– I’m a baker! – This is maybe both illegal
and kind of unethical. – [Narrator] We’re back in
the Try Guys Test Kitchen. – We have a whole season
of Without A Recipe. – The show where amateur bakers
try and make normal dishes without a recipe, without
ingredients, and without hope. I’m a master baker! – Can you make that joke every bit? – No, but it sounds fun. And it cuts well in the cold open. (dinging) (dramatic music) – [Narrator] Welcome
back to the Try Kitchen for another episode of Without a Recipe. – [Eugene] I’m definitely
losing this video. – [Narrator] This week, bagels! Will they bake a disaster, or will they make a hole in one? (yelling) – Shit, that looks like a bagel, y’all. – [Narrator] Each of the
guys will have two hours to bake a bagel of their choice and present it to our panel of judges. (sustained beeping) – [Eugene] Put your gloves on, Zach. – It was my forearm. – Welcome to Without a Recipe: Bagels. I’m Jamie, and I’m qualified to judge these boys on their bagels, because I eat bagels all the time. – I’m Jessica. I’m a restaurant consultant, marketing. I kind of do this professionally, judge. – I’m J.D. I’m the co-owner of Belle’s Bagels. – I’m Nick. I’m the other owner and
chef at Belle’s Bagels. Bagels are the ultimate comfort food. A bad bagel, to me, is something that resembles bread more than a bagel. I love a crisp, bubbly, dark crust. When you bite into a bagel, you wanna kind of be able to pull away. You want that pull. During college, I had worked
at a Jewish delicatessen. Kind of realized that there was a dearth of really high-quality
bagels in Los Angeles. So I started baking them. We make about 4,000 bagels a week. During the process of
fermentation, boiling, and baking, we weigh everything out to the nth degree. If you took my scale away from me, I’d be kinda lost. I’m really interested to see how people make a bagel without a recipe. – Bagels, I don’t know what I’m doing. I think bagels, you have
to boil them, right? You have to boil them,
and then you bake them. – I’m not good at this. I’ve really made borderline
poison twice now. But bagels, if you don’t know, it’s the Jewish national food. It’s our thing, man. I feel like this is my birthright. It’s not going to Israel. It’s making a bagel. – Over the last year, I’ve started developing a hobby of making bread. I’ve never made bagels. That’s, like, a different type of bread? Maybe this can be my thing. Maybe I’ll be the bagel
king of Los Angeles. – I’m gonna boil my bagels
in a shit ton of beer. When I did bread, I used
beer instead of water, and it turned out pretty great. – The judges were wrong. He shouldn’t have won that episode. – Maybe it’ll enhance the flavor, or maybe it’ll taste disgusting. I don’t know. But I hope we got enough
beer to fill an entire pot. – I’m very excited. Bagels are one of my favorite foods. – This is very culturally
significant for you. – This is like if we
were doing kimchi, right? – I have a question. What’s in this bowl that says, “Keith”? – Our producer, Rachel,
also made us starters. – Oh, this is a starter. – [Ned] Yeah that we can use. – Oh, yeah, it smells yeasty. – [Nick] All right, bakers. 3, 2, 1. Try to bake! – Oh, it’s just starting now? – Oh, oh, it’s starting, okay. Today, I’m making sesame bagels. They’re my favorite type of bagels. And in my opinion, the best type of bagel. – I’m pretty sure that bread is two parts flour, one part water. I’m looking at Ned. He wasn’t totally freaked
out by those stats, so I’m gonna go with it. Bagels are awesome. Poppy seed, everything, garlic. But you know what the best bagel is? Cinnamon raisin bagels. You know why? Cause I’m lactose intolerant, and cinnamon raisin bagels
already have enough flavor where I don’t need anything on them. – For me, and without a recipe, I’m always about expanding the horizons of what we know about cooking. So I’m gonna put everything that I usually put into
like my own stir-fries and put it in the bagel
and see what happens. I’ve never seen a bagel like that. – The bagels are better
in New York for one reason and one reason only. Water. Tap water from New York. The finest water in all the world. – Where did you get that from? – My sister brought it when she visited. – You made your sister fly you tap water? – Yeah.
– From like her sink? – He brought water from New York? Are you for real? – I’m gonna be making an
everything bagel today. I don’t care about most things. But today, this matters to me. – [Narrator] First, the
bakers will have half an hour to make their dough. – Okay, okay. I don’t know what I’m doing. – You wanna start with your pre-ferment. It’s a mixture of flour, water, and yeast. – Rachel, our producer, made us this. I’m not using it. We made bread once, and my
mistake was overcomplicating it. I don’t know what this is. I’m not touching it. – This starter that Rachel
made seems so legit. So we’re just gonna add
some of this in there. Oh, yeah, look at that. Now we just gotta add a
fuck ton of flour, right? – So right now, we’re
gonna make the dough, which involves high-gluten flour, salt, sugar, yeast,
malt powder, and water. – Salt! And sugar. Okay, I’m gonna do a
half teaspoon of yeast. Maybe you need oil too. – So if you’re gonna
incorporate your flavors into your dough, you would do that during the mixing phase. – My dad eats Raisin Bran every day. He’s the most regular man on the planet. – What’s going on? – I’m shaving my ginger. – [Zach] Is that ginger? – Yeah. – I’m gonna get my bread flour, as well as some whole wheat flour. I might’ve already made several mistakes, cause I’m just making bread. – Do you think it’d be a mistake to add some Korean chili to my dough? – Almost definitely, but go for it, dude. – Drunk Asian. This is definitely a
mistake, but I’m doing it. – There’s something about
bagels that they like taste, eh, they taste like a
bagel, you know what I mean? – You’re right. I’m gonna put baking soda in mine. – [Zach] I’m just making a bunch
of different types of dough at different intensities
to see which one works. – [Eugene] Molasses,
that was probably wrong. (singing) Needs more beer. – Oh my god. You’re being a real Zach over there. – Bagels are a low-hydration bread, so you really don’t
wanna add too much water. – I think mine’s too wet. It’s so wet. – Oh, this already feels very wrong. – Mine’s a little salty. – [Nick] What you’re really looking for is something that isn’t too sticky. You want something that is just overall smooth and consistent. – We’ve been kneading forever. I need to (bleeped out)
not lose video, Eugene. – That feels just like an ass. – Okay, I’m not, yeah,
see, I didn’t wanna say it, but, like, it really does. Like, it’s a really good butt. – Once the dough has been kneaded fully, we’re gonna let the dough
proof, or ferment, for an hour. – One hour of proofing. Let’s cut to a cute animal. There’s always a cute
animal in our videos. – Oh, what animal should
we choose this time? – For bagels? – Yeah. Let’s cut to some Jewish
children playing in a field. (both laughing) – Do you think they have
stock images of that? (exciting music) – [Narrator] After an hour of proofing, it’s time for the bakers
to check their dough and roll their bagels. – Uh, yeah, let’s check it out. This is the moment of proof. – [Zach] Okay, I have three
shots to get this right. – [Eugene] Oh, Jesus,
you have so many bowls. – Wow. – I think mine grew, yeah? – Let’s see. – I don’t know. Yours looks bigger. – Mine’s grew a little bit. Yeah, grew a little bit. – I don’t know, I don’t think mine grew. – Whoa, Eugene! Yours really rose! Oh, shit, dude! – Oh, no, what did I do? It’s so big! – Is that bad? – It’s bad, I think. – It looks great! – It’s so big! – Wow, it really, that was one hour. It’s gonna keep growing. – Mine’s so porous. Oh, there it comes. – [Zach] Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god! – Just, uh… (both laughing) (dough plopping) – It’s alive! – [Zach] Wow. – So there are a couple different ways to shape a bagel. – Since I am a bread maker, I’m shaping them all like
little loaves of bread. See? And now to bagelify it. Ha! – [Nick] You can roll it into
a ball, punch your finger through the middle, and roll it out. – There you go, bagel. – [Nick] Or you can roll
it into a long snake and connect the two ends. – This is just like I’m handling flesh, like human flesh. – There’s no consistency to my technique. I’d argue there’s no technique. – I’m just focused on trying to make these little dough bones into braided bagel shapes. – But the real way to do it is to roll it into an 11- to 12-inch log, wrap it around the back of your hand, seal it against the table with your hand, and there you go. That’s a hand-rolled
bagel right there, baby. – [Narrator] Five minutes left, bakers. – Come on, Ned. You gotta (bleeped out) go. – Shoot! – Yours are cool looking. Honestly, I– – [Eugene] Fat bagels. – I’m impressed and
surprised that both of ours are holding their shapes. – Look! This is a Panera bagel. You know what I’m talking about? I didn’t grow up in New York. I grew up in places with Panera. – Final dough ball. – Yes, Ned! Ooh, Ned, you’ve got this! Whirling dervish, there it is. Yes, nice, Ned, okay. 3, 2, 1. I feel, you know, they look like bagels, and I also don’t know what
the (bleeped out) I’m doing, so I’m pretty confident at
this point, I would say. – [Narrator] After leaving their creations to rest overnight, the bakers return to the test kitchen to boil and bake. – I kind of feel like I know
what to do from here on out. – This is your episode to lose. – They look, um. Mine look exactly the same. If I remember was what I wanted. – They’re a little flat right now, but I think I can just
plump them up with my hands. – Wow, those are some meaty boys. – [Eugene] These are too big. Oh, those are even bigger! – Oh, they’re wet. – [Eugene] They look highly unappetizing. – Okay, let’s see what I’ve got. It doesn’t seem like they rose so much. Fuuuuck. – Well, I guess. – [Zach] Oh, that’s just dough. – [Eugene] Not much hole. Well there’s some hole action. (extended beeping) – Oh, no, Eugene. Uh oh. – [Eugene] Do you remember
which ones were which? – [Zach] Doesn’t matter. – [Eugene] These seem like they
have a similar consistency. – [Zach] Doesn’t (bleeped out) matter. – [Eugene] Well, try those. Maybe there’s some, remember you had three different batches. – (yelling) Oh, no! What can I do? I can’t do anything with this. – Yeah, you can. – What are you talking about, Eugene? It’s just dough! – This has the New York waters in it. – [Zach] (screaming) No! This is garbage. – [Eugene] You gotta make the hole– – What the (bleeped out)
am I gonna do with this? Are they supposed to be so doughy? Was everyone else’s so doughy? – Putting a little bit
of butter on the top, just so they have a nice shine. – It’s gonna be really, like, an artisanal, natural bagel. – I admire how uniform yours are. – Ooh, Ariel wants to FaceTime me. Hey, hon. (screaming) (screaming echoing) (bleeped out) – I just, are they
supposed to be so gooey? I thought that they would’ve
solidified a little bit. – If it helps, mine feel very gooey. What’s your game plan? – I don’t have one anymore. I think, I don’t think
that I can do anything. – It’s your (bleeped out) water, man. – [Nick] The most obvious difference between a bagel and other bread is that bagels are boiled. – Maybe that’s what gives
it the special flavor. – We’re gonna get our water boiling, and you can use beer, honey,
malt syrup, baking soda. – [Eugene] I’m gonna fill
up the whole pot with beer. – Oh, wow. – Depending on which two you put into your water at one time, you can create some pretty gross flavors. – Iodized sea salt, baking
soda, and just some raisins. – Ariel told me to put vinegar in there. – Vinegar? – When you put them in, you wanna make sure that
they float right away. That means that they’ve proofed enough. If they sink to the bottom, that means they’re underproofed. – You all ready, you ready? You ready to watch this? – I’m gonna watch yours, I guess. (both yelling) – [Zach] I don’t know
if that was good or bad! It’s floating, it’s like a little boat. – How long do I keep these in here? My beer almost smells like soy sauce. – We got a rolling boil, let’s go! – And we’re gonna boil our bagels for around a minute and a half per side. – I’m boiling it for 120 seconds. It looks horrible. – Think I’ll boil mine until it floats. I’ll do like pasta style. – Your boiling time directly correlates with the thickness of
the crust on your bagel. If it’s a longer boiling time, you get a much thicker crust. – It looks like a wrinkly old dick. Sorry, it looks like an old dick. – You know, how old
dicks turn into circles. – Out of the boil, that’s when
you can add your toppings. – I’m trying to do a gochugaru, furikake, sesame oil, onion blend. I’m putting eggs on mine because
this is like my fried rice, and I’m just gonna put eggs on it. I’m gonna put some more spice on it. Have you ever had an Asian bagel? – Not this one. – I’m brushing sesame oil on top. That’ll just add to
everything that’s going on. – I just got this melted butter over here, and I’m like, “Wish we had some lobster.” God, I love lobster. – Now it’s time for the sesame seeds. Yes, sesame seeds. Season at a distance! Oh, sassy. It’s snowing sesames today. Think I need even more sesame seeds. – There’s so many sesame
seeds on there, Ned. – [Ned] (bleeped out) that. It’s not enough sesame seeds. – [Narrator] While three of the bakers finish their final seasonings, Zach still waits for
his first bagel to boil. – I’ve been able to
re-establish some holes. – [Eugene] That looks nice. – Thanks, man. I’m gonna let this one go for a minute, and then check in and see how it goes. My plan from there is
to immediately dip it in the toppings, and then I’m done. And I’m hoping that that’s enough for the ingredients to stick. This is stressful. I’m stressed out. I don’t enjoy this show. Like everything is riding
on this decision, right? Cause if that’s not
how the things stay on, and it just falls off, then I have a nothing bagel. Then I have plain bagels. – [Eugene] Ooh! – [Zach] Yes. – [Eugene] Oh, you do both sides. – Yes, and I’m gonna just– – [Eugene] That looks, you can’t even tell the shape it weird. – Dude, dude!
– I think you did it. – Dude! – You just gotta cover everything. – That’s a thing! – [Eugene] Your parents are
gonna be so proud of you. – Ow, (bleeped out). – [Eugene] What are all the ingredients on your everything bagel? – I’ve got poppy seeds, minced
onion, garlic, sesame seeds. I don’t personally like
too much sesame, you know? I think too much sesame
really overpowers the flavor, so sparingly. ♪ It’s snowing ♪ ♪ It’s snowing ♪ ♪ All the sesame seeds ♪ ♪ It’s snowing ♪ ♪ It’s snowing sesame seeds ♪ – But if you did it lower, they probably wouldn’t bounce, right? – No, they still bounce. – [Eugene] All right, bagel time. – [Zach] Bagel time. – Once you’ve topped
them with your toppings you can put them into a 500-degree oven for about 18 minutes. – My impulse would be that you do this for about 20 minutes. – How much are you thinking? – I’m thinking 12. – Wow, yours, something’s
going on with yours. Ow, fuck. – Zach. – Once I see any black on any of them, they’re all coming out. – Oh, yeah, I got oil all over them. They’re definitely
cooking and frying right. – [Zach] They’re gonna have
like a nice, crisp bottom. – Or burnt. – You wanna pull them out of the oven when they’re golden-brown all around. – How dark are bagels? I can’t remember. (sizzling) (extended bleeping) – [Eugene] Put your gloves on, Zach. – [Zach] It was my forearm! This is a fool me once, shame on me thing. – Eight minutes. I think I wanna take mine out. – Okay, I’m gonna pull mine out. – Okay, and then while this is open, I’m gonna do a toothpick test on mine. Ah, shit. – [Eugene] Oh, my god, Zach. – [Zach] Ah shit, ah shit. – Wow, wow, I’m a baker! They look like bagels! Oh, my god! – My bagels have been
cooking for 12 minutes. I’m doing it. I’m pulling them out. – It’s perfect, it’s perfect. – (together) We made bagels! We made bagels! (yelling and cheering) – Oh, my god, they look so cute! – [Eugene] All right, I think we did it. High-five. – Oh, my god. The toothpicks, I slipped on them. Dude, we might’ve just made bagels. – Our criteria for judging these bagels are going to be taste, presentation, creativity, and is it a bagel? – The first thing I look for in a bagel is a solid crust, good chew to
it, seed coverage, you know. But I think what we’re looking for today is something that is mostly edible. – [Jessica] Any sweet bagels? Can bagels be sweet? – Uh, no, but muffins can. In my mind, cinnamon raisin
bagels aren’t actually bagels. – I’m excited to see if
we can call it a bagel. – Baking is like the most precise
thing in the entire world, so I fully expect this to
be entirely disastrous. (coos) – Okay, first up, you have Zach’s everything bagel. I have been eating bagels all my life. They are one of my favorite foods. I’m a New York Jew, and
this means a lot to me. So it is with great
pride and great pleasure that I present to you my Poppy Thang bagel. I do hope you enjoy. – That was good, that was really good. – Thank you, thank you. – [Jessica] It’s really dark. – [Zach] Yes, that’s the poppy. – Great seed coverage. It does smell like an everything bagel. – [Jessica] Yeah. – [Nick] You have that. – That’s huge. – [Nick] This is called the crumb shot. – Crumb shot?
– I know, right? (all exclaiming) – Oh, shit! Oh, shit. I mean, oh, darn. – It does look like a bagel. Your yeast was active. It’s mostly baked. Shall we see how it tastes? – Wet, salty. – Very salty. – Really salty.
– Really salty. – Salty and wet. – Really like, not just salt-like flavor. – Wow. – It’s very salty. – It’s salty and garlicky.
– It’s salty. – Like the garlic comes
out stronger from the salt. – I think I oversalted. – Your dough is extremely salty. – Yeah.
– Just try it. – [Jessica] Yeah. – So, okay. Boy, oh, boy. I will say that compared to previous reactions to my cooking, this is a wild improvement. – It’s not terrible. – Oh, my god. – That’s huge, that’s huge. That’s incredible, wow. It’s not terrible? – [Nick] No. – Zach, I would give
this three stars on Yelp. – Oh, my god. – I mean, I’m probably just
not eating good bagels. – [Nick] To get seeds to stick,
the easiest way to do that is to toss them in whatever
seed mixture you have right when they’re hot. – That’s exactly what you did. – A flawless technique. – Creativity, like, authenticity maybe? You kind of nailed the
traditional everything spice. – (whispering) Nailed? – I think maybe I’m
being a little too nice. – Nailed it? I knocked it out of the park! I had my sister ship
over some New York water to help with the bagel. Do you think I made New
York proud with this? – No. They’re doing just fine. (everyone laughing) – I think we have a great rebuttal for when people say it’s the water. (everyone laughing) – I guess, most importantly, is it a bagel? – It’s a bagel! – It’s a bagel. – Unfortunately, it’s a bagel. – Catch me, I’m falling. – Yes, this is a bagel. – You did it! – That was his first-ever he made it. That was the first time. – You made it! – You made a bagel! – Judges, thank you so much. – Zach, this really is, I
think, your competition to lose. – Wow. – My father loves cinnamon and raisins. Every morning he eats
Raisin Bran for breakfast. And I wanted to honor my
father, Donald Habersberger, by creating the best bagel, cinnamon raisin bagels. Or as I like to call them, Daddy’s Favorite. (everyone laughing) – [Eugene] Oh, god, no, Keith. – [Zach] Shout out to Don Habersberger! – [Jessica] They look like muffins. That looks like a muffin. – They are so heavy. This is so heavy. – Look at Jamie, what’s going on? – Um, well, I was expecting to
be able to pick them easily. (everyone laughing) – This probably weighs
four to five pounds. (everyone laughing) – I can’t really, like, tear. – Well, you got there. – [Jessica] They don’t
look like bagels to me. – [Keith] They look
exactly like Panera bagels. – What do you think it looks like? – Like a muffin. – Are you crazy? Have you seen a muffin
in the last century? They don’t look a thing like that! – There’s just things coming out of it. – What are you talking about, raisins. Oh, it cuts like butter. – So it’s very underbaked inside. – [Zach] Can you show us? – [Nick] Yeah, right here is usually, when you can kinda like– – [Keith] Well, it’s between the raisins. – I don’t wanna eat this. – Give it a try. – Am I gonna get salmonella? – You’ll never get salmon-ella, because it’s sal-monella. – Oh. (everybody laughing) – Keith, Keith. – Gotcha. – Here you go. – Tough today. – I’m fighting back today. I’m not taking it lying down. – Um, definitely underbaked. – Uh huh. – [Nick] It’s hard to tell whether there’s still raw flour in this or you just put an insane
amount of cinnamon in it. – My father always said, “Approach
life with a lot of grit.” – Good balance of flavor, though. It’s not too sweet. – It tastes like raisins and bread, which is essentially a
cinnamon raisin bagel. So good job. But I don’t really like it. (everybody laughs) – [Keith] Um, judges, do
you think it’s a bagel? – In my mind, cinnamon raisin bagels aren’t actually bagels. – You don’t think the type of bagel I made even could be a bagel. – Exactly. If I had to, and I think I have to, it’s a bagel. – It’s so undercooked to the point that I can barely call it a bagel. – But can you barely call it a bagel? – I can barely call it a bagel. – That’s plus one to the positive. – I don’t think it’s a bagel. I think we think it’s a bagel, cause there’s a hole in the middle. – I would agree with the other analysts. I think that you should pursue other means of honoring your father. – But do you not think it’s a bagel? – I don’t think it’s a bagel. I think it’s a bad cake with a hole in it. – So agree to disagree, but my dad’s not gonna like that. – Judges, I wanted to
create an original bagel based off of my personality, so this has an infusion of
Korean flavors and beer. I call it the K-Ragel, yes. – [Nick] Ooh, I like the way this looks. – [Eugene] Yeah? – I mean, they are ugly, for sure. – They’re very monstrous. – Jamie, what’s going on? – My eyes are watering up. – Uh huh. There’s a lot of gochugaru on it. – I’m gonna try and eat this. – I think we need a– – [Eugene] Taste test first. – Well, he said beer. – I did put beer instead of water, and I also boiled it in a pot of beer. Have someone taste it before you taste it. – Okay. – [Nick] Ooh, kind of reddish. – Oh, I put gochugaru in the dough. – Yeah, it’s fully baked. – Can I eat it? – We don’t know yet. We gotta see. – You’re not gonna be able to taste beer, because you can only taste the red– – Gochugaru. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Yeah. – So can? – Your mom’s not, we gotta ask your mom. – Can I eat it? Okay. This is great. Oh, you were a chemist, so you would know. Can I eat it? – I don’t know, we’d
have to run some tests. (everybody laughing) – [Jessica] Right, it
just goes in your, like. – I like to be challenged by food. A little too spicy, Jamie? – It was so spicy that I
couldn’t taste anything. It like numbed my taste buds
in the worst possible way. – I like spicy food. I didn’t think it was that spicy. – What about a spicy bagel, though? – I like it. – When you’re expecting a bagel, and you eat it, and it tastes
like a Flaming Hot Cheeto. – It really– – It does some stuff to your brain. – Oh, I’m rocking his world. – I think it’s like food
trends a lot, you know. And this is a fusion that people will be super excited about. – There’s a lot going on, but it is surprisingly bland. (sighs in disappointment) You’ve got everything on your side, except there’s not a lot
of salt in there, dude. – The biggest thing for me is the grease. I can’t, it’s all over, uh. It’s all over us. – I like this a lot. We finally have something creative. It almost tastes like a
Korean focaccia bread. – If you just eat the
crust, it is so good. – Yeah. – If you get any part of the inside, it is so bad. – It’s not even that,
it’s just like nothing. – Nothing, but in contrast
to like all that flavor that’s in this bite, it kind of works. – I see what you mean. The top of my mouth is very happy. – Yeah, exactly. – [Eugene] But the bottom
just felt like it was filler. Is it a bagel? – [Jessica] I think it’s a bagel. – I’m gonna go ahead and
say that that is a bagel. – This is exactly a bagel. – [Jamie] No. (everybody laughing) – Jamie, Jamie. Come on, rank it, Jamie. – I’m sorry. – Oh, man, I made the worst one for Jamie. Jamie hates it. – You hurt him. – I know. – Judges, I present to you my half-dozen sesame bagels. I love baking with my son, Wes, so I’m calling these my Wesame Bagels. (everybody awws) – [Keith] That is cute. – That’s cute. – Daddy’s favorite. (everybody laughs) – This one looks really perfect. – Yeah. – Yeah, these are the best
holes we’ve seen all day. – That’s true. – Thank you. I poked it with a spoon,
kind of spun it around. Should taste a little
bit like country love. That’s kind of my favorite
type of bread to make. – We’re talking in baker’s
percentages right now. This dude bakes right here. – Yeah, I’ve never made bagels before, but I do like baking bread, so. – [Jessica] Oh! – Okay, bubbles. – Bubbles? – [Jessica] It smells sweet. – [Nick] It does smell sweet. This is a problem. – Uh huh, that’s the bottom. – [Nick] No, no, that’s the top. – Oh, wow. – [Nick] All the sesame seeds fell off. – Oh, man, I guess the sesame
oil was not a good idea. – [Nick] That’s very disrespectful. – So these are now plain bagels. – Yeah. – (all groaning) Oh, no. – [Jessica] Is that raw? – [Nick] It’s definitely doughy. – (all groaning) Oh, no. – Oh, man. – (all groaning) Oh, no! – I brushed the sesame oil on before I put the sesame seeds on. – It is creative. – Thank you. – You think it’s creative
that he added sesame oil? – Well and that it’s kind of
like you start with a sesame, you end with a plain. (everybody laughs) – [Keith] It’s like a transformer. – It has a mild tinge
of like sourness to it. It’s well salted. I’d eat it. – Wow. – I’ll go the total other way. I think this tastes like a breadstick that someone made on
their last day of work. – Okay. Thank you, thank you, chef. – I like it. I’m eating it. A lot of it. – [Jamie] Is it a bagel? – I think this is a B. S. O. I think it’s a bagel-shaped object. – Yeah, I don’t think this is a bagel. – Bro, bro, you looking at this? You’re telling me this is not a bagel? – It’s a sesame breadstick. – [Jessica] Do we think
it’s creative though? – I think intention plays a role in the creative process
and so for that reason, I would say that this
is in no way creative. (everybody laughing) – In no way, shape, form. It’s just not creative. Sorry. – Thank you, chefs. It’s been a pleasure. We will let you deliberate and then return for your final judgment. (dramatic music) – [Nick] Walking in today,
you have these four guys making bagels without a recipe, which in and of itself
is just such a challenge. Most of these are bagels. – I really liked Keith’s taste the best, and I could like eat it
all and not feel sick. – [Nick] It’s shockingly good. Eugene’s is obviously
quite a bit more creative. – [Jessica] This is my favorite for taste. – [Nick] But there was
something classic about Ned’s. – Yeah, I didn’t really
like either of those. For Eugene’s, it just hurt me. It like physically hurt me. Zach’s, um, salty food is good. – [Jessica] Definitely
better than I expected. – It’s almost like when you
get like a salted pretzel. – I mean, I like that better than sweet. I don’t, I’m not a sweet person. I didn’t mind this. – I would put it at like number one. And then there’s three number fours. – We’ve made out decision. Let’s bring back the guys. (dramatic music) – We’ve made our decision. It wasn’t unanimous. – [Eugene] Wow. – We haven’t even started, Jamie just whispered, “I’m sorry,” to me. – Jamie, no. (everybody laughing) – He looked at me. – Overall, we were very impressed with the work that you guys put in. – We’ve been outside, and
we are all insanely nervous. – Three of you should be. – Okay. – Oh wow.
– Okay. – So in fourth place, of course (dramatic music) is Zach’s bagel. – What?
– What? – Are you (bleeped out) kidding me? Are you out of your goddamn mind? Cover those ears. What? You all, 1, 2, 3, 4, said that was a bagel. That was the only one that you all said was a bagel. I flew water over the country for you. – Sorry you had to do that. – I think that there was a toxic energy surrounding my judging, and I was not given a fair shot. I started first. Y’all came in salty. Admittedly, so did my bagel. I am, I am (inhales). I am crushed. – I can’t believe this. – Yeah, this was the
challenge you wanted to win. – I can’t believe this. – Please, please explain. – It’s salty. – Yeah, dude, it was
really really salty, dude. – We don’t have anything else. It was really salty. (all laughing) – [Nick] Inedibly salty. – Inedible. – Um, to all the Jews out there, I am sorry. – Do we accept? – We accept. – This one hurts. This one stings. – Like when you put some
salt on a wound, right? (Ned laughing) In third place was (dramatic music) Keith. – That doughy bullshit? (everybody laughing) So it’s between you two. – [Eugene] Okay, well, good luck, man. – Yeah, you too. – Okay, so I get to announce the winner. Eugene! – Are you serious? – I mean, come on, we loved yours. I mean– – Are you serious, even Jamie? Everyone but Jamie? Wow, that’s so unexpected. – It’s pepper spray on a bagel! – Thank– (everybody laughing) – Eugene’s was just so
unique and flavorful that we really couldn’t pass it up. – We would sell this at Belle’s Bagels. I think we would even do
reasonably well with it. – Well, congratulations to Eugene and Ned. Sorry to Zach, and “Hi, Dad” from me. This has been Without a Recipe. We’ll see you next week! What are we gonna try next? Bye! – Ice cream! – Oh, yeah. – It’s ice cream. – Ice cream. – See you there, Jamie. – [Narrator] Next week
on Without a Recipe. – I have to win one of the episodes. (all singing loudly) – You knew that an 11-year-old was going to be judging this episode, and yet, you continue to put
heavy amounts of alcohol. (all singing loudly) – Guess what, y’all. My winning Korean bagels were so good that Belle’s Bagels
decided to make their own. You can check out the Crazy Rich Bagel and Crazy Rich Sandwich
on the Try Guys IGTV. – Okay, since I disagreed with all of our other judges– – Are you gonna close ranks? – I’m closing ranks. In fourth place, Eugene. In third place, Ned. – Okay. – First place, Keith. – Wow. – Wow, this is so great. – I’ll take it, I’ll take it.