Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann
Reardon … Merry Christmas everyone 🎁 Today I’ll be attempting to make a mini
gingerbread house in my teeny weeny kitchen. I had some dough left over in
the fridge from making my big gingerbread house so I thought we’d give
it a go using that. Scoop out some of your dough onto some non-stick baking
paper and roll it out you can add a little bit of flour here to stop it
sticking to your rolling pin. Then add your template on top and cut around it
using a knife and I’ll put the recipe details and the template on the
howtocookthat.net website and there’s a link to that below. Remove the template
and slide that carefully onto a baking tray. Light your oven and place that in to
bake and you want to repeat that process for all of the other pieces there you
have two walls two ends and two roof pieces. While they’re baking let’s take a
break and open up some presents … what’s inside this little gift bag. Oh look at
that it’s a cute little owl ornament he can go over there. Now what about this
big present from under the tree, undo the bow take that off what are you
hoping to get under the Christmas tree this year for yourself? Undo the tape …
I’m having a hard time unwrapping this I think I’ll just have to rip the pretty
paper so that I can get inside. Oh My look at that can you see what it is? Look
it’s a blender with a little blender jug awesome! That can go over there too – that
matches my pink mixer perfect. Mmm I can smell gingerbread it must be done. Look
at that that’s looking good a nice golden brown YUM! Once all the pieces are
done you can put out the oven. Phew look at that smoke just as well the mini kitchen
doesn’t have a miniature smoke alarm. To make the royal icing place egg whites
and icing sugar into the bowl of an electric mixer and whip
that up until it’s thick and glossy. Place that into a piping bag fitted with
a round nozzle and if you fold down the top of the bag it’s easier to get the
stuff into the bag without making a mess. Lay out the gingerbread walls flat on
cake board so you can see where the base of them is going to sit. Then you want to
pipe royal icing around the base and up the sides of the front of the house and
also at the back of the house so we can join it all together. Lift up one side
wall and then the other one, then lift up the back wall and the front wall and pop
them into place making sure it’s all straight. Pipe icing around the top and
then add the two roof pieces into place and look at that we have a house but we
can’t leave it plain we need to decorate it. I’m gonna pipe lines of icing
diagonally across the roof one way and then back the other way so it has the
little sort of diamond crisscross pattern on it. Now we just need something
colorful like M&Ms and I want to add one of those at each of the little
intersections. This icing is so small that’s drying so quickly I’m having to
add a little bit more icing onto each one so that they’ll stay and then just
keep adding them all over the roof. Now I’m gonna use some melted chocolate for
my door just piping it on up and down like that. Now that’s still a bit plain
so let’s add some Jaffas now I know not all countries have Jaffas so if
you don’t have them they’re like round with a hard crispy shell and then
chocolate on the inside and it’s orange flavored I really like them. That works
well just to cover the join at the ridge there. Now let’s put some candies around
the front door just to define that a bit more and make it a little prettier and
then I think some mints would look good. Let’s add them I think above the door
just like that and one on each side. Then I think I’ll
have to use an M&M for the door handle that looks better. Now for some candy
canes to make it extra Christmassy just tip those out of the packet and then cut
the hook part off using a knife. Add some royal icing and then put the candy cane
into place on the side of the house. If you want it to look snowy
add some icing hanging down from the roof. We were chatting in my last
gingerbread house video in the comments about who actually has snow at Christmas
and it seems for a guaranteed white Christmas we all need to visit Daniel in
Alaska or there was also plenty of snow in the northern parts of Sweden, Michigan,
Canada or I guess he could always visit the North Pole!
Add some M&Ms for a path and some more snow around the outside to cover the
cake board. Then sprinkle that with a little bit of edible glitter just to
make it all shine and your miniature Teeny Weeny gingerbread house is complete.
Special shout out to Leo, Ali, Popsy dragonsphere, Sak,i not so twins and
Katie for requesting a miniature gingerbread house. Click here to go to my
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gingerbread houses and here for the latest video. Write all your requests in
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