When I turned thirty I toured around Italy
in my Campervan cooking everywhere I went. I did some amazing things which changed my
life forever and I’ll never forget it. Thanks to Food Tube I can now share these things
with you guys and I’m really excited. Puglia bread. Now I thought I knew a thing or two
about making good bread but when I got invited into this little bakery in the backstreets
of Altamura bread was taken to a whole new level. This baker’s supposed to be the best
in Altamura. Altamura’s supposed to be the best place in Italy for bread. You know, people
talk about it all over Italy. Now I show you how we make. Natural yeast, flour, water and
salt. 1kg of salt for 50kgs of bread, finish it, ok? This is the natural yeast. Yeah, natural
yeast, yeah. Natural yeast. You know when you get good bread it’s sort of sticky and
knotty and has good texture and a wicked crumb and it stays moist longer, do you know what
I mean, and has that wonderful sort of beery flavour? Well that’s from the natural yeast.
Sorry. Water. So what you’re saying is that to make a good bread you want the bread to take
on about 65% water which essentially makes it quite moist. Here. You are able to knead?
Like this? Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. Ok, I think that this one is like to Jamie.
Like my arse? Woman. A woman’s bum. This guy was cheeky alright but he taught me how to
make the best Focaccia I’ve ever had. Oregano, oregano, salt. More salt because my customers.
They like salt? Love drinking. Oh right! Let’s go. Fantastic. Yes. Oh you’ve got a wood oven. Would you
like to go in? No! I’ve never, ever seen anything like that in my life. Wow, you are fantastic.
Thermometer or a… No, no. Or by? We use a Focaccia to see the temperature, ok? Ah,
there’s no dials here, it’s all, the fires built and it’s all done on the senses. They
put the Focaccias in and depending on how quickly the Focaccias cook they use that as
their guide, you know, whether it’s in for five minutes or seven or eight minutes, they
know how hot it is. Why is your bread so good? Because we have the best flour and the climate,
yes, is rich of natural yeast and the water is very important. And time of working. 2kgs.
That is a bread, you know. Focaccia, your focaccia. Fantastic, look at that. Wow. The
wood oven gives it a smell, it gives it the most incredible… you know it’s just cooked
just to the limit but you know that’s gonna taste like heaven. And I’ll show you a test
of good bread and bad bread. You go and get your normal sort of factory made bread and just from
inside grab a piece of bread like that and if you could get a normal sort of average, the normal
bread in England, if you squeeze it, right, without hardly any effort at all it willl go
back to a solid lump of like a plasticine, almost like raw dough. Now with this, when
I squeeze it, it doesn’t look like much, but it’s moving back and that’s how you can tell
if you’ve got a good bread made well.