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Bread rolls or dinner rolls (Roll-ppang: 롤빵)

(upbeat music) – Hello everybody! You see this my butter and egg. Today I’m going to make bread rolls. I used to make this for my children as a snack. They loved this long time ago when I lived in Korea, I used to call this just Roll-ppang. (laughs) Ppang. Ppang is bread. So bread…

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Potato Bread Roll Recipe In Urdu – Dinner Roll Recipe – Quick and Easy Indian Snack Recipe

for making bread roll the require Ingredients are 300 gram boiled chicken Half kg boiled mashed potatoes , 1 tsp salt 1 tsp black pepper Some green chilies. These are optional Mix chicken and potatoes Add salt, black pepper add green chillies Dip bread slice into water and press slice to extract water Dip bread…

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HOW TO MAKE YEAST ROLLS | dinner rolls

Hey guys it’s Bettie from Baker Bettie.com and welcome back to another video. Now today we are learning how to make classic dinner rolls. Now this is a recipe that uses yeast which I hear all the time is really intimidating for people. But I’m going to show you just how easy it really can…

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