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PvZ 2 PAK Plus #28 – Frozen butter and the trouble with Ladder Zombie | Animation the Lucky Blover

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The WALKING BREAD – Walking Dead Season 7 Recipe

Hi and welcome to Steve’s kitchen it’s that time of year again we’re coming up to halloween and series seven of the walking dead. Now I’m making gingerbread men I just popped a little hat and a gun in his hand, starting to look like Rick Grimes so that’s got the old gray matter thinking…

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Things That Turn Animals into ZOMBIES!

Here are a few animals that make actual zombies in nature! 7 – What’s that on your head? This real life zombie maker takes us to the jungles where a fungus called…I hope I’m saying this right, Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, terrorize ants, cockroaches and butterflies. A fungus that invades bodies?! Yup, this exists in nature! But…

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