– Ah, what the heck am I doing? (majestic music) I am feeling better. Wow! I’m feeling better. Hello, guys. Welcome to the last video of the year. This is the Spherificator. This makes all of your edible
pearl dreams come true. So on the last video,
I kinda teased the idea that I wanted, with it being Christmas, I wanted to do like a
Christmas dinner-themed thing. There’s two reasons I’m not doing that. One, it’s very much Christmas. I just went into shops
and everyone is buying Christmas dinner things. It was horrendous. The other reason why is I
want this to work because if you remember, the Will It
Soda Stream video with Stuart. (water splashing) (laughs) I have an idea to do Will It
Spherificator video with Stuart or maybe with someone else. Also, I’ve got an idea for Will It Crepe. Will It Crepe. And Will It Slush Puppie. But we’ll do videos on those individually, first of all to test out,
see if those things work, and then have some fun
with your suggestions. Oh, Spherificator. Whoops. The Spherificator is the
world’s first automatic caviar pearl former. After years of research and development in our Spherification plant. Imagine having one of those. Handheld device that will
produce up to 10 kilogrammes of pearls every day. Every day? Like you wanna do it like right, it’s almost time
for my pearl-making. 10 kilos is a lot of pearls. It’s basically this. It looks quite flash. A bit like a coffee grinder
or something like that. But silver little button that
I guess makes it do its thing. And uh, science? There’s a few other things in the box. Charger thing. Whoo, it’s a UK one. A booklet that tells all about it. It’s got some recipes, so I’m gonna follow a
couple recipes from this. As you guys know, I’m a
little bit of a scientist so I don’t really need
to explain this too much, but it actually comes with some chemicals which help to do reactions
to actually create the spherification process. One of them is sodium alginate. It’s not actually labelled, these two. And the other one’s calcium chloride. So I’ll need to do some research. Some of the recipes, I
looked at them the other day, they said they needed
something called sodium citrate and I couldn’t find it in the box, so I ordered a massive tub of it online because it’s the only
one that would arrive in time for Christmas, and it’s due to arrive any minute now. I opened the box a little bit more and next to the power plug, literally, this morning, was this. So yes. It came with these nozzle things and at the bottom of it there is a thread, but I’m wondering if it
just dollops outta there or I have to screw these in,
because they do have holes. I wonder if these are
like different filters are changing ’em or something. I worked it out. Never wash under running water. Not dishwasher safe, not
waterproof, always follow. So basically I need to
keep this as far away from water as possible even though I’m putting fluid into it. Okay, so we’ll start off with a nice one which I think lemon should be
then we’re going to do a tomato one which we’ll
try with mozzarella and basil served together
and then there’s a cheeky hot sauce one at the end but first of all I really do need to
understand which one is which. That’s pretty dangerous
to not even label it, well it is Amino. We’ve got it folks, the calcium
chloride is the one that’s a bit more like beanbag filling. All right I’m going to get Sharpie and write on that right now. Calcium chloride, beanbag
filling and sod alg. Okay first one I’m gonna
go for is the lemon one which of course has got
citrus in it which is a hard word to say if you’re Sean
Connery, but of course with it having acidic in it,
we’ll need to add that extra bit of sodium citrate things,
all three things first up. Grab yourself a blender
base, 150 mils of water, 3/4 of a teaspoon of sodium citrate, always white powder
lying around the house. People are wondering
what I’m doing in here. If any of you guys have got ideas of what I can do with this stuff, as I say I’ve got a huge parcel of it coming. Let me know. So this goes in there. Whoa, blend for 30 seconds. (blender whirring) Now that is a very powerful blender, I’m gonna give it like 10. (blender whirring) Five teaspoons of sugar
gets mixed with half a teaspoon of the sodium alginate. That’s the thickener but
also the sugar’s gonna to sweeten it to balance the
lemony tartness, I think. (spoon clicking) So the sugary science-y
mix goes in there again. (blender whirring) Another thing we need to do
is flavour it with lemons. 100 mils of lemon juice. When life gives you lemons,
there’s that phrase, right. But what do lemons give you? I don’t know does, do you get
100 mils out of one lemon? That’s why I bought two. (upbeat music) Love this thing. Oh, wow. If you ever wondered, life gives
you 50 mils of lemon juice. When life gives you one lemon. Pretty much 100 mils of lemon juice. That’s going in there. Look, it’s quite thick at the moment. So yeah, we’ll get that in. Nice. It kind of looks like semi set jelly. (blender whirring) Let rest for 30 to 45 minutes
to let the air escape. Not my words, folks, the words
of science from that book. Wow, guys, can you see the bubbles on it? Yeah, they were a lot more
about five minutes ago. So you can, I guess, see that
it is worthwhile resting it. Tomato caviar, 50 mils of water, sodium citrate again. I think all the things I’m planning on doing have sodium citrate. Yeah, dissolve that. Why didn’t I just do that instead of the blender a minute ago? And then we’ll add this in with the tomato sauce mix mix, mix. Half a teaspoon of sugar again. And the alginate thing. ♪ Me and the Nate Dogg had to alginate ♪ Sitting here thinking right now imagine if you could like blend up dog biscuits, a little bit water and
give dogs pug pearls. Oh, there you go. Not even facing me? Sorry she hates Christmas, I
think the phrase is bah humpug. (blender whirring) Blend the tomato for an
unnecessary short amount of time. Then adding in that sugar. Alginate mixture again. If it’s alginate, you
guys are gonna be like (mumbles) (blender whirring) It’s really thickened already, wow. Let’s get that into a bowl. And again, we need to rest,
just like that guy down there. And those guys down there. And this guy over here. All right, so out you come, look at that. Can’t see any air bubbles in that one. But we do leave it to rest, I’ll clean up and we’ll do another one. Hot sauce pearls. Water again, half a teaspoon
of sodium citrate again. Sugar. Then mix with the alginate stuff again. Water in there. Sugar mix is going in. (blender whirring) We know the drill by now. Now goes in the hot sauce. 60 mils of this is going in. Oh my gosh. Which is about half a bottle. Okay, I put in 2/3. It’s gonna be hot. (blender whirring) Look at those bubbles, I
was not expecting that. There was a really cool
mint recipe in here as well. No pun intended, wahay. But we didn’t get mint, there was none in the supermarket. But we do have basil. So we’re gonna make a basil bonus pearl. Okay, because we need that for the tomato and mozzarella thing,
I need like one leaf. Don’t wanna leaf it right there. We’ll make some basil pearls. The citrate again, basil. (upbeat music) Yeah, that’ll do. (blender whirring) It’s green. Sugar and the algitate thing again. Look at the foam on it. Feel like I’m one of those
fitness healthy chums. Oh yeah. In that goes. Oh wow, fizzed up there, like a sort of Harry
Potter kind of potion. And this is a mixture
of 50 grammes of water, 50 grammes of sugar, like
a poor man sugar syrup. Equal parts, 50/50. (blender whirring) Ah yeah, bubbles as well. Definitely not as acidic. But I do feel like the consistency of all the fluids you made are very similar. Wow, that’s pretty cool. So they are resting as we know, some have had a little
bit longer than others. In fact, the other one
is probably ready now, up to 45 minutes to aerate. They each get individually sieved just to sort of make it nice and fine I guess and then
dunk in some water mix with a little bit of the calcium chloride and then through the Spherificator. Yep, so I can get this bit ready. This is what they’ll all be passed through the Spherificator into. 500 mills of water, and
that calcium chloride which does look a lot
like polystyrene balls. Basically wanna dissolve that up. We’ll get sieving and
then we’ll get sphering. It’s only sphere. So this can go on top of a jug which is good because it’s got a spout so we can easily get it in this. Oh wow. It’s a real foamy top on it still, but we’re gonna pass it through the sieve. Now, sieve actually is one of the most annoying things to wash up normally, I guess this is making it smooth. Power goes in here. And there we go. That’s the inside it, and can you see, if you
look very closely there, it all filters through that
little hole there so maybe that’s what starts the process. Something happens in
here and then we put it into our chloride mix. I’ve just got a fear
that I’m gonna pour it in and it’s going to come out straight away. Oh it’s not! This is going on, okay. Press the button on the Spherificator and drop the lemon solution
into the calcium bath and leave to sit for one minute. It’s science time. It all comes down to this. Oh my gosh, here we go. (intense music) Look! It’s like weeing! They might not look perfect, but I think we might’ve got something. I’ve just gotta run this thing dry now, it’s the only way I’m
gonna clean it out innit? Apparently I can’t put it in water. Okay it’s been a couple of minutes, I’m over thinking how
am I gonna clean it out? I’m not worried about that right now, let’s just see if the first batches work. So in goes this. Oh my gosh Okay what’s this? It’s all a bit, some of it’s stringy. Hang on a sec, lemme
try get it on a spoon. This is great, this
isn’t so good that bit, don’t get too excited with it. Make sure you far it in like little bits. It does say to give it a wash
and strain it one more time. Look, lemon spheres, that’s awesome! Bit stringy, but look! That is really good
spherificated lemon right there. Apparently when it comes
to cleaning this thing the best thing to do is drain it entirely which I just done and then just keep topping it up, so the first ones might have some traces of other
bits but it’s all good. That’s not going through at all. What the heck am I doing? I just sphericated a blob of tomato sauce. I mean it worked. Do I even need this? Yeah, well it’s joined together. Look at that! (intense music) Bigger chunks than before. Feel like I should’ve put
the small nozzle on that one. (machine whirring) The heck is going on? But these are their recipes. Oh yeah, that’s pretty weird looking. I’m not gonna lie. (upbeat music) First one or two might be red still. (machine whirring) Yeah, I mean the last few on that one. The foam was even
getting in there as well. Look at that! Oh wow, it’s like my Christmas tree! It’s all got a bit crazy. The water is drained off, so I had to use a tea towel
just to soak up a bit. But I’m gonna present this to you the way it should be. Proper caviar on a silver spoon. On our first spoon ladies and gents are the lemon ones and
they look sensational. The shape is awesome, it sounds good. This is a good thing, it
looks like the sort of thing that you might get your mum for a bubble bath for Christmas. But I’m happy with this one. Right this is the second
one, the tomato one. Ended up looking a bit
more like baked beans or even blood vessels but they suggested serving it with a slice
of mozzarella and some basil so I have done just that. This next spoon doesn’t really want to stay still, it’s the hot sauce one, which was just like lumpy
porridge, but if you look at it actually to a degree
there are some sort of spheres in there. It has I guess still worked and certainly going to
have the kicking flavour. And last but not least this is the basil, which despite the foamy
topping when we sieved it out, actually again looks okay. The best spherification is the lemon one but this still works and you could put a little bit of it on top
of your tomato one and have like a proper basil and tomato spherification thing going on. There we go. Okay, let’s have a quick taste test. The other thing I’ve been thinking while I’ve been doing
this whole process is, is this like an alternative
to jelly for like vegans and vegetarians,
by not using gelatin? I don’t know, lemon. Oh, wow. That is bitter. And like, frog spawny. Oh my God, it’s so like
slippery and salty. It still tastes a bit acid, but not, not even lemony, bitter,
actually, towards the end. The tomato one, I’m gonna take
this with some basil I think. To be honest, I didn’t
even taste the tomato. It tastes pretty good. I’ll have some on its own. Oh, that actually tastes
better than the lemon one. That’s really sort of sweet. It’s actually just like
having a little bit of salsa. That works. Hot sauce, porridge mush. Ah, wow. That went right to the back
of my throat, like, speckled. Whoo, that’s got some heat. But again, that texture. I grew up, eating tapioca
and rice pudding and stuff like that, and so I like
that kind of texture. It’s just weird in that sense. And my last minute basil. Also sometimes my nickname. Oh wow, that did have some sugar
added to it as well but that you can really taste
the sweetness in that. I mean, basil’s a fairly
sweet herb anyway. But like, I like that. That’s got real nice punch to it. So this, should we do it? Yes, look at that. Basil and tomato on one. That’s pretty darn good. This has been up there with one of my top three strangest experiences. I can’t talk about the other two. So there we go, it wasn’t ideal at times, but I now know how to use it. So if you’d like to see a Will It Spherificate video
with a fellow YouTuber, do let me know what you’d
like to see us spherificate. I’ll experiment with it a little bit more, and we will no doubt make that video. Thank you so much for
all your support in 2018. This is my last proper filmed video, (mumbles) last couple of weeks. ‘Cause there’s been ill
health in our house. We’ve all been like Gollum. But thank you so so much. The last video of the year will be a montage of 2018’s best bits. Thanks so much. Have a great Christmas and New Year and I’ll see you soon. ♪ Check your level player ♪ ♪ No matter what your style ♪ ♪ The kitchen’s for me ♪ ♪ Simon’s moustache goatee ♪ ♪ Maybe all three ♪ Oh actually, one more idea. Check this out. Now it’s double lemonade! Awesome, right now run along, go eat lots of food and have
a lovely festive season, and we’ll kick butt in 2019, I hope. Goodbye.