homie Katie Q, because Mina on Facebook asked the two of us to make pan cookies without using an oven! So I’m going share how to make skillet cookies and Katie’s channel, she’s going to show y’all how to make a skillet brownie. Now…

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Dua Saleh – Sugar Mama | A COLORS SHOW

I have a friendly neighbor She wanna be my savior Her daddy always warns her ’bout my families behavior She wonders ’bout my flavor, those chocolate coated layers She looks me up and down, her pussy melting like a glacier Bodacious belly flopper Her daddy flies a chopper She talks about them charities and work…

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Healthy recipe – baked banana dessert (video)

bjbj TRANSCRIPT BAKED BANANA FLIP: Bananas always make me smile, and my baked banana dessert will definitely make you smile. Now, all we need for this is a couple of beautiful bananas, some cinnamon, some currants or sultanas, and some freshly squeezed OJ. All you need to do is peal your bananas. Now, I like…

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How Ponmo (Kpomo) is derived from Cow Skin | Flo Chinyere

Hey! In this video you’ll see how to prepare cow skin for use in Nigerian cooking. You see all that hair; they will be burnt off during the making of the ponmo. This one is special high end ponmo because it contains some fleshy part, the red part of beef unlike the tasteless ponmo that…

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