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Sushi Challenge | South Korea VS China

Lychee, 3 star Master Chef of a famous French restaurant My boy, Master Chef of Seven Restaurant in Hong Kong! damn he’s fast… He’s like a super man Pretty clean like a baby’s bottom So exciting like the US elections! One representing the West and one the East.

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Traditional Serbian Cookbook – Tradicionalni recepti domaće srpske kuhinje

My name is Miodrag Ilic and I am owner and chief editorial of well known culinary web portal in Serbia – Recepti i Kuvar online When someone says “sarma” , “vanilice”, “baklava”, “pogača”, “zeljanica”, “pihtije”… in Serbia, it immediately refreshes one’s memories and the relation with tradition. The tradition of Serbian cuisine is very old….

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Kottu roti recipe // Authentic Sri Lankan street food recipe // Sri Lankan chopped bread

hi this is vote on the rodent rodent court foot here in value gamma in sri lanka in last video from villa gamma i showed you how to make a filter at ease and today we will see rotis with the same beginning of preparation but a completely different ending and it’s probably the most…

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Moroccan bread made in a clay oven / Khobz / Authentic recipe from Sahara / Arabic bread

hi this is beau underwrote and authentic world foot and close to Mohammed in Morocco in a camp in Sahara from which you can easily explore this amazing desert deliberate in Morocco is a brain Americans eat it with nearly any meal except couscous here in Sahara they making tradition Berber style in a clay…

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