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Argument erupts in the boardroom as Lord Sugar announces winner | The Apprentice Final 2018 – BBC

Mine is something that no one’s doing at the minute. It’s something new, it’s something really lucrative and Sian is saying that she’s selling herself as a brand but she’s not on anyone’s radar. You’re running this business for 3 years, you’ve only sold 400. Camilla, your product could be very easily ripped-off and not…

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The Crazy 8’s Show Enormous Skill to “Peanut Butter Jelly” – World of Dance 2019 (Full Performance)

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Which Store Makes The Best Custom Sandwich? • Candid Competition

(suspenseful music) (fly buzzes) (flashlight clicks on) (glass bottle clinks) – Mr Kornfeld. – Leave me alone. – Who makes the best custom sandwich? (music intensifies) – What’s up party people? Welcome back to Candid Competition! We’ve decided to challenge five fast food sandwich chains to find out who makes the best custom sammy. The…

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