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വരിക്ക ചക്ക പഴം പൊരി/ Varikka Chakka Pazham Pori/Riped Jackfruit Fry/Cookery show/Kerala Homely Food

Hello everyone Today the recipe we are going to make is pazham pori with riped jackfruit (Varikka/Koozha Chakka) The things needed for that are 2 Tablespoon Maida 1 Tablespoon rice flour 1/2 Tablespoon Rava Little bit of Cumin seeds Little bit Sesame seeds Little bit Sugar 250 gram Coconut oil Water Now let us see…

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ചക്കക്കുരു വട/Jack Fruit Seed Vada/Cookery Show/Kerala Homely Food/Naadan/Snacks/Annamma Kurikesu

Hello everyone We make Vada with different things But today i’d like to make vada with jack fruit seed The Ingredients needed for that are Jackfruit seed without the outer layer(Paada)500Gram Fried Rava 150 Gram Chopped Ginger 2 Teaspoon Chopped Green chilli 2 Teaspoon Chopped small red shallot 4 Teaspoon Curry Leaves as needed (2-3…

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ചക്കക്കുരു പേട – Jack fruit Seed Peda/Cookery Show/Kerala Homely Food Kitchen/Chakkakkuru peda

Hello everyone Today, the recipe I’m going to introduce is Sweet peda with jack fruit seed Let’s see what are the ingredients needed for it steam boiled jack fruit seed 1Kg Sugar 1Kg Ghee 200 Gram Milk Powder 250 Gram Cardamam powder 2 teaspoon Chukku Powder(dried ginger) 2 Teaspoon Cocoa powder or Chocolate syrup for…

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