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Gov’t to establish high-tech departments in colleges to nurture talent

the government has announced classed established new hi-tech study departments to nurture 80,000 students in future technology for the next 10 years the Education Ministry said University departments will establish more science based studies including artificial intelligence next-generation semiconductors and bio health and start emitting students from 2021 the ministry will also work to revise…

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कोल्ड सँडविच – Cold Sandwich Recipe | कोल्ड सँडविच बनवण्याची सोप्पी रेसिपी | Childrens Day Special

Namaste, I’m Archana Arte welcomes you all to Ruchkar Mejwani. 3 years ago, we did a special episode featuring a small girl name Aasya. And on that day, I had given her sandwich to eat. And she liked it. But the same Aasya is now all grown up. And today, has come to our show….

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Kuttu ki Puri – Buckwheat Flatbread – Gluten Free Recipe by Manjula

Today I will be making kuttu ki puri which is gluten free buckwheat flatbread. This is a very easy recipe to make. There are many Hindu festivals where grains are not eaten as a part of a fast. The puris are made with buckwheat flour and potatoes and mostly accompanied with potato or arbi (taro…

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5 मिनट में बनाये चीज़ गार्लिक टोस्ट – Cheese Garlic Toast Recipe – Garlic Bread – KabitasKitchen

If you like my recipes, please subscribe to my channel and click on bell icon to get notified when I post videos To make cheese garlic toast, I am heating a pan on low flame Add little butter as soon as pan starts heating I am using about 1 tsp of butter here Add finely…

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جديد باكيط بالجبن والفرماج رائع بمذاق مذهل يصلح في جميع الأوقات ويقدم مع جميع الوجبات

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you Today we will prepare a small baguette (French bread) that can be served with all meals Or eat it alone is delicious For this baguette we will need 100 grams of grated red cheese 2 tablespoons of cheese I have a homemade cheese flavored with a…

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Dal Paratha – Stuffed Indian Bread Recipe by Manjula

Today I will be making dal paratha also known as bikaneri paratha. This is best described as Indian stuffed flatbread. These parathas are Rajasthani delicacy. This delicious bread is filled with cooked chana dal with spices. However unlike other stuffed parathas these are rolled super thin. This recipe will makes 8 parathas. For making parathas…

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How to make homemade Bread Crumbs – Recipe in Hindi

Hello Friends, Welcome to Meera’s Food Corner Today I am going to do the tutorial for Bread Crumbs We will take around 10 slices of breads We will break into pieces and grind it in a mixer grinder Grind it coarsely It will look like this after grinding In a hot pan, dry roast the…

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Dabeli Spicy Potato Sandwich – Recipe by Manjula

Today I will be making dabeli. Spicy and delicious sandwich. Serve as a snack because they are made with small buns. A popular snack sandwich with street vendors in Mumbai. A toasted bun with spicy potatoes and with delicious toppings. This recipe will serve 4. To make dabeli we will need: For dabeli spice mix…

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Sweet Paratha (Grilled Flatbread) Recipe by Manjula

Today I will be making sweet paratha. This is a whole wheat flat bread filled with nuts, sugar and cinnamon. This enjoyable paratha is a great option for breakfast or serve anytime as a snack with tea or coffee. This recipe will make 4 parathas. To make the paratha, first to make dough we will…

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Bread Crumbs Recipe | Geeta Especials

Hello friends, my name is Geeta. And welcome to my kitchen Today we are going to make crispy bread crumbs. To make bread crumbs we need four breads We are using four brown breads here. If you have any breads, you can use them as well. First of all, we will make small – small…

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