Hey guys! This is Heather from HealthyEatingStartsHere.com.
So today I wanted to share with you a cookbook from another vegan chef and nutritionist,
Carolyn Scott – Hamilton was also called the Healthy Voyager and her book is called
the Healthy Voyager Global Kitchen. It is so much found. The first thing I thought
of when I’ve got this book was I open it up and there was travel pictures which just
makes it so fun because you can feel like you’re going on a trip and when I look at
the recipes I got really excited about going into the kitchen to try them out because it
feels like your really connecting with another culture through their food. Following a vegan diet means that when I travel
I’m often limited with the foods that I can try so having these recipes that are vegan
and healthy I can try them out at home and she gives some cute little tips about each
recipe and the style of cooking for that culture so it’s really fun you could learn stuff
about the culture and the food through your cookbook. There’s also an intro for each sections
so for Latin America, for India, for Japan that gives you a little taste of what their
style of cooking is and then goes it into recipes for each one. All of the recipes in
this book are pack with vegetables and really awesome fun flavors for lots of nutrition
and making delicious meals which is a combination that I like to do so it’s always nice to
find a cookbook that does that as well. Most of the recipes are gluten free, soy free
and low fat but there are tags telling you which one specifically are or not and some
other tags for kosher, low glycemic and raw so you can easily find whatever recipe you’re
looking for. Some of the recipes here that caught my eye,
creamy and chunky coconut soup from Thailand, I’ve made that one it is so delicious. Aloo
Gobi from India I haven’t made that one yet. Its spicy cauliflower and potatoes but
I got it on my list to try very soon because I think Phil will really like to try that. Chunky sweet potatoes soup that’s one of
my favorites, that’s the first recipe I tried with this book and it’s what I am
going to film for you guys this week so you can stay tune for our recipe on that shortly. There’s a Smashed Plantains recipe from
Columbia that I’m really excited to try, I’m meaning to make something for awhile
now. I haven’t done it yet so that’s on my list. And then there’s some Polenta Bites with
Avocado Spreads and cashew cream that sounds amazing. And also some typical American recipes
like a veggie burger sound delicious and I’ve tried the Cobb salad which is awesome, great
way to make a really filling salad. So really fun cookbook, Healthy Voyager Global
Kitchen, you can pick it up at Amazon, I’ll post a link to that and you can also check
out Carolyn’s website for other Vegan tips and recipes at HealthyVoyager.com. And if
you stay tune tomorrow I will be posting a recipe for her chunky sweet potato stew from
Morocco so I will see you guys then.