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VEGAN RAISIN BREAD WITH ICING | Recipe by Mary’s Test Kitchen

Hello friends and not-yet-friends, welcome back to Mary’s Test Kitchen where we’re back on the bread. Thank you for your requests on the community page and upvoting the ones you wanted the most. As you could tell by the title, we’re starting with vegan raisin bread with icing…or you could think of it as cinnamon…

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How To Prove Dough | 1 Minute Tips | Four Spoons Bakery

Hey everyone. Nicole here from Four Spoons Bakery. Let me show you the best way to prove dough. Proving dough is the act of letting yeast dough rise. Now when the yeast is in your bread, it starts to eat the starches in the flour. Nom nom nom! And that produces lovely little air bubbles….

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