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Mock Bake Sale Rally for BBH | Strike BBH

What is wrong with BBH? Well, they earn millions of dollars, why can’t they pay actors a living wage? We have had a relationship with poor, poor BBH for nearly 20 years. So, we’re here to help them raise some funds. All kidding aside, we all know that this is actually serious business. SAG-AFTRA and…

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THE DITTO – Movie Trailer

-The sequel is way more sucky than the original movie. -Shut up! [wind whistling] -We found something in the ice. We think it’s been here for over 100,000 years. -Like a really old Popsicle? -Yes. -What flavor? -I’m gonna take a tissue sample. -You sure that’s a good idea? -Nope. [drill whirring] Congratulations, everybody. This…

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This is why I don’t trust people!

“This is why I don’t trust people!”

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I am so freaking scared right now… SHUT UP! So Ian, can you explain why we have all these food here on the counter? Uhm.. Ever since I found this little toy oven on our doorstep, we’ve just been getting food randomly appearing here in the morning It’s kinda freaking me out. Yeah, so that…

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Japanese Sandwiches, better than Sushi or Ramen? ★ ONLY in JAPAN

ONLY in JAPAN – Welcome to Ginza! After 20 years of living in Japan, I’ve learned to have an amazing appreciation for the food. It’s incredible! There is “sushi” —Japan’s most well-known dish. “Kaisendon” mixes it all up, fresh seafood on a bed of rice. “Okonomiyaki” —Japanese pancake with a savory sauce. “Ramen” —taking a…

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तवा ब्रेड पिज़्ज़ा रेसिपी | How to Make Bread Pizza Without Oven | Easy and Quick Bread Pizza Recipe

gimme a second Mom: its a difficult job isn’t it? why are you making faces? why are you still making faces? you’re so judgemental you’re lying idiot Mom: let him do it, divya who are you looking at? why are you talking? Mom: Go with “now i’m going to” *imitates*

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