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100回目の夏 全力ファインプレー集 Sugar!!

SS – Akira NEO (18) Osaka Toin h.s. BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYS of the 100th National High School Baseball Championship in 2018 SUMMER SS – Souma UCHIYAMA (16) Seiryo h.s. SS – Shouta SAKAI (18) Chuetsu h.s. SS – Takumi ISHII (17) Sakushin Gakuin h.s. 3B – Kazuki KAKETANI (18) Hokusho h.s. SS – Reo SUGAWARA…

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Hey folks it is Barry here welcome to my virgin kitchen you are looking splendid today this video is our second video recipe in our student budget month we have already had that amazing fish pie and today is no exception today is our one time what one time why is It I am turning…

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The Democracy Cookbook · Robin Whitaker

My name is Robin Whitaker, I teach in the anthropology department at Memorial I am also President of Memorial University of Newfoundland Faculty Association and I am a known troublemaker. There you go. There are things that we are allowed to talk about in our history and things that tend not to get talked about…

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Where to go in Canterbury with your uni bestie – Molly and Aimee’s Student VLOG

Hello! Hi guys I’m Molly, this is Aimee we’re both third year history students at Canterbury Christ Church and today we are going to be exploring Canterbury City with you and showing you what we believe are Canterbury’s best bits. So as well as H&M, topshops, Zara… we do have fabulous charity shops – our…

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Vegan Chilli Con Carne 🌶 | Student Cookbook

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my Student Cookbook. Today we are making chili con carne, but obviously without the meat. I have three or four go-to recipes and they’re all ones where you shove everything in the same pot and wait for it to cook. So they’re very easy to make, they’re great for cooking…

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Trudi – Cookery

I chose to study commercial cookery at FedUni as I already had a connection to one of the staff members and I felt that the course and the facilities that they offered really suited what I needed. I was expecting just like a classroom where they’d have like a demo station set up and tonnes…

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The Democracy Cookbook · Scott Matthews

So I’m Scott Matthews in the Department of Political Science where I’m an associate professor. I think a political poll can be helpful even taking account of the fact that it’s an uncertain indicator at best of what the public is thinking. I think that in democracy it’s not just a kind of a conversation…

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Breadwinner – Acts of Greatness – 30s

Working to pay for university, on top of paying for home care: That’s an act of greatness.

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Bread brilliance

My name is Rahn Keucher. These don’t have to be perfect. I’m a bread-baking father of four. They have to look like a pretzel I’ve been married for 25 years finished a Bachelor of Science in human factor psychology in 1991 from Wright State. I’m just scaling ingredients and I’ve essentially been self-employed for the…

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Gov’t to establish high-tech departments in colleges to nurture talent

the government has announced classed established new hi-tech study departments to nurture 80,000 students in future technology for the next 10 years the Education Ministry said University departments will establish more science based studies including artificial intelligence next-generation semiconductors and bio health and start emitting students from 2021 the ministry will also work to revise…

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