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Vegan White Bean Stew with Fennel & Harissa | The Wicked Kitchen | S3 • E2

All right, welcome back to the Wicked Kitchen you guys. Today we’re going to make this amazing white bean and fennel ragu with some fresh harissa, serve it with some Sourdough bread. It is such a nice comforting meal. Excellent with that kick of spice from the harissa and I hope you enjoy it. [upbeat…

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Vegan Seafood Pasta | The Wicked Kitchen | S3 • E1

All right welcome back to The Wicked Kitchen guys. Today we are making a seafood linguine featuring Good Catch fish-free tuna, also some king oyster scallops. The aromas, the smells in this kitchen right now are absolutely amazing. You don’t wanna miss this, stay tuned you guys. All right, so we’re gonna cook this dry…

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Baked eggplant parmesan. Easy to make.

2 eggplants ( 750 g ) peel them partially cut them into slices of about 5 mm put the slices in a strainer by sparkling salt above each of them if you watched till here, please don’t forget to subscribe and to turn on the notifications. Thank you! then put them aside ~ 30 min…

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Gordon Ramsay: Shallots, Brandy, and a Flourish of Fire | MasterClass Moments | MasterClass

And this is how we do a simple pan sauce. Slice a few shallots. Start off with shallots. Now, shallots is the quickest way to a sauce because it starts to add that sweetness. Fresh butter, butter in. Now, take your garlic that was roasted earlier. Get that back in there, and the thyme back…

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Delicious baked and stuffed potato skins. Easy to make.

1 kg potatoes ( 4 big pieces ) sting them with a fork put each of them on aluminium and baking foil add 1 thread of rosemary about 2 small threads of thyme 1 garlic clove cut in half sprinkle ~ 1 tsp olive oil add a pinch of dry oregano a pinch of salt…

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Minted Sugar Snap Peas

(energetic music)

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Hotbox Cabbage & Pulled Mushrooms | The Wicked Kitchen | S2 • E13

Hey guys, welcome to “The Wicked Kitchen.” Today I’m gonna show you how to make that hotbox cabbage that I’ve been showin’ off on Instagram, and then also some amazing pulled, sticky mushrooms. You’re gonna love this. [upbeat music] So let’s get started. We need a couple of these cone cabbages, which they sell everywhere…

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How To Chop Every Vegetable | Epicurious

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Pohon alpukat mentega buah lebat

I was in an avocado tree This butter has a friend This fruit is quite bushy This is a tree about 6 meters high Above the house Friends I will open it Avocado butter It’s cooked I have been cultivating for three days The skin is shiny green This is one kg of two Approximately…

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Book Review-The Get Healthy, Go Vegan Cookbook by Neal Barnard, MD, and Robyn Webb

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