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Egg Yolk Raviolo with Truffles – How To

-We’re making uovo raviolo today. My father’s from Italia. I’ve been making pasta with him and with my nonna since I was 2, 3 years old. Pasta all’uovo’s been cooked for the king of Italia at one point. It’s gonna blow your mind. ♪♪ ♪♪ Hiya. Stefano Secchi from… Pasta all’uovo is egg-based pasta. First,…

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Oven Baked Pasta

Hello and welcome to The Vegan Corner. One of the most appetising and popular Italian dishes I can think of is baked pasta. People are usually more familiar with another kind of baked Italian delicacy, which is lasagne. However, by baking pasta you can obtain a completely different yet very impressive result, which I find…

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Henry’s Family Style Baked Spaghetti (Legacy Edition) || Henry’s Kitchen

– Hi, I’m Henry Phillips and I’ve been cooking for almost six years now, and I’ve been teaching it for even longer. And when the folks at Thrillist approached me about making my own master chef class, I took this as an opportunity to share the vast amounts of knowledge that I’ve accumulated over the…

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HOW TO MAKE BAKED BEANS – Homemade Heinz Baked Beans

Hi and a huge welcome to Steve’s kitchen Now I know it’s a little bit sad, I’m here in Italy surrounded by fantastic food but I am starting to miss my Heinz baked beans. So I’m going to make my own because they’re so simple to make. Here in Italy we have cannellini beans They…

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Mama June’s Sketti – KETCHUP + BUTTER spaghetti | Honey Boo Boo Recipe Taste Test

Greetings my beautiful lovelies! It’s Emmy. Welcome back. Today, I’m going to be testing out a recipe that I’ve been wanting to make for a really long time — I think since the first time I heard about it, which was back in 2012? Going on six or seven years now…. And it is Honey…

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Making New York-style pizza at home

For 10 years, I’ve been trying to make real New York-style pizza at home, and I think that I’ve gotten as close as I’m ever going to get. At the very least, this is a damn good pizza, authentic or not. For the dough, start with a teaspoon of yeast, a teaspoon of sugar, and…

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Extra-Crusty Detroit-Style Pizza | Food Network

– Hi. I’m Vivian Chan from “Food Network Kitchen” and today, I’m going to show you how to make Detroit-style pizza. So what you need to make this Detroit-style pizza is some purchased pizza dough from the supermarket. You are going to pour some olive oil on top. Roll it around until it’s nicely coated….

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Armenian Tomato Sauce Lecho Recipe – Heghineh Cooking Show

Armenian Tomato Sauce Lecho Recipe by Heghineh Promised my YouTube viewers to share this Armenian tomato sauce Lecho I basically use this in most of my tutorials, especially when I share something from my traditional Armenian cuisine. Most of the soups and comfort dishes have this lecho as a base, yet every dish has a…

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