– There’s no cheese! (dramatic music) Hello, (laughing) please excuse
the randomness of the intro. I was actually already started this video. I was going to review this gadget here, called the Fondoodler, a cheese gun, but I’ve just noticed… It’s got an American
thing on it, hadn’t it? The heck is goin’ on? So I’ve just ordered a step-down
converter for the voltage, we are not makin’ this grilled
cheese toaster mistake again. Oh, it’s on fire. But I’ve got the urge to film,
and I’m thinkin’ to myself, I went out again to get some cheese, it’ll make sense when I do
that video, don’t worry. I went in the supermarket and I’m like, I know, let’s make a loaf of Snickers. (laughing) Because that’s the sort of
thing my life has become. So I’m gonna get rid of
that, we’ll put it in a box for another day, and instead,
I’m gonna get a loaf tin, I have no idea if this is gonna work, but let’s try and make a loaf of Snickers. So what I’m thinkin’ as
the loaf is almost perfect for a bar-shaped mould,
so we could probably make an emergency birthday cake, that’s where I’m goin’ with this. I’m gonna line the base,
which is gonna be the top, with chocolate, and the outer sides. And then we’ll fill it
and make it upside down and then coat it in chocolate again. So, let’s melt some chocolate. (upbeat music) 30 second blast, stirrin’ in between. So I’m just gonna keep
it movin’ a little bit, and we are gonna add a little
bonus ingredient to this, for an extra snickernessness. Let’s get it melted. Ah, there we go, look at that. Look how smooth it is. Make sure you use a
spatula to scrape the sides and the bottom, get it all consistent. Speakin’ of smooth, smooth peanut butter. Two big old dolloped
tablespoons of that in there. Ah, go on, can’t remember,
but I think Snickers do have peanut butter in the chocolate
anyway, I’m not sure. I don’t tend to analyse
it when I eat them. There we go, make sure the
peanut butter you use is smooth, because if you go for the chunky stuff, you’ll end up with a
really knobbly-looking chocolate bar on the outside. Oh my gosh, into there. Now chocolate is actually,
really strong once it’s set. So it’s gonna give me a really nice frame to hold together the
caramel and the nougat. But what I will do is start
to get my spatula like that and brush up the sides
to kinda create walls. Now at the moment, it’s
slightly still warm, so if I add it to the fridge
for about five minutes, or the freezer, we can then
start lifting it again, and it should cling a bit better. And the freezer is gonna be used quite a lot today, if this all works. Ahh, I got chocolate on there, ahh! Obviously, we’re making this upside down with the shape of the loaf
tin, it’s slightly narrower at the top, so we’re gonna flip
reverse it once we’re done. Let’s see, so we’ve
effectively done the sides and the top there, the next layer will be the nutty caramel which
will get really, really hot. So we should make that now so
it could be room temperature, and then we’ll add it in so it won’t melt the chocolate too much. Otherwise, you pour it right
in, it’s just gonna become some crazy thing that I’m sure will taste good, to be honest. A bit of a lie, that’s been
like two minutes in the freezer. I’ve just got this out. That has almost set, oh my gosh. You can see, that’s
much thicker now, look, as I’m liftin’ that up and we want that, we need that off the bottom,
otherwise you’re gonna have a really thick top and not as
much strength on the sides. So let’s, let’s keep goin’. If I add the little bit of
leftover chocolate from before that’s probably cooled a teeny weeny bit, because it’s hitting cold chocolate, it should help to cling
a bit more as well. Hello, (laughing) to
make our caramel layer, I’ve got loads of toffees there. You can do it from scratch
with sugar if you want, but just by meltin’ down a
toffee, or in some countries, they sell caramels already
that you can just melt down, we’re gonna use it with
toffees, cream and peanuts. But first of all, we do the
toffees which i’ve got lot of, I’m prayin’ that they’re
not individually wrapped. Oh my gosh. Individually wrapped toffee, so… I’ve got eight bags to go, aah! (plastic rustling) This is really where I
could do with you havin’ some sort of peeling skills, mate. Hey, what if you gotta have claws? (upbeat music) (laughing) The last one, aah, I do
not wanna do that again. So what I’m gonna do
is take these toffees. It’s gonna take a little
while for these to breakdown. I’m gettin’ it onto a medium heat. And in my hand here, is some double cream. Well, not in my hand, in a jug. Obviously, I can’t hold
fluids in my bare hands. That would be amazing if I could. That’s goin’ in. It’s gonna help break it down a little bit and make it fluidy and give it that sort of caramelly texture. Meanwhile, just to show
you, ’cause I don’t wanna over-freeze it really,
(laughing) look at that! Look Boston, it’s solid as a rock, mate. Just by heatin’ it, the cream
is really breaking down, it’s finding it’s way through the gaps, pushin’ that warmth into the toffees, and you can see we’re gettin’ that caramel sort of vibe already, look at that. So really wanna get it
a little bit smoother. Do keep mixin’ it ’cause you
do not wanna burn your pan. I’m not comin’ around your
house to clean it, sorry. I don’t offer that service yet. But other than that, this
is lookin’ brilliant. Ahh, do not touch or
be enticed to lick this or prod it in any way,
other than with an implement like a wooden spoon or a spatula. It’s very, very hot indeed. So in go the peanuts,
200 grammes of these. I might have made too
much, but I don’t care. There’s so much more
we could do with this. Ah yeah, make sure it’s
all nice and coated. And that, see how much
movement there is in it ’cause it’s still so warm? It should cool down. We wanna get it down to
at least room temperature. So it will hit, it will slap
the surface of our chocolate and sit there looking gorgeous. In the background, the
caramel is just coming down to room temperature, it’s calming down. It’s had its tantrum,
it’s doin’ its thing. So once that’s all right, we can put it in with the chocolate, but
we might as well go on. What am I doin’ this is
way too close, hello. We are gonna do the nougat layer. And there’s loads of ways around that. A really simple way is
by using marshmallow. No egg whites or anything
like that crazy stuff, mixing goin’ on, marshmallow. Now I grabbed these in
a little bit of a rush. (plastic crinkling) So, (laughing) not really
proper, authentic Snickers goin’ on ’cause we’ve got some
pink marshmallows as well, but I don’t mind that, it’s all good. I’m wearin’ a pink tee shirt. Butter, and again, I’m gonna go with two ahh, big old dollops,
kinda like heaped tablespoons of the peanut butter, that
should make the nougat. So what we’ll do, into the
microwave on 30 second blast. That is not gonna need that
long because marshmallows, they kinda go rah when they’re cookin’ in a microwave particularly,
they expand massively. We might have the Marshmallow Man from “Ghostbusters” goin’ on in a minute. (beeping) Oh wow, yeah, (laughing) look at that. Oh that’s great. All right, there you go. The peanut butter is in
there, the marshmallow. Oh look at that, oh you beautiful thing. So let’s use the heat of the marshmallow to mix through the butter
and the peanut butter. Just givin’ it another quick
warmup in the microwave. My goodness, this cools down quickly. Oh, that is good. All right, so I’ve got my
chocolate shell out the fridge. This is still nice and cold. The caramel is at room temperature now. And as you can see, it’s a lot thicker. Ahh, look at that sittin’ in there. So it’s gonna hit that chilled bottom, which should immediately cool it down even more so, which is great. And I just got some
caramel on my microphone. (laughing) That’s on there with a
load of melted chocolate from previous videos and also, some silicon from the giant bunny video. And you know what, I’m
gonna put the nougat on now. So this should pour on, oh look at this. Oh my gosh, we’re like
a chocolate factory. That’s a playlist that I’m tryin’ to do. I’m speakin’ to some chocolate
factories at the moment to try and get access
in there and go along. And now a little bit behind the scenes and see how they make stuff. If that sounds interesting, let me know. But what I’m trying to
do is still leave enough, so we’ve got a lip, probably
about a half inch lip there to get the chocolate on
there as a real good set. So let’s pull that away. (laughing) And that’s actually worked a charm. Right, in the fridge. I don’t know about you
Boston, but I think this is going very well indeed
and I can’t stop pecking on bits of caramel off-camera. It’s very addictive. I’ve just got this out and look. This is like springy, this
is exactly how I want it. So, we’ve got a nice little bit of a level for our chocolate foundations to sit on. And chocolate foundations, they will be, oh my gosh, how cool does this look? (laughing) Because this is the bottom. This is what it’s all gonna sit on. I need a bit more,
(laughing) I need some more. Right, that’s goin’ in the
freezer just to help that set. I’m gonna melt another little batch. (upbeat music) Come on now, come on, there we go. There we go! That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Cover and encase, oh my gosh,
this has worked amazin’. Ah right, okay, okay, okay, um… Let’s take it right to the edge. Just wanna make sure
that that seal, (singing) links in with the base. (tapping) See all those air bubble
comin’ to the top? That’s what we want, level it off. Wow! I’ve just gotta get it in
the freezer and we’re good. We’re good to go, baby. Into the freezer for a
good half an hour to… What was I gonna say? Into the (laughing), into
the freezer to set initially, just to get that set on,
and then to the fridge for about an hour, wow. I think this is gonna be worth it. I might not even need
another coating on it. All right, that has been in
the freezer for half an hour. I was worried I was turnin’
it into an ice lolly. And then in the fridge for an hour, but I’m now bringin’ it
out to room temperature to hope that it actually
just comes out of the mould. What do you think Mrs. B? – I think you’ll be all right. – Yeah, what’s the worst that can happen? If it looks really bad, I can always pour some more chocolate on top,
but I think it’s gonna work. I’m goin’ for it. (banging) Mrs. Barry off-camera is
like, “You lined it, right?” No, “Did you grease it?” no, it’s kinda like an experiment. It’s comin’ out, I just need to give it a bit of encouragement with a spatula. Ah, all right, I’ve just
pulled a little bit away. Oh, (Mrs. Barry cheering) look at you! – (laughing) I want some. (cheering) – Come on, that’s amazing, oh my gosh! – [Mrs. Barry] Look at that! – It’s ready, it’s ripe. – The dog’s makin’ a funny noise. – Maybe he’s gettin’ excited. Should we slice it?
– Yes. – She hasn’t even seen what’s in this. – I hope it’s Snickers, I
hope it’s what’s leftover in the pans over there. – It’s gonna be vegetables. Come on. (cheering) – Oh wow, that’s amazing.
– Look at that. – All right, I’m gonna
take a thumbnail picture. And then I think we’ll have a gobble. – I just wanna eat some. – Ah, you could eat some, go ahead. So, I’m really happy with that. There’s a slight pink
tinge to the marshmallow, but that was just ’cause I just
grabbed the first bag I saw. What’s the point of makin’ it this big and then cuttin’ it into the
size of a normal Snickers? Oh my gosh, hello. Mmm, mmm, mmm. That is phenomenally good. As a little bit of a bodge,
a little bit of a hack that I just chucked together,
not grease-free paper, no butter, grease-free
paper would be all right, but you kind of harm the outer edge. The innocence that chocolate
finds its way in the mould. That was just a loaf tin. That was it.
– Mm hmm. – You still eatin? Sorry. That is so good and the peanut butter vibe running through the chocolate,
I think that really helps. (laughing) she’s still eating. – I’m gonna do that thing
where I just cut off little bits until I’ve eaten it all. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, until it’s all gone. Right, I’ll leave Mrs. B. to that. So thanks very much folks. My voltage thing, transformer down thing should be arriving tomorrow,
so I will be able to make the Fondoodler Cheese
video, but there we go. All right, have some fun with that. See what you think. Bye.
– Bye. ♪ Check your level player ♪ ♪ No matter what your style ♪ ♪ The kichen’s for me ♪ ♪ Sideburns, moustache, goatee ♪ ♪ Maybe all three ♪