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Chinese Drama 2019 | The Ugly Queen 09 Eng Sub 齐丑无艳 | Historical Romance Drama 1080P

Closed Captions were added by Q1Q2 team ♪ Laughing at me infatuated, don’t laugh at me insane ♪ If you slighted the moonlight, please don’t slight the vast sky ♪ It’s the springtime, and the flowers are deep red [Starring: Hao Wenting, Gao Haicheng, Wu Hongyan] ♪ When I just drink a pot of liquor,…

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BAKED | S01E02 – “Trust Me, Just Trust Me”

Bro! Body better watch out That’s Tiwari sister He’ll create a scene man Tiwari, how’s it going? So, basically the law of diminishing marginal utility dictates that at the third stage, the slope will become negative So, for all you dumbfucks who don’t understand it in plain English Here is an illustration to make it…

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BAKED | S01E06 – ” This Could Be Something Serious”

Once again… How exactly did he say it? I’m scared! I’m sorry for laughing bro but this could be something serious Yeah dude… Maybe this dream has a deeper meaning to it We live so close to the ridge and a lot of crazy shit has already happened there Everyone knows about the nun and…

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RT Life – Gavin Free: Knife Thrower

[Up-tempo intro music] Burnie: Gav, what are you doing? Gavin: So, Ryan thinks that if I throw a knife Ryan: NO, no, no, Gavin thinks… Gavin: by the blade… Gavin: I’m saying you think it won’t go in. Ryan: Yeah I’m agreeing that it won’t go in. Burnie: Nobody explained the premise still. [Gavin laughing]…

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BAKED Season 2 | Episode 1 | Fashion Society

So? Jee? Ok So basically you… With two stoned guys Started a midnight food delivery service Yes sir! and the three of you trashed your wake and bake business together and fell for a girl as well! What was her name? Tara Ahh, Tara Tara Brara Hmm… That girl… didn’t give you any attention and…

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RT Life – Butter Beer and Soggy Bread

So Gus what’s happening? Alright. So we’re at the stage where we have to put the sparge water… …into the strike water to make… something. I don’t know what. It looks like a turkey. “You pour the water through the grain bag then begin heating for boil.” I’m gonna read ahead a little bit. You’d…

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Crunchy or Creamy Peanut Butter? – Agree to Disagree

– I think crunchy is classist. I think it’s classist. – And I think smooth is not inclusive. (intensive music) – [Interviewer] Peanut butter: Creamy or crunchy? – Crunchy. – Creamy. – Crunchy. – Creamy. Peanut butter is a spread, right? Peanut butter is like butter, peanut butter, butter. Do you like it if you’re,…

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14-Year-Old Prodigy Programmer Dreams In Code

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