Right a simple, basic side salad.
A classic family staple, it’s easy it’s affordable it goes with pretty much anything and it’s
beautiful. I’ve got all my ingredients over here and
I’ve got a nice big bowl over here which I’m going to put it in, going to dress it in and
then I’m going to serve it from. You should know me by now, I don’t like washing
up; that’s a tip. Use the same bowl to dress it and serve it.
I’ve got some little baby gem lettuces, they’ve been washed. You don’t have to do no ceremony, no circumstance. just start chopping it up as rough as you like.
I’m chopping it fast because I can, if you can’t don’t worry!
Nice cherry tomatoes, chuck them in. Spring onions next. If you don’t like onion, leave
it out, it’s not a problem. I’m not gonna cry about it. Why should you?
We want to use the tops as well, the green bits. Doesn’t it look beautiful already?
Last but not least, some fresh coriander. I used to be very heavy handed and with salad
you can’t really do that. A good tip that Jamie taught me is that you
get our finger tips and you go in underneath your salad and just let it fall through your
fingers. Just like that. That way you’re mixing everything in together
but you’re not bruising nothing, you’re not damaging nothing, nothing’s not getting beat
up. It’s all just mixing up nicely. We’re going to make our dressing now. A lemon
and olive oil dressing. I’m rolling the lemon because it bursts all the little capsules
inside and you get twice as much juice. We’ve got that much lemon juice. We now need to
put double that lemon juice, of olive oil. That’s one, two. Lovely and a good pinch of
salt. Nice hefty pinch of black pepper. Shaky, shaky, shaky, salad dressing. Done.
Don’t dress the salad until you are ready to eat it. Because when you make a salad dressing
you use an acid. Be it lemon juice, white wine vinegar, red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar,
any kind of acid will cook your salad and it will go all soggy and wilted and your lettuce
won’t be crispy and your cucumber won’t be crunchy.
Dress it when you’re ready to eat and I mean literally at the very last second.
Remember you don’t have to use all of this, you just want to coat each little bit. You
don’t want any dressing left in the bottom of the bowl because them it will be too much.
And remember, fairy fingers! Lift it and just let it fall make sure every bit is covered.
Look how shiny and lovely that is. And there you have it. A beautiful, simple
side salad. Give it a ho and let me know how you got on in the comments box below.
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