low carb cornbread? I’ll be the judge of
that! Wrong! I can smell it from here! welcome to highfalutin low-carb the
almost weekly web series what we find test and sometimes create the best low
carb recipes this crazy Internet has to offer today we’re gonna be tackling corn
bread stay tuned folks I know a few things more delicious than a fresh hot
pone of southern cornbread and yes I said pone. today we’re gonna be making
three of the most popular low carb cornbread recipes online and those are
based on three different categories now one of those is almond flour almond
flour based recipe which naturally lends itself to almost a texture of cornmeal
the second of those is going to be coconut flour base for those of you who
have nut allergies or just prefer the taste of coconut flour and then the
third option is something a little bit different that contains neither corn nor
coconut nor almonds is based on whey protein and pork rinds and a couple of
other things but I’ve got two surprises that I’m super excited about that’s
gonna make their way into a couple of these recipes but more on that in just a
minute so let’s get started at this the first one is gonna be is cornbread low
carb and this is by this is on the website food calm so this is a very
popular recipe it’s a basic almond flour recipe so look in the video description
you’ll see links to all three of these recipes and you can go out and find
those and make those yourself if you’d like so let’s get started today first of
all I just want to say that unfortunately all three of these recipes
contain a sweetener which what to me is sacrilege now I don’t know how to
tactfully say this and I mean this sort of comedically but I’m really serious as
a heart attack. southern cornbread is not sweet it is not we do not put sugar
in our cornbread we call that Yankee cornbread or cake so if you like sweet
cornbread by all means go to town but for the purpose of testing these recipes
as they were written I am going to use the sweeteners in them and see how that
turns out obviously the recipe creator thought that it needed to be in there
but I’m gonna tell you what if I’m making these at home
there is no sweetener going them at all alright so now that that’s out of the
way let’s get started this starts actually with some almond flour and I
need to sift this because my almond flour stays in the fridge so hold on one
moment okay so we’re gonna sift this almond flour pretty easily done but I
store mine in the freezer just because it stays fresher longer and I just want
to make sure that there’s no lumps and clumps so then we need a teaspoon of
baking powder we just combine those alright now we add the cream the water
the sweetener and two beaten eggs and stir all that to combine so we take our
eggs here just quickly give them a quick Little Mix before we dump them this is 2
tablespoons of heavy whipping cream and 2 tablespoons of water I just went ahead
and mix those together I said I wasn’t gonna give measurements I’m sure you
know I don’t want to take traffic away from these websites the people who
actually worked hard to create these recipes so that’s why I don’t sometimes
if I’m reviewing a recipe won’t list specific ingredient amounts because if
you want to make it I like the recipe I want to send you to their site to give
them some traffic and give them some props for all their hard work so anyway
and then this is what is that that is oh this is the sweetener this recipe called
for Splenda sugar substitute I don’t use Splenda it’s only a teaspoon so I used
actually a teaspoon of swerve sweetener and then stir to combine this is pretty
easy recipe it’s really not a lot to it and then carefully add a quarter cup of
melted butter to our batter stir to combine all right so that’s it it calls
for making 5 or 6 muffins I and that’s another thing I cannot stand cornbread
in a muffin shape I don’t know why it’s just generally because growing up it was
in a cornbread if it was cornbread in a muffin shape it always had sugar in it
and it was sweet I guess anyway so one thing about low-carb baked goods is
they tend to so it seems they tend to work better in smaller servings instead
of just a huge big loaf of something that can’t you know build enough energy
to rise so a lot of times they do it in smaller servings so I use it only use a
little brownie pan here and I’m gonna try to make six out of here so I just
need to give it a good spray let’s just fill this guy up try to do it as evenly
as possible well I’m only going to get five out of this I’m not going to get
six out of this I may have overfilled some other muffin
spots but we’re just going to get 5 out of it this time
cleanup we can put this in the oven and we’ll see what’s that okay so we’ve got
5 muffins here this goes in a 350 degree oven for about 15 to 18 minutes because
I got 5 out of this instead of 6 these might be a little larger than
traditional so I’ll check them at about 15 minutes and go from there see you in
a minute okay guys here are our almond flour muffins they look pretty good the
colors nice on them so I’ve already set up for our next recipe so I just wanted
to show you what these look like when they came out the oven it smell pretty
good not really corny but you know bread-ish so
I’m gonna put these on the stove in the back and just let them cool off and then
we’re gonna test them all together once we get all three recipes made so I’ll be
back in just a moment okay guys we’re back with our second recipe and this is
the coconut flour recipe and it’s also got a little bit of a secret ingredient
that I am excited about now I’m just gonna preface this you can probably see
what it is here that I’m talking about you see that that is a baby corn a
little baby corn these always make me think of Tom Hanks in the movie “Big” when
he’s at the fancy party and he’s eating it like a like an ear of corn okay so
here’s the deal I was skeptical about this as well if you are truly keto and
follow that to a tee as in no wheat no corn or soy you know all of the list of
things that you can’t have if you follow that good for you that’s great
and a lot of people do and I try to so in that instance this might not be the
best option for you because it is corn I kind of looked this
up and was thinking maybe this is some sort of thing from another plant and
it’s not really corn because boy the carb count is very very different than
corn a can of you know like niblet corn or sweet corn is like 28 carbs I think
and only a couple of those are fiber it’s just per serving it’s just
skyrocketed there’s no way you could use that but this baby corn there’s this is
a 15 ounce can once you drain it there’s two servings
in this can and one serving is total for total carbs two of those are fiber so
really it’s effectively two net carbs and four net carbs and the whole
freaking cam so if you’re not eating keto and you’re just eating low carb
this is an option for sure so the when you looked at this when you
read the recipe the recipe that we’re talking about comes from LowCarbYum.com again I’m gonna link the recipes down below in the video description so
be sure to check that out so she tried it she said a few times by puree and
preferred rather to just chop it sort of roughly so that it kind of looks like
you’re biting into a corn kernel so this is 15 ounces I’m gonna chop this last
little guy up here and so as you can imagine I mean I’m stoked to try this I
want to see how this is going to turn out again if you’re true keto and follow
that to the tee then you might not like this there are several ways to eat ketta
one of them some people call it lazy keto and as other words what it’s a iff
ma if it fits in my macros whatever that abbreviation is in other words as long
as it’s fits in your macros it’s keto a lot of people eat that way as well so if
that’s you try it see what you think if you’re strict keto may be the one of the
other recipes is for you okay so let’s get to work here we need six eggs that
we are going to add whoo two tablespoons of swerve or erythritol – not good
gracious that’s gonna be sweet and it even calls for stevia on top of that I’m
not adding the stevia this is ridiculous two tablespoons already and I already
told you how I feel about sweet corn bread but I’m gonna do it because that’s
what it says to do so in a medium bowl whisk these six eggs and the erythritol
swerve sweetener and one thing you know if you’ve watched did you watch our
bread battle video if you haven’t I’ll link it up here where we make regular
bread or maybe it’s over here I forget where it is I’ll link it up
above so you can check out the bread battle as you know I’m not wild about
eggy, eggy tasting bread and six eggs and one loaf of bread it’s a little bit
alarming just seeing it but maybe some of this corn will knock all that down
some of that flavor down so to that we are now going to we’ve got a some butter
melted butter we’re going to slowly whisk in to these six eggs get out of
the way okay so now we’ve got our butter in a small bowl we’re gonna use our
coconut flour and again I’ll keep these in the freezer so we’re gonna definitely
be sure to sift this stuff so this is three-quarters of a cup of coconut flour
and we’re going to add the baking powder and the salt and just give that a sift
see this is why you sift look at all that look at all those lumps that is why
you sift because otherwise that’s gonna be just like a big old ball in the
middle of what you’re eating and it ain’t gonna be good I wouldn’t imagine so
don’t leave that behind whoo coconut flour smells so good it
definitely has a sweet odor to me so you know that kind of worry about that a
little bit all right so now we’re gonna add don’t tell you where to add the corns…
stir in this corn gosh I’m excited about that combined and then let’s add our dry
ingredients textures nice on this kind of feels like
just you know my mama and daddy’s cornbread batter
kind of feels like that now what’s killing me y’all is to me
cornbread is only good in a cast-iron skillet because part of the magic is
that they’re outside especially in the bottom preheat the skillet at least in
my family preheat the skillet in the oven or even on the eye of the stove and
get it warm and a lot of butter and then pour your batter in so that sort of
fries a little bit and browns all around the edge and then bakes for the rest of
it and that crust on the bottom and the brown on top it’s what I love about
cornbread it’s what makes a good cornbread dressing but I’m doing it as
it says here so in this it says we should put this in a 9 by 5 bread pan
tah-tah sprayed I use coconut oil spray in the pan it goes boy this batter got
thick quickly Wow coconut flour is extremely absorbent I think the word is
hygroscopic I think it attracts moisture much more than say almond flour any of
the others do and this this got thick quickly this is almost made of paste I
said it was like my mom and daddys cornbread batter but it within I mean
within 60 seconds it completely changed texture so I don’t want to knock this
down too much but you got to to get it to fit in the pan so hold them let me
clean up okay so this goes in 350 degree oven for about 40 minutes so this is a
long bake so that’s what happens we’ll be back all right guys 40 minutes later
and this is our coconut flour corn bread the texture how you know I was worried
about it being really dense it’s soft I can hear that weird egg sound you know
from the bread battle video the other bread battle video just touching and it
kind of has that sound so we’re gonna find out anyway I’m gonna let this cool
I’ve already set it for the next recipe and we’ll meet you back here alright
guys now this is our third recipe and like I said before this one is a
is an odd an odd guy so I’m excited to try this and see how it goes and it’s
odd for really about three reasons number one it’s only two servings it
makes too many skillets now I don’t have any little 3 ounce miniature skillets I
actually do have one but I need 2 so that is my chance
you’re supposed to preheat those little skillets in the oven and then slather
them in bacon grease sounds delicious sounds a lot like what we think of as
traditional cornbread but I don’t have the skillets to do it in and it
specifically says not to try to combine it into a larger loaf or in a larger a
little bit larger skillet because it just doesn’t get the rise so they said
that you can use oven safe ramekins or an oven safe custard cup so that’s what
I’ve done the way we’re gonna do this is I’ve put in on a sheet pan and a little
oven safe ramekin I’ve put a half a tablespoon of bacon fat in the bottom
we’re gonna preheat these without anything and I’m just the grease for
five minutes in the oven 400 degrees before right before we put our batter in
it sounds delicious sounds good alright so the second reason this is weird
is it’s made with pork rinds there’s pork rinds in the batter a third
of a cup of pork rinds which is odd I’ve never baked with pork rinds but we’re
about to the other reason I think this is so weird is there’s pork rinds
Parmesan cheese sour cream and whey protein isolate but also another secret
ingredient and I want to thank my some of my subscribers who turned me on to
this the recipe that we’re going by is from a website called Fluffy Chix Cook
and some several people have you commented on the shrimp and grits video
and said when I lamented the fact that I miss I can get grits cauliflower to have
the texture of grits but I but I missed the corn flavor several you said go
check out Fluffy Chix Cook and take a look at her cornbread recipe because she uses
some flavorings and this is what I’m excited about I ordered this and let me
be so very careful with it because it’s expensive as heck this is a moretti
brand sweet corn extract and it’s a flavoring
extract it’s supposed to be all-natural now this is made for the hospitality
industry people who work in professional pastry kitchens and things like that and
this is insanely strong we’re gonna use 1/8 of a teaspoon of it
and when I say eighth of a teaspoon I mean peopIe look how big that is against
my little pinkie nail there yeah so it doesn’t take much but this was about $30
from Amazon so and I will say that when I opened the box when that
when it arrived by UPS apparently just a wee little bit had leaked out and was
out on the thing I could smell it the minute I opened the box it was that
strong and it smelled exactly like farm fresh sweet corn so I’m gonna give this
a try again this is amaretti I’m gonna put a link to this down below if you
want to try it yourself it is definitely spendy and she even uses the word
spendy and I kind of agree it’s expensive but I’m using an eighth of a
teaspoon of it and so if it’s as good as everybody said as it is I’m gonna
probably be using this a lot and a lot of corn breads and a lot of those grits
I wish I could go back and refilm that shrimp and grits video I can smell it
from here it’s pretty convincing so all right
let’s get started on this this is an odd recipe again it only makes two servings
so let’s see what we can do alright so we’re going to start with our dry
ingredients we’ve got the oven preheated to 400 we are going to start with the
pork rinds this is 1/3 cup of ground plain pork rinds bacon net brand is what
I used and grated Parmesan cheese this is whey protein isolate unflavored do
not make the mistake and think you’re picking up unflavored and it’s in fact
french vanilla because you will hate yourself so this is unflavored If you
remember we used this in the soul bread recipe in the bread battle video and
that was one of my favorites so I’m actually looking forward to seeing how
this turns out so this is some baking powder and we just give this a mix all
right so now we add our wet ingredients and this is some odd wet ingredients as
well so you’ve got two tablespoons of sour cream one egg
now she also calls for one single drop of stevia extract but also says optional
so since she actually included the words optional I’m gonna optionally not use it
because I’m assuming she’s tested the recipe knowing that it works without
some apple cider vinegar I’m assuming that is to activate the baking powder
and here’s where we use our magic bullet man our sweet corn extract and you got
to be so careful with this guy here don’t spill it everywhere because the whole house would smell like corn forever probably be like dropping a
bottle of oh I’d be like dropping a bottle of perfume or cologne in the
bathroom so I mean you got to be careful ohoo
don’t take much buddy it’s kind of thick too I wasn’t expecting that it’s like
syrup so make sure the lid is on there good you don’t ever want that to break
open and I’m just gonna put it right back in its little house and put that up
on the shelf and look at it cause it cost $30 so let’s mix and again this is odd
because it’s only going to make two servings which might be best because
when uh sometimes when I make these recipes and it’s a whole loaf I wind up
eating more calories than I should yeah it’s keto yeah it’s low carb but you
know sometimes calories do matter and testing all these recipes I makes me
stall before I combine these I’m going to go ahead and put this in the oven for
five minutes and let these guys get melted and hot okay so I’m going to add
the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and it specifically says
stir with a spatula just until smooth so I’m gonna follow the directions okay so
let’s just give this a mix with this little spatula it’s not much to it this
thing better blow up or something because that’s know not a lot of batter
here mMmmm you know what I’m probably gonna do is because there’s so little of
this I want to make sure I have it spread evenly I’m gonna use a portion
scoop to put it in the ramekin so I’ll be back when these guys are hot wait
there okay now these are hot as heck and I put a half
tablespoon of bacon fat on each one and the instructions then say carefully
brush the hot bacon fat on the sides and for some reason I was thinking that I
needed to add extra and that’s what I had reserved over here was just some
melted making fat but now that I see how much is in here there’s no way that can
be and they’re just talking about using a brush and making sure that the sides
of the ramekin or skillet if you happen to be lucky enough to have if you happen
to be lucky enough to have a skillet so I’m just be careful here these are hot
brush the bacon fat up the sides of the pan again I want to make sure that I’m
evenly dividing this so I’m gonna use a portion scoop now this did not sizzle
the way it probably would have in a skillet that’s one of the food my
favorite sounds in the world is cornbread going into a skillet that’s
hot and been preheated and all of that use um there’s so little of this you
don’t want to waste any of it so let’s go let’s do this alright this goes in
400 degrees for 8 to 12 minutes I’ll catch you back here and we’re gonna
taste all these things okay guys here are our look at those those look nice
now we’re about to taste all three of these if I can get these to cool down
enough to do it I do want to go over the the macros here so we can know what
we’re talking about when we’re judging this this is the almond flour version
that came from food.com and here is why I do not trust online card counts even
on a website like food comm because the person who created this mr. or mrs. love
to son while it’s a great recipe I’m sure we’re about to find out their card
counts were way off it specifically says that this thing has got per if you mate
six now granted we made five but I’m just gonna go by the six because I
should have made those smaller so just remember if you make six like the recipe
says he said she said it would be point six grams of total carbs per each
biscuit for each corn muffin so just over a half a carb wrong it’s about
actually 4.7 total carbs per corn muffin two grams of fiber which makes it 2.7
grams of carbs for each of those so while not a huge difference you know if
you made this you like gosh that’s only a half a car beach I could eat all six
of those yeah that’s the difference in six carbs or four for carbs and 18 so
yeah granted you’re not gonna eat all of them but don’t ever trust this run the
numbers yourself and you’ll find out that a lot of times people are either
ignorant of what macros and all of this means or it’s wishful thinking or
they’re just careless I’m not sure which but just because it comes from you know
scripts network and its food comm does not mean that it is accurate at all
times these had 2.7 grams the coconut flour loaf which was from Low Carb Yum
it has ten point nine grams of total fat it’s got six total carbs three of which
are fiber so it’s three net carbs per serving and this is how many servings oh
there’s twelve servings of this so you would cut this in half and get six and
six and each of those would be about three net carbs and then the last one
our little beauties over here Fluffy Chix Cook you get two servings for
each serving it’s 214 calories 17 grams of fat 13 grams of protein 2 carbs no
fiber so 2 net carbs ok folks so now all there is to do is test these things and
see which we like the best ok I’m going to slice this up you want to cut this in
half and get 12 servings out of it let’s take them in the order that we made them
because that’s the look they’re probably they have cooled off that way so this is
the almond flour version looks good looks really good got a nice rise on it
I mean that’s pretty so let’s taste it instantly taste the sweetener emit that
emit that cornbread is not supposed to be sweet doll I’m sorry if you like it
if you like it do it but in south we don’t eat sweet cornbread we can just
order cake I do like the texture of this it doesn’t taste like cornbread it would
be great with chili some soup the texture is really good let me put it
into my microphone doesn’t have an eggy sound you know how the breads and the
bread battle video sounded like a wet sponge this doesn’t have that I also
think the little square muffins are kind of cute
it’s a brownie pan that’s the Wilton brownie pan and I’m square brownie pan
so let’s test the next one which is the coconut flour and this is the one it
looks good this is the one that has the baby corn in it that I was so excited
about you know you can see the little pieces of corn in it and it also really
doesn’t have much of that egg sound hmm the baby corn is interesting it does
feel like little corn kernels but it doesn’t have a lot of corn flavor
really I was expect after 15 ounces of baby corn I was kind of hopeful for a
little more corn flavor but it’s not what is overwhelming in the flavour is
the coconut it just tastes like cake I mean it does have a fair amount of
sweetener in it I think it’s like 2 tablespoons ditch that right and maybe
keep the corn you see where I’m going with this I’m thinking that we could
probably combine the best of these recipes the best things about each of
them and create our own cornbread that probably tastes better than some of it
I’m I’m on the fence about that I can’t decide the corn part is interesting but
the coconut flour not so much I don’t really care for it
the texture is way too fine it tastes kind of gummy it’s the it it’s too
delicate of a texture to be corn bread corn breads are pretty rough you know
which the almond flour kind of gives you alright so let’s do the other one here
this is the weirdo haha but surprisingly looks really good stuck to the bottom and this is the one
with the amaretti corn flavoring in it so let’s see let’s cut it open and see
what happens ooh texture inside is nice too you’ve got and remember there’s no
almond flour there’s no coconut flour in this this is that whey protein isolate
and pork runs and cheese and sour cream and more importantly sweet corn flavor
and it smells like corn and it is not like knock me down corn it’s actually
pretty pretty corny hold on mmm okay Wow the initial reaction is
that all that bacon fat and probably the pork rinds to instantly make it taste
like a savory bread as it should it should not taste like a cake like those
Wow that is pretty convincing the trouble I see with this is that you
can it has to be made made in these small containers so if you had a family
to feed how many little ramekins are you gonna cook you know maybe that’s not a
big deal for the that is good what is so weird to me is that it’s like bread but
there’s nothing in it that’s bread wow that is good okay that is awesome
I was I was expecting honestly to come in and say you should take the almond
flour recipe add the crushed baby corn to it and the sweet corn extract and
then you’d probably have something close but I got to say that’s good and because
it was so easy to make it’s almost like a mud cake recipe right so it’s not a
whole lot of work it says the prep time was 2 minutes which is a lie because it
takes more than two minutes to grind up the pork rinds but I want to keep eating
this I want to eat both of those two grams of carbs per each without a doubt
that’s the winner I probably would surround with the recipe as much at all
if anything I might maybe try adding some some of that little baby corn a
little bit of it to that but as it stands Fluffy Chix Cook y’all done
good that is southern cornbread or pretty darn close for a low-carber so
there you have it folks cornbread we tackled it
if I’ve forgotten a recipe and you know one that you love and you’re like well
why didn’t you try that one less let me know put a comment down below and say
give it a go because we’re already gonna have to revisit the bread battle video
because I’ve had lots of subscribers talk about other recipes that they want
me to try and the same could be for this you know I did choose one from each
category coconut almond and then the mystery ingredients so maybe there’s
another one that I’ve missed and let me know but right now I’m gonna go eat this
cold bread with some butter alright these videos are way for me to stay on a
low-carb way of eating looking into the end of this camera every week or almost
every week keeps me honest so I thank you for that and I think you were coming
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