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Wild Garlic Focaccia | Jamie & Gennaro | #MyFoodMemories | AD

Hi guys, I am so excited to share with you a really important recipe to me that’s not just a great recipe it’s a memory it’s a really important memory. We’re going to make homemade focaccia, crispy top spongy inside. When you make bread with love and care and passion, it taste so much better…

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How To Replace Gluten in Baking | Four Spoons Bakery

Everyone, Nicole here from four spoons, today I’m gonna teach you how to replace gluten in baking Now gluten is a fantastic ingredient it provides elasticity and structure in baking especially in yeast breads but if you can’t eat gluten What the heck are you supposed to do, what you need is a magical combination…

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How To Make Scones | Jamie Oliver | AD

So lovely people we’re going to make homemade scones. I love doing this I probably do it every single week the kids love it. It’s really really really easy and I’m going to be bigging up my beautiful bakeware range. We’re going to use 500 grams of self-raising flour. 150 grams of diced unsalted butter…

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Roast Potatoes Three Ways | Jamie Oliver

Lovely people we are going to celebrate the creation of the perfect roast potato, it’s not just potato it’s the perfect roast potato and if you think I’m going mad it’s because I’m mad for roast potatoes, crispy outside and fluffy inside we’re gonna do it 3 ways goose fat potatoes, butter clementines, rosemary garlic…

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How To Prove Dough | 1 Minute Tips | Four Spoons Bakery

Hey everyone. Nicole here from Four Spoons Bakery. Let me show you the best way to prove dough. Proving dough is the act of letting yeast dough rise. Now when the yeast is in your bread, it starts to eat the starches in the flour. Nom nom nom! And that produces lovely little air bubbles….

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Scrambled Egg Omelette | Jamie Oliver – AD

OK lovely people, we’re going to do the most incredible, breakfast or brunch, Scrambled Egg Omelette With a beautiful tomato salad finished with some basil, and an amazing Chili Sauce And I’m going to be bigging up my pan from Jamie Oliver by Tefal range and showing you how damn good it is! Let’s get…

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How To Make Focaccia | Jamie & Gennaro

What’s up Food Tuber’s. We’re going to make Focaccia. You wondering what he was going to say then. Didn’t you? You thought focaccia. You wondered what it was didn’t you. No, focaccia, it’s a lovely bit of bread. It’s a beautiful kind of thick flatbread. It’s spongy, it’s soulful. It’s so delicious. I’m going to…

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Awesome Lamb Kebabs | Jamie Oliver

Hi guys, okay so we’re gonna do a really simple but delicious Lamb Kebab It’s a really lovely ritual to make a kebab you can marinade it the day before, but I want to show you the ones that I like to do which is when you go for a walk in the park or…

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How To Make Bread | Jamie Oliver – AD

So guys, let me show you a really simple bread recipe This is a really trusted way to do it, it’s super simple and you can do it easily at home yourself, it’s really good fun And I’m going to be bigging up my beautiful bakeware range And this is going to make 2 nice…

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Aubergine Parmigiana (Eggplant) | Jamie Oliver | #MyFoodMemories | AD

Hi guys, Jamie here. I hope you’re really really well. So me and the Hotpoint gang, we’ve come together to bring out and celebrate some of your most loved and cherished food memories! And I’ve picked out some of my very very best, but if you want to get involved in the competition go to…

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