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Improved Method of Shea Butter Processing in English (accent from Nigeria)

This video describes the first part of an improved Shea butter processing. Harvest Shea tree fruits when they are mature, only when they have naturally dropped to the floor. Allow them to dry in a well-ventilated and semi-shaded area. Periodically turn them over, removing the fruits that have germinated or are dark in color. The…

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Toast Water

Hello loyal viewers viewer ok it’s just me clicking the refresh page. So it’s winter. Time to snuggle up by the fire This is the closest thing to real flames I’ve got. keep warm dress sensibly Lookin’ hot in my snuggie. and remember to take your multi-vitamin to keep those dreaded colds and flu away….

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Butter Life Hack

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5 Quick & Simple Ways to Soften Butter

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How to Make Quick and Easy French Toast

Cut 4 thick slices of white bread (approximately 3/4 -1 inch thick) Crack in 1 large egg into a Bowl. Add milk, sugar, salt, vanilla and cinnamon. Whisk these ingredients together. Put a Frying pan over medium-high heat. Make sure that your butter is hot before you add in your first piece of French toast…

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Healthy and Flavorful French Toast Recipe (Tamil) | How to Make French Toast – Ungal Kitchen

Hello everyone! Today, we are going to see a breakfast recipe using a bread French Toast This toast will be a favorite recipe for kids as well Let’s get started First, whisk together 2 eggs Then to that add approx. 1/2 cup or 100 ml of milk and whisk thoroughly now add 2 tbsp of…

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Crispy Garlic Crostini~Crostini Recipe~Simple Appetizer Ideas~Kitchen Basics~Noreen’s Kitchen

Hi, everyone. I’m Noreen and welcome back to my kitchen today We’re going to be making a classic appetizer compliment called Crostini if you’re not familiar this is nothing more than delicious garlicky toast that’s made from Italian or French Baguette and Popped in the oven and brushed with garlic and olive oil and it…

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कोल्ड सँडविच – Cold Sandwich Recipe | कोल्ड सँडविच बनवण्याची सोप्पी रेसिपी | Childrens Day Special

Namaste, I’m Archana Arte welcomes you all to Ruchkar Mejwani. 3 years ago, we did a special episode featuring a small girl name Aasya. And on that day, I had given her sandwich to eat. And she liked it. But the same Aasya is now all grown up. And today, has come to our show….

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Creamy garlic mushrooms on toast

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DELICIOUS TOAST – I am Bread Animated

Alright So my task today in the kitchen is to become a piece of… Toast Let’s break free! Break free little bread man. Break free! Let’s get all on this Get up all on this I’m good? Yeah! Let’s get both sides! Full of glass and jam Let go! Let-Oh look at that you gotta…

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