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True Courage – Paul’s Progress

I think it’s hard getting used to the fact that we will never baby don’t please don’t we will never have our old life back I look at it a little differently to you because I think, don’t get me wrong I still wish this had never happened but I think it’s made me stronger…

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The Breadwinner director Nora Twomey on hope and education

If we give children the tools to deal with the world that they’ve inherited from us then that gives us some kind of hope. I was surprised to see that the film doesn’t shy away from the violence and oppression facing Afghanistan. How did you judge what would be acceptable to show within the film?…

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Macro nutrients micro nutrients – food analysis II

Macro nutrients micro nutrients Sometimes we think nutrients are needed, of course we need all the nutrients in our body, what changes is the amount and frequency we eat. For example minerals such as selenium are needed in small amounts and the body can store this mineral for a long time. But vitamin C needs…

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LITERATURE – Marcel Proust

Marcel Proust was an early 20th century French writer responsible for what’s officially the longest novel in the world: “A la recherche du temps perdu”/In search of Lost Time. which has 1.2 million words in it, double those in “War and Peace” . The book was published in French in 7 volumes over 14 years,…

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Kathleen Rogers on Nurturing the World of Tomorrow round table

I think the diversity of not just professionally but of opinion. It was such an interesting group, Alex was amazing, to think in the 15 days he’s going to take off and row across the Pacific. Listening to the stories and the stats coming out of our speaker from Columbia University. He was quite inspiring…

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14-Year-Old Prodigy Programmer Dreams In Code

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First attempt Epi French Baguette(Arabic Subtitles) خبز السنبلة الفرنسي

خبز السنبلة الفرنسي المقادير كيلو طحين ملعقتا طعام خميرة ملعقة ملح كاس من العجينة السائلة ربع كاس زيت زيتون حب لتزيين الخبز حوالي ثلاث اكواب ماء دافئ طريقة التحظير تذوب العجينة في قليل من الماء الدافئ ثم نخلطها مع الطحين و الملح نضيف العجينة السائلة و الزيت و نمزج الكل نضيف الماء على مراحل حتى…

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How to Balance Being Challenged and Nurtured – Lauren Serota

Erik: When are you at your best? Lauren: I think I’m at my best when I’m balanced. I have a balance between being really challenged and being really like nurtured. And right now I’m in this like fantastic relationship. I’m in Austin where I can spend a lot of time outside. Work is not too…

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Can you take too many supplements? | Bulk Nutrients

Hi guys, Sam and Ben here myth busting supplements. Common question and a question I think we answer very honestly: Can we over consume supplements? Yeah I think you definitely can, coming from supplement company is probably a strange answer. I think if you’re relying on supplements, over real food, over real training… that kind…

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Anne Bowser on Nurturing the World of Tomorrow round table

I hope that the public can think critically about the different types of solutions that we have to address, the critical environmental issues that we’re facing. Anyone who thinks that they can box the private sector out of solutions to environmental crisis is very short-sighted. I think that the private sector can play a leadership…

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