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Green Beans with Bread Crumbs

This recipe is a light alternative to your traditional green bean casserole. The green beans are cooked perfectly thanks to the blanch and shock method and the bread crumbs add a nice crunch and a nice flavor as well. We’re making 1 pound of fresh green beans, so we need to boil 2 ½ quarts…

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How to make fresh pasta without machine

hi this is Silvia Colloca and thank you for watching my channel Today I’m gonna show you how to make pasta from scratch So many times people have told me “I would love to make pasta from scratch but I don’t have a machine” well this recipe is for you because you only need to…

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Home Baked Whole Wheat Bread & Sunflower Seed Vegan Sour Cream

Gracious viewers, welcome to Vegetarianism: The Noble Way of Living Today, we have our friend, Raymond Ruckle from San Jose He’s a Christian, a Seventh-day Adventist Christian Raymond plays organ in his church, directs their annual musical concert, and he is also an aeronautical inventor – that’s something special I enjoy that very much So,…

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Aloo Methi Paratha – No Stuff Video Recipe | Potato Fenugreek Flat Bread | Bhavna’s Kitchen

today I’m going to show you quick and easy breakfast recipe no stuff Aloo methi paratha potato and fenugreek bread let’s start making the aloo methi parathas into the pressure cooker pot take 1 cup of water to steam the potato cover the pressure cooker with the whistle on and here about 3 whistles on…

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VEGAN RAISIN BREAD WITH ICING | Recipe by Mary’s Test Kitchen

Hello friends and not-yet-friends, welcome back to Mary’s Test Kitchen where we’re back on the bread. Thank you for your requests on the community page and upvoting the ones you wanted the most. As you could tell by the title, we’re starting with vegan raisin bread with icing…or you could think of it as cinnamon…

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How to Make Tomato Jam: Recipe + Canning Tips

Aloha friends, it’s Cobi! For this Veggietorial, I’m making Tomato Jam for lazy people. This is a rustic jam, so there will be no peeling or de-seeding ….none of that nonsense. But I promise it will be delicious. Start with super fresh, ripe, flavorful organic tomatoes. This is a great way to use up ugly,…

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How to make Lembas Bread from Lord of the Rings {Recipe}

On your journey through Middle Earth One food can fill your stomach with just one bite Elvish Waybread…Lembas Chia seeds sustain you with protein and omega-3’s (No, this is not my real life voice. Yes, the accent is weird but I gave it a good college try) Banana adds potassium, should you become weary from…

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Apple & Orange Moist Vegan Loaf Cake | Eggless + Dairy-free + Nut-free + Seed-free Recipe

When it comes to eating fresh fruits on their own, for some reason, I tend to go for all the rest except apples. But I do love to use them in baked recipes. I am using a Canadian-grown Cortland apple as this variety is abundant at the moment and its custardy texture, when baked, works…

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3 Creative French Toast Recipes COMPARED

– We are sorted. A group of mates from London, exploring the newest and best in the world of food, whilst trying to have a few laughs along the way. (laughing) We’ve got chefs, we’ve got normals, (bleep) and a whole world of stuff for you to explore. But everything we do starts with you….

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Easy Vegan Breakfast Recipes! Banana Bread, Omelette, Granola & more!

– Hey munchies! Welcome if you’re new, I’m Alyssia. A whole ago I launched a new ebook with over 100 vegan recipes. So today I’ve figured I’d share some of the easy breakfast options here with you since we’re back to school and a lot of you are trying to get in that healthy fuel…

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