So what happened to you ? I don’t remember. Exept for … I’ve had my doubt about you and I’ve been checking. What checking ? I’ve found out that you’ve been thrown out of two schools. That you’ve faked famous paintings and that you have changed your name and appearance four times. I’ve had a call from little William’s mother… He’s been having nightmare everynight this week. Michael ! Where is your hairs ? He had a fright you said ? That’s right, he did. It’s a fright, for sure. What’s wrong with your friend Michael ? He’s away from school, no ? I don’t know sir. He’s not very well. Is he ? I don’t know sir. He has a problem you know. No sir, please can I go ? So you don’t know that there is something very funny about his problem (Childrens moaning) Quiet ! Or I’ll push you in the net.