Hello friends and not yet friends! Let’s get 2018 started with THE vegan cookbook
review you’ve been waiting for. I’m talking about The Edgy Veg cookbook by
the original YouTube queen of DIY vegan fast food, Candice Hutchings. Along with her husband James. Y’all know I can’t be completely impartial
because ’cause I’m a huge, huge fan. I’m guessing a lot of you are too. But I’m gonna try my best to give you a really
thorough review by trying out some of recipes and sharing my thoughts those and on the rest
of it. I’m gonna start with breakfast. This book’s got pancakes and waffles and french
toast and scrambles but the breakfast dish that reigns supreme in my heart is the Benny. Veggs Benny. You might have seen Candice make Vegan Eggs
Benedict already but the Ritzy Hollandaise sauce in the book is a bit different than
the one on her channel. Instead of using store-bought hard-to-get-in-Canada
egg replacer, we’re making it from scratch… With silken tofu, unsweetened almond milk,
lemon juice, and a bunch of flavourings. By the way, to me this nutritional yeast tastes
just like Bob’s Red Mill which is the brand I usually get, but this one costs a lot less. That makes a big difference when you go through
nooch in a quantities that I do. So if you want this low cost but high quality
B12 fortified nooch, I’ve left a linky in the description. The key flavour ingredient though is black
salt. Which confusingly isn’t black. It’s pink! Pinky grey. And smells like eggs so stand back when you
go to blend it. Then, like with regular hollandaise, you’ve
got to add butter. Vegan butter of course. And before you know it, you get creamy vegan
hollandaise sauce. Just heat it up and it’s ready to go on. On some toasted english muffins, with vegan
deli slices (I’m using Yves today) and slices of seasoned fried tofu. The full recipe in the book includes asparagus
but for my veg, I’m going with crispy tater tots. And sauce goes on those too. Are you getting hungry yet? This was delicious! I’d eat this sauce on just about anything. I *can* taste the tofu a bit so if you’ve
got a tofu super taster who is simultaneously a tofu hater, then maybe this isn’t the holy
grail hollandaise. But it doesn’t bother me. I love tofu. And happily, you can try it out for yourself even
if you don’t have the book yet. Link in the description below. The next dish is Thai Basil Beef. Obviously not with beef. I love how this book is full of dishes inspired
by different cultures. Canada is super multicultural especially in
our major cities and this book really reflects that. But the real reason I decided to try this
recipe is it’s supposed to be quick to make. See the icon? There’s an icon for meals that can be made
in 45 minutes or less, gluten-free recipes, and one for recipes that are great for entertaining. You know, for when you really need to knock
some socks off. This recipe starts dangerously. With shallots, garlic, and red hot Thai chili
peppers. Seriously, stand back when you pop open your
food processor because otherwise it will burn your eyes. After wiping the tears from your eyes, heat
up some coconut oil in a pan and add the paste. Again, stand back. Also make sure your stove fan is on if you
got one. I can’t warn you enough. While that’s going on, mix up some sauce out
of soy sauce, mirin (which is Japanese rice wine) and vegan Worchestershire sauce. Candice suggests The Wizard’s vegan wochestershire
sauce. I just got the co-op gold brand from my local
Calgary co-op so if you’re in my area, yeah, that one’s vegan. You’re welcome. Now that the paste is fragrant, we can add
some ground round. I’m using Yves original veggie ground today. Then add the sauce. This gets cooked for 20 minutes. Which to me, feels like a long time. Because as soon as the sauce hits pan, this
smells flipping amazing. And I don’t want to wait. But this is a review. So I’mma try to do this as properly as I can. Try being the operative word. For you. My friends. Because we’re super efficent, we’re not just
going to stand and wait. We’re going to make the serving sauce. With more soy sauce. Actually the recipe specifies Tamari which
I think is less salty than my Chinese soy sauce but I’m not sure so don’t quote me on
that. Then fresh lime juice. Minced garlic, chopped Thai chilies and Thai
basil chiffonade. You can just roughly chop the basil but I
decided to be fancy today. Now the vegan beef is almost done. We’ll add some Thai basil and let it wilt… And it’s done. Ready to go on rice. With fresh cucumber. And some more basil. and a little of that serving sauce. And it tastes so good. Big bold strong flavours. Spicy but not too spicy, salty but…I guess
it is really salty…I probably should have used Tamari like the recipe specifies but
it’s still good. Just need a bit of cucumber to balance. And the lime juice has just the right amount
of tang. With the herbaceous Thai basil. Legit. I do declare. And you can declare it as well after giving
this recipe a try because I’ve left you a linky for this recipe too. In case you haven’t figured by now, let me
tell you, I am loving this book. I’ll tell you all the ways while I make the
half baked mac and cheese. First off, this book is beautiful. The hardcover is so nice and sturdy. There are great photos for most of the recipes. I don’t know about you but half the fun of
cookbooks for me are the pictures. They give you an idea of what you should end
up with but also, it’s inspiration and motivation to actually get in the kitchen. For those new to the kitchen or the vegan
kitchen, they’ve included lots of tips to get started, a pantry list, shopping ideas,
and what to do about subbing out meat, eggs and dairy. And the puns. If you love the humour on The Edgy Veg, well…this
book is saturated with puns and mom/dad jokes. The recipes run the gamut from comfort food
classics to bright bold flavours from across the world. And in that way, some of the recipes call
for easy to find grocery store staples but others do require a trek to speciality stores. So fun for foodies in other words. This book is so much goodness that I can’t
even fit it all in this video so check out the accompanying blog post on marystestkitchen.com and while
you’re there, sign up for email updates. Anyways, do yourself a favour, get this book. It’s at all the major book retailers online
and off. I’ve seen it for great prices, totally more
than worth the money. And that’s my opinion. Let me know yours in the comments below. Thanks so much for watching friends. Sorry about the long break between videos. I’m not going back to a regular schedule. New videos will just come as they do so hit
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