When we first heard about Technovation and we were brainstorming ideas, we were focusing a lot outwardly. How can we help the poor, the disabled, or even improve the low income gap? But then, we realised that we had forgotten to look inside. Who needs empowerment within our personal spaces? The answer – our moms! The often educated, yet untapped potential of our community. We want to empower our moms, homemakers, to break free from societal constraints that force their minds to remain idle. Let’s say, it’s 8 am in the morning, and the mom leaves her child at school. She has time from 8 am to 2 pm to utilise it to the fullest. Well, now, she can use the Labo app to easily find a project package that is suited to her skill set, time availability and financial needs. So, what is the problem that we’re tackling? Homemakers who have the capacity to contribute to their family’s income aren’t able to do so. An accomplished academic record, extreme competitiveness at the graduate level, a superb start to what seems like an illustrious career. all comes to a grinding halt when women fall off their career path after having a child. While some manage to maintain a balance between their professional and personal life, others have to make big compromises in order to manage work at home and at their workplace. In some cases, women aren’t allowed to leave their house and work for an income. Chained down by social stereotypes, and conservative nature of their households, many women suffer from the regret of not being able to contribute to their family income. Sometimes, women take career breaks of more than ten years and find themselves bewildered at the advancements in the very field they were working in. And therefore, we came up with the idea of Labo, An app that allows the intermixing of services by striking a balance between producers and consumers in the market. The products and services, or rather, customised tasks, are assigned to the homemakers and they comprise of work in the fields of administration, culinary, handicrafts, and various other fields. Our app has an edge as it targets a very specific audience, homemakers. The current job search apps are very broad in terms of target audience which means that people who have either had career breaks, or want to try something new, would have a very slim chance of getting employed through mainstream websites. In addition to its specificity, Labo incorporates most of the features that encompass current job search apps. This includes resources to update their skill set which makes it competent in the job market. So, moving on to the business model, we have four phases to our operations. The first one being the market survey and soft launch, the second being advertising, the third being the launch, and the fourth phase is the expansion to other Asian countries like Vietnam, Malaysia and India. We would also like to reach out to the elderly, the disabled or the people with special needs and the underrepresented communities. Financial projections According to the survey that we conducted, a majority of the homemakers are willing to work, invest time and update their skills. (Amrita, Aishwarya, Kaveri)