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Aquaponics: Roots As Nutrients

If some people like to grow these plants on top of just a container that they actually have fish inside of and fish like tilapia they’ll actually eat the plant roots and get nutrition from those. So you can even kind of reduce the amount of food, feed input that you have a system. Other…

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Experience in Asia nurtured independent thinking

Last summer, I took a history seminar with Go Global in Shanghai, Taiping and Hong Kong for about, just over a month. And it was basically just investigating the sort of migration patterns between Canada and China. It is really important that you don’t just learn things from a book, because then someone’s kind of…

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Crops for Kids: Grid Sampling for Soil Nutrients

hi I’m Maya from crop basics for kids and today I’m here with Patti Kohler and she’s gonna tell us a little bit about how she does soil sampling to test for nutrients. What I do is I will divide like a forty acre field into different grid sizes my typical grid size is two…

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How a NZ university is nurturing gamers

It looks like they may have enough damage to actually end this game right now! (cheering) (electronic music) For the entirety of 2018 as well as finishing year 13 in high school, I was also a professional gamer. I would be at least one of the best, if not the best player from New Zealand….

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Nurturing Innovation: The Campaign for Fredonia

♬♬ Fredonia really has that warmth and people feel it when they come on campus. You have that sense of family atmosphere and that close knit ties with either clubs, or classes, or your professors. It’s much more than a campus It’s an entire community. There’s such a wide range of things that you can…

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Heath Hocking’s Bread and Butter | RMIT University

[Announcer] Clever slap wide, Chris… well, he got there first, just pushed off the ball too easily then. Merrett, Hocking, brilliant! 2015 I was injured for a bit of the year, so I started working La Luna Bistro with Adrian Richardson. Just, yeah, doing a bit of cheffing sort of stuff. Obviously, it’s nice to…

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Roger Stanley, Uni QLD – Part 1 – ‘Phytofarming nutrients for health’

Phyto-farming I … could have subtitled this quality as well as quantity. What I’m going to do is to spend a few minutes and cover increasing the health content is going to be good for you it’ll be good the farmers and it’s good for the nation. First of all – just a few definitions….

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Fredonia launches ‘Nurturing Innovation: The Campaign for Fredonia’

♬♬ This will be the most ambitious fundraising effort in Fredonia’s history. A comprehensive campaign that will celebrate success stories past, present, and future! This campaign will create opportunities for students be it scholarship support or new or better ways of engagement in teaching. ♬♬ Ladies and gentlemen, introducing “Nurturing Innovation: The Campaign for Fredonia”…

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The GreenHouse – Nurturing Students, Embracing Diversity

[ Music ]>>The Greenhouse is a very special place. We’re right in the middle of a neighborhood that has over 550 kids in one square block. Actually, it’s the highest concentration of kids in a six-county area per the 2000 census, and so we’re a community enrichment center that’s focused on community development and really…

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Twins: Research into Nature and Nurture

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