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Stoners Bake Vegan Banana Nut Muffins | Pillow Talk TV

This is Baked. And we’re about to be baking Vegan banana nut muffins. Sponsored by TheHealthyLA.com Aw, yeah bitches. Cannabis infused optional. These are amazing. Right. They’re like muffins. Yes, And banana bread. Yes. With some nuts mixed into it for a better version. Yes. And you can do 12 full big muffins, or you…

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Stoners Bake Vegan Brownies | Cannabis Optional | Pillow Talk TV

This is Baked. And we’re about to be baking. Vegan Brownies! Oooooo. Sponsored by The Healthy LA. Aw yeah, bitches. Vegan, organic, and infused with cannabis. Cannabis optional, of course. Oh yes, for these brownies. Because they are so ooey gooey delicious… You want to eat them all and you can’t do that with cannabis…

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Is It A Good Idea To Microwave Peanut Butter?

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Ecom’s Monthly French Videocast – April – April Fools / French Bread and Desserts

Hi! Welcome to the monthly Ecom videocast. Now is April. How are you doing? In France during the month of April, people enjoy going to small cafes and having a drink with their friends, do a little people-watching. The weather starts to get nice, so people like to relax. There’s a big tradition in France….

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Zombie Parasites | Nat Geo Live

( intro music )Parasites are not degenerates,they’re actually maybe the most successful life form on earth.And they do all sorts of amazing things.They were using their hostsfor all sorts of nefarious purposesto get what they needed.If you see a ladybug huddled over some little bit of fluff,you’re looking at a zombie bodyguard.( applause ) So…

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