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At Home with Amy Sedaris – The Sugar Grizz Commercial | truTV

Here to tell us more, please welcome to my show the lovable Confederated Sugar mascot, Sugar Grizz. Get on out here! ♪ Adding a spoonful to all your dishes ♪ ♪ Pure refined sugar is sugar-ly delicious ♪ ♪ Why would I lie? ♪ (applause) -Welcome, Sugar Grizz! Where you hiding that sugar at? That’s…

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High Achiever Director Redefines Her Career For Balance

– I realized, I got home by 5:30. And then I said to myself, ‘oh my goodness, I have four, five hours in the evening’ ‘to do whatever I want!’ – What do I do now? This is like your new problem, Andrini, what do I do? – It’s like, I had this newfound freedom!…

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Giant Crunchie | Super Size Guys

– Hi! – Hi! Alright guys, I’m back at Jimminy James’ (singing) house! – Hello. – Today we are doing a giant Crunchie. – A Crunchie, mm. – Now some of you don’t know what a Crunchie is. How can you describe it, Jimmy? – A Crunchie is a honeycomb bar covered in chocolate. –…

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Dakota Johnson & Her ‘The Peanut Butter Falcon’ Co-Star Zack Gottsagen Are Ready for Awards Season

[APPLAUSE] All right, we’re back with Dakota Johnson. That’s a scene from the film, Peanut Butter Falcon. So let’s bring out your co-star, Zach Gottsagen. [MUSIC – JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, “SEXYBACK”] (SINGING) I’m bringing sexy back, yeah. Them other boys don’t know how to act, yeah. I think it’s special, what’s behind your back, yeah. So…

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Duck Butter (2018) | Official Trailer HD

I thought that all it took was me to know I was gay and then I’d be gay but.. Are you gay? Yeah. Yeah. Okay let’s pause for a second guys. Yeah, we’re just gonna pause, real quick. Sorry it was a little intense in there. No it’s hard to get everyone on the same…

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Half Baked (6/10) Movie CLIP – A Cheap Date With Mary Jane (1998) HD

[ Thurgood ] The date couldn’t have come at a worse time. l was flat broke. All my money was tied up in our drug-dealing venture. l only had eight bucks. This was gonna take some careful budgeting and maneuvering. – Hey. – Watch the master at work. – You look great. You look wonderful….

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Zucchini Bread Squash Pumpkin Recipe, Canning Puree for Dough

So this was our jack-o-lantern last night. Mm hm. Yeah. And it’s an interesting squash. Beautiful green. Mainly because it’s got this greenish grey skin on it. Yeah. Mm hm. And it looks like nice fleshy orangey fruit. Yeah, absolutely beautiful colour. Now, there’s two things you can do with it, off the top of…

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OH NO! BABY Shawn vs. FIVE NIGHTS at FREDDY’S 1,2, & 4 + He Calls BENDY & the INK MACHINE (FGTEEV)

boy this dude is cool but Shawn is not I’m fatty wrap and I know how to rap! Yea I hacked you *KARATE-CHOPUUU* uhhh ok *Ninja Master Shaby Bawn* Duddy: You punch Bad Guys?chase:NAOMIA DID IT Shawn: Yeeahhh!!chase:OH MY GOD *Hyperventilating*OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Duddy: Quick! Tap!shawn:HUH *Rip iPad screen*lol Shawn (In mind): Huh?.. *A WILD CHICA APPEARS!*…

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Fry Bread Tacos from a Native American Food Truck — Cooking in America

– So this next spot we’re checking out is Off the Rez. It’s a food truck that’s serving up Native American cuisine. The only one in Seattle. We’ll be talking to Mark who is celebrating a dish called fry bread, which is a recipe that he learned from his Native American grandmother. What’s up, guys?…

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CLOWNS – NATURE NURTURE (Album Teaser TCM Records)

We love Chris and all the music. He’s such a passionate dude when it comes to music. He’s always been so lovely to us, looked after us. Never super efficient just gets everything done. Heaps of fun to hang out with. Yeah! We definitely feel a bit a sense of home in Münster! Yeah! Definitely!

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