Elie: Oh my, it’s huge, I wasn’t expecting this. Elie: Hi, today I’m in Montreal and I’m going to meet Keven who is a labourer in food processing and today he’s going to challenge me to understand his daily routine; what is this job all about. Me, honestly, I have no idea. I get the impression that it’s redundant work, that it’s not super exciting. But maybe I’m also completely wrong. So, we’re going to go see how it goes and I’ll let you know. Elie: Hi Keven.
Keven: Hello Elie. Elie: Hi Keven.
Keven: Hello Elie.
Elie: Hello, nice to meet you!
Keven: How’s it going?
Elie: Good, and you? Elie: Hello, nice to meet you!
Keven: How’s it going?
Elie: Good, and you? François: Hello!
Elie: Hi.
François: François. Keven: We’re going to visit the warehouse. Before we get started, we’re just going to put on a lab coat, we’ll go downstairs to wash our hands and then we’ll start our visit. Elie: Perfect, let’s go. Keven: So, here we have the reception area. This is where the trucks come in and get unloaded. Then we load them again to send them off to the stores. In fact, on a daily basis, we can get up to 50 trucks with 26 skids. Elie: Woah! OK. That’s huge.
Keven: That’s almost a total of 1300 skids per day that we receive. Elie: It’s like I knew.
Keven: Just tap on it lightly, the door will open. Elie: ok, oooh, wow! Keven: So, here is the packaging department. We can sort either pears, clementine, lemons, limes. Today, we’re sorting apples. So, anything that is a category one, we send them to the large commercial retail chains. Elie: Those are the perfect apples, if I understand correctly.
Keven: Yes, the perfect apples that have no imperfections. So, here we have an apple with a black spot. Elie: Yeah, the small spot. So, that one goes straight to a category two? Keven: Yes, it goes straight to a number two.
Elie: And where do I put these? Keven: You can put it in the small box down there, yes exactly. At this plant, we have divisions who buy the food back from us and make squeezed juice. Elie: Ah yes, squeezed juice, yes. Keven: Exactly.
Elie: OK. Elie: I can see that people are pretty fast here.
Keven: Yes, they are very fast. That’s very important for working here. If you’d like, we’ll continue our visit?
Elie: Yes, yes, perfect. Keven: Here, we have the company’s most beautiful machine. Elie: Why do you say that? Keven: Because it’s usually me who operates it. Elie: Oh. OK so you have a small bias then. Keven: Yes, a small bias, exactly, but it really is a beautiful machine. So, this machine here works pretty much under the same principle as the sorting. In fact, we have girls who sort the bell peppers, we have girls who place them on the lines in the back, that way the peppers come here in the machine and get packaged. There’s a girl here who takes the packaged peppers and who puts them in the boxes and there’s a boy in back who takes the boxes and places them on the skids. Elie: So, what do you do specifically on that machine. Keven: Specifically, it’s really to monitor, to make sure there are no problems, that the machine doesn’t stop, that everything goes well. Elie: Have you always done this work? Keven: No. Actually, I really started at the bottom of the ladder. I started at the carton production line, so I really had nothing to do with the machine. When they saw that I was pretty fast on the boxes, they sent me to the bell pepper conveyor line, then, when they saw I had experience, that I liked my job, I was given machine operator training. Elie: I heard that you were really fast. Keven: Yeah, very fast. Elie: Is it possible that you beat a record? Keven: I’ll show you, hang on, like that, like that.
Elie: Yes. Keven: Same thing on the other side, like that. Elie: Oh my God! I don’t remember anything. Elie: OK that! … No! Elie: No, that’s not it. Elie: OK really now, it’s not working at all now. I’ve lost it. Elie: So we’ve reached the end of a big day, I am pretty tired. I have to admit there’s a lot of activity in there, you really have to be alert, focus on what you’re doing. Especially seeing Keven and how he has worked his way up at his job. He looks like a really passionate guy. I really found that fun to watch. Elie: I can’t get over it! It’s impossible. I don’t know what to say. Keven: No, it is possible!