(bell ringing) – Ring, ring, ring, ring,
ring, ring, ring, banana cone! – [Zach] It has to be a little bit soft, but it’s too soft. (Screaming)
I can’t do anything. (grunting) – It’s like a weird cracker. – Oh no! (Cheering) – Oh yes! – [Keith] It’s one of those
things like making a latte, or something you know where it’s like, it has to hurt to work. – I think it’s more of a
waffle than a waffle cone. – Yeah.
(laughs) – We’re making waffle cones? That’s a whole different episode. Why are we burning an
episode within this episode? We could do it as it’s own. The Try Guys make waffle
cones without a recipe, I mean that’s at least a 500k view video. – [Voiceover] And so we did it! (triumphant brass music) – [Voiceover] Welcome to the bonus episode of Without A Recipe. Previously, The Try Guys made ice cream. Today, they’re making waffle cones. – Because ice cream wasn’t
hard enough, apparently. We gotta make some
(bleep)ing waffle cones. (laughing) – [Voiceover] Each of The
Try Guys will have 40 minutes to make their waffle cones from scratch and present it to our panel of judges. – That has no taste. – What am I eating? – It feels like we’re at, like, mass. – Yeah, it tastes like a holy communion. – Mm-hm. – A waffle cone is
essentially a really thin crispy cookie rolled into
a cone to act as a vessel for your ice cream. Waffle cones are superior to sugar cones in that they have butter, they have cream, and they just taste so much better. – This is probably my favorite part of the ice cream experience. – Oh, really? – Yeah, so that means the
pressure’s on not to mess it up. – Oh the eating, not the making. – Yeah, the eating. – Gosh, I was really hoping
you knew what we were doing. – Literally never done this. – I think it’s flour,
– I’m not gonna listen. – I think it’s eggs, I think it’s sugar, I think it’s oil. And I think it’s more oil
because it has to get hard. It has to be hard. – [Crew Member] All right
bakers, in three, two, one. (Ding)
– Try to make waffle cones. – Let’s do it. – I’m just gonna grab shit. – Okay I want the all,
well I want that flour too. But I’m using both of
those things you just took. – I guess I’ll just try
and make what I remember pre-made cake mixes to be and
leave the rest up to chance. – I might go for a bowl
because it looks flower-esque, and I’m doing a flower rose theme. Maybe I’ll go for a waffle
bowl with edges that look like petals. It’s not a Eugene dish if
I don’t put alcohol in it. I’m just gonna try to tie
the flavors of my ice cream with my waffle cone. – Oh, I was in the splash zone there. – I’ll get a little almond
zest and I’ll put a little cardamon in it. – I don’t know, should
I do it around a cone? Do we have a funnel? Should I roll it around a funnel? Here’s what I’ll do, I will take a banana, and then I’ll roll out
the cone around a banana. My secret banana! – What’s your secret banana? – What happened to my secret banana?! I was gonna use this to form my cone. Maybe it’s even better
to form my cone now. We’re gonna give it at least one shot. (chuckles)
Banana cone! (heavy rock music) (descending whistle) – I’m not a cone guy. I never really was. I like things in a bowl. I think it’s elegant. It’s classy. I can eat at my own pace. And then I get a nice soup at the end. I love soup! Look, come at me, that’s fine. I don’t like shit dripping down my hands. (air rushing) (polar bear moaning) – First, we’re gonna make our batter. We’re gonna place egg whites, white sugar, and salt in our stand mixer, and we’re gonna mix it on medium or high until all the sugar is dissolved. – Little vanilla extract- – Yes, we’re gonna need that for sure. – I’ll use cake flour. – I’m gonna grab some brown sugar, – Flour matters… – You want the white or the brown? – I’ll do white sugar. – Okay. – [Chef] For a waffle cone batter, I would suggest nothing but white sugar. White sugar, when it cooks up, it cooks hard and crunchy. If you’re using brown sugar, brown sugar cooks up soft. – I’m using brown sugar. – Maybe brown sugar is
how you make it brown. – I’m going brown. I’m gonna use your cake flour. Everyone loves sugar. No one’s gonna have the
waffle cone and be like, “Oh, it’s too sweet!” – [Ned] Yeah, exactly. Let’s do at least half a cup of sugar. – How are you doing? – Pretty waffle. (laughing)
– That was good. – God waffle. – I like that one. (laughing) That was good. (forced laughter) – [Eugene] Thanks. – All right, two cups of cake flour. – [Chef] We wanna use all-purpose flour because we want all the gluten we can get. And the gluten it what’s
gonna make it hard and crispy. It’s gonna keep the cone shape. – This smells sweet. Does it taste sweet? Do they, like, put- – [Zach] You’re making
me question myself for following Ned’s lead, but Ned’s my dude. I’m gonna sink with his ship. – Dang. I was imagining cake mix. It’s actually just a weird type of flour. – Oh yeah. Nah, it sucks. – Should go with what
I’ve been doin’ so far. (ding) And I’ve heard of cinnamon cones, so I think this is fine. – Can’t ever forget salt. – Oh, I’ll give it a little salt. – Salt! There you go, now you’re thinking. – Why are you-
(exhales) – ‘Cause salt makes
everything better, Eugene! – I put my salt in first! – I put my salt in second! (scoffs) – [Chef] The key to any
good waffle cone recipe is egg whites. And only egg whites because we want a hard and crispy cone, and all the protein in egg whites binded with sugar will create that. – I definitely know there’s
eggs in this batter. Two eggs! ‘Cause I like eggs. – Dude, you’re loco. – At least two. – Well, I’m gonna put three in mine. – ‘Kay, well, that’s fine. Eggs are common. – Over-egg-chiever. – ‘Kay. – I’m an eggs-celent… – Okay, this is getting very
uncomfortable for everyone. – [Chef] Next, we’re gonna
add a little bit of water and some heavy cream. – [Keith] This much water. – You’re putting water in it? – Yeah. – Here, I’ll put water in mine. – ‘Cause it’s a batter. It’s still a batter. (liquid pours) – Is there… milk? – Yeah, maybe there’s milk! – Are you makin’ fun of me? – No! – You’re on board? – I’m trying to wrap my
head around this, yeah. – Yeah, cause it’s like a batter. – You’re gonna need something.
– I’m gonna- – Yeah, you’re gonna need something! – It’s gonna be better with milk! – I’m gonna make a- I’m gonna use chocolate. Ned, we got this. – We got this! – Dude! – Dude. – We’re sinking together. – Dude, we got this! – It’s very sweet. – [Chef] And then we’re gonna add a little bit of vanilla paste. You can use any flavoring. – I’ll do one teaspoon. – Oh, is this supposed to
be a batter or a dough? – A batter. – Mm, mine’s more of a dough. – Just like, half a cup of oil, at least. – And I think it needs
a tablespoon of oil. This is how I remember making, like, pre-made cake mixes. – So, I am blending up all my ingredients, but it’s way too thick, so I’m gonna add more oil and more water. Basically, in my mind, I’m making crepes that will burn. – I don’t know. Maybe the thick will be
good for the waffle iron. – No, I think it needs to be thin. I think it’s crepes that burn. – [Ned] Taste my batter. Tastes like a cake. (scoffs) – I think you’re making cake. – Still too thick. This will also be eaten by a child, right? – Too bad! This is full of liquor! – Super oily! – [Chef] So now that our
sugar’s all dissolved, the egg whites are foamy, we’re gonna add our butter slowly. Butter is gonna act as our flavoring, and it also prevents the
waffle cone from sticking. – I’m melting butter ’cause I need this to be a little thinner, and I don’t believe in water, and I have too much liquor in it, so I’m gonna put butter
in it for no reason. – On the borderline of too much oil. It’s half oil. – Maybe this is where I get baking soda. – Baking soda? – There’s no baking soda over there. Clearly, that was a bad idea. – Oh, it’s right there! – Really? – Yeah. – But it’s far away. – No, no, no, I think she put it there for you to find. – Nah, I don’t know. (scoffs) Chef set those pantries for us, so I think baking soda was a mistake. – I don’t know if butter’s
supposed to be in here. – Oh ho ho! This is half butter now. – Ned, I’m ready to go for it. – Oh, my God. – Dude, I’m feelin’ it! – Dude! That looks… – It looks like something! – It looks brown. – It’s brown?
– Maybe I needed brown sugar. – Well, I put chocolate milk in mine. – Hmm. (bouncy classical music)
(water splashing) – [Chef] Now we have our batter, and we’re gonna use the waffle
iron to make waffle cones. You wanna make sure your waffle
cone maker is really hot. Place one scoop in the middle. Press it down. Bake it according to the
directions on your machine. (nozzle spraying) – Then, what? You, like, paint it on? – Oh, it’s smoking immediately. – My battered up cones. – Oh, oh- (bleep) (bleep) – What?
(bleep) What? – I didn’t spray it. How did I not think of that? – Ooh. – I didn’t spray it. Get off, get off, get off! So uh, I took this off very prematurely, but this is my early attempt. I mean, this tastes great. – [Eugene] ‘S what you call overachieving. – [Keith] Yeah? – [Eugene] Mhm. Just going for it. – Yeah, it’s overachieving. Just achieving all over the place. – Super,
– Just achieving everywhere. – Super achievement. – Just can’t stop achieving. – All right, let’s try this again. – Ooh! M’kay, that seems like enough. (laughing) – Whoopsie doopsie! – [Chef] So now that it’s golden, we’re gonna take it down. Not too light, not too dark. And quickly roll it into a cone. Gonna put down our dowel, we’re gonna fold it over, and you wanna make sure you fold the tip, so it doesn’t leak out the bottom. So, essentially, what we’re doing is melting the sugar, and now
we’re molding the sugar. Hold it down ’til it’s
cool enough to the touch. – I want to do a cone, and I want to use my secret banana. (beep)ing banana-gans. – I hope when I open this thing back up, it will look like a waffle. – Still spongy, (beep). I might need to try something new because mine’s a little too thick. – I think I’m gonna make mine thinner. I think I put a little too much. I was a little over-enthusiastic. – The thicker you go, the more you risk it being
soggy and under-baked, and it also doesn’t last very long. ♪ Banana cone ♪ (chuckles) ♪ Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ♪ – What are you doing?
(laughing) ♪ Banana cone! ♪ ♪ I’ve got this ‘nanner. ♪
(laughing) ♪ It’s really warm. ♪ ♪ Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ♪ ♪ Banana cone ♪ ♪ It’s a (beep)ing cone ♪ (heavy rock music) – It doesn’t look very good when it’s wrapped on a banana,
(chuckles) but it’s pretty (beep)ing cool. – I think it needs more oil, still. – Oh, it’s green. That means it’s good. (laughing) – Yours is a- I think it’s more of a
waffle than a waffle cone. – Yeah. – Ouch. It hurts to touch the iron. – Oh, yours looks good! – Yeah, well. That one’s got a hold in the bottom. – Oh, no! Mine ripped in the bottom! – Maybe I just put too much on there. – That’s what I’m thinking, too. I’m gonna dip in the kitty again. – My waffle is too thick, but it has- Ugh. – Oh. – It’s too thick. – No. – Oh, no. (dreary music)
(rain falling) Oh, no. I got it. I got it. Just wanna say, I got it. I’m making ’em. (grunts) (beep)! – Don’t give up. Pour oil into it. Please, listen to me. Please, heed my advice! (imitates spraying nozzle) – Okay. – Just gonna go nice and thin. Okay, I’m gonna paint it. (laughing) – I think painting is
the right call, actually. – Yeah, I think it’s the
right call, for sure. – People are laughing, but he’s smart! – I just don’t know how long you wait. – Yeah.
– I’m very impatient. – I kinda feel like this needs longer. – If this doesn’t work, I have no ideas. – Do you guys ever, when you’re waiting for stuff, just count? You know what I’m saying? Like, where you just go like, “20, 19, 18.” And there’s like, no reason to count. You just count. – I guess I don’t want
it to be crispy yet, – Feels like its burning. Cause then it’ll be hardened in its place, – Shit! That sucks. – And if it’s… – I messed mine up! – ‘Cause you don’t know
what the (bleep) to do to fill the time, so you just count. Like a crazy person in your mind! – It’s crispy! Then I can’t even move
it into a cone shape! – Keep it intact! God… – One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. – Stop! – One, two, three, four, – Keith! – Five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. – I’m trying to concentrate! – One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight… – It has to be a little bit soft, but it’s too soft! (screaming) I can’t do anything! – It looks terrible! – Why? Ice cream is hard enough! Why are we doing this? – It’s beginning to
look like my ice cream! – Okay. All right. Hold the (beep)ing phone, guys! – Whoa! – Oh my shit balls. You guys! We got a cone! (laughing) – Stop watching me!
– Oh, yes! Close it tight. – Won’t go in. What am I doing wrong? – Is there enough oil in it? Listen to me. – (beep) (beep)
– Listen to my advice. Heed my advice! – All right, I’m gonna
try putting in less. Last time I put in,
like, two quarter cups. – Ned, maybe it’s the cake flour that’s (beep)ing us. – Yeah, I’m just- I’m channeling like I’m a crepe maker. – Ooh, it really burns to touch. Got that right. Hurts to hold, but you gotta hold it. That’s your only option. Just gotta hold the burning toe. ‘Cause ya gotta win! That is a waffle cone! – Boom. (screams) – Ah, (beep) me. Guys, hot stuff is hot. – Added more oil. So the next one should get even crisper. How’s it goin’ over there? – Terribly. – Did you add the oil? – No. This isn’t RuPaul’s Dressed
Best Friend Race, dude. This is a competition. – RuPaul has a best friend race? – No, that’s the whole point! – I’d watch it. – I’m not supposed to heed
advice from a competitor. – I’m having success. – Trash. – I’m trying to share it. – This is trash. – Don’t use the oil. Whatever you do, don’t use the oil. I feel like Ned and Zach
were having more fun. (laughing) (violin orchestra music)
(water rushing) – [Crew Member] Ten minutes left, bakers! – I’m running out of batter, here. And I’m running out of time, so I gotta make these count. – I don’t know what’s
wrong with my batter. My cones are not, like, getting brown enough. I think I just need to leave
it on there for longer. – Just needs more alcohol. (liquid pouring) – Here comes the pain! You can tell there’s more oil ’cause it burns more. It’s so hot. It’s gotta be perfect. – (beep), that’s hot! (beep)! That’s what the gloves are for. – That’s what the gloves are for! (laughing) – How’d it take me so long? – You’re cones look really good! – Thanks!
– Yeah. – I’m really- – I think you got it, man. – I feel like I figured it the (beep) out. – This is your challenge. My goal is just to get at least two presentable looking ones. – But how’s the taste? They taste great. – Really? – Yeah. – It might be the Amaretto. – Maybe that’s what it is. ‘Cause it’s like an almond-y… – Yes! Do you have any chunks of yours? – Um, no. All my cones worked out. (laughing) They all seemed to work somehow. The first try. First go, it really worked out. Even though I used a banana! I think maybe the banana-gans
worked it my favor. (heavy rock music) (buzzing) – Ooh! Oh! Zach! Did you just? – Ned, you know I didn’t. – [Crew Member] Five minutes! – Five minutes?! – Shit, shit, shit, shit. – Yes! Oh, it’s (beep)ing sizzling, there’s so much oil in it! Oh! – Shit. – I need to make a little more batter. I know we’re running out of time, but I don’t care. – God, this one was
too thin, and it broke! – It looks good. – Try to flip it over. What we got there? – It’s a shape! It’s a shape! – We’ll say that that’s a shape. – It’s a shape! (nozzle spraying) – I need all the chances I can get. – Okay, okay. We’re gonna mix the dry ingredients. Crack the egg. – [Crew Member] Two minutes! (beep). (sighs) It’s not gonna be enough time. – Ouch. Touched it with my arm. – It’s one of those things like
making a latte or something. You know? Where it’s like, it has to hurt to work. – Half a cup of chocolate milk. – I’ve plugged the bottom
of this waffle cone. – It’s not too bad. – It turned out, like, serviceable. – With the time that we have, this is the last waffle cone
that I’m gonna be able to cook. – [Eugene] Still just rubbing the shaft? – I’m just shaping it ever so perfectly. – That might’ve been my
first actual good one, oh my God! – [Crew Member] Five, four, three,
– I actually got one! – [Crew Member] Two, one. Hands up, bakers. Hands up! (panting) – It’s in progress. I’m finishing this one. (laughing) – [Chef] Allow your cone
to air dry completely. And now we have waffle cones. – Oh, that one sucks. All right, who cared. Nevermind, I’m gonna just quit. (robust orchestra music) – [Jamie] We’re gonna
be judging The Try Guys on their waffle cone making skills. The crunch, the pattern- – The taste, too. – Oh, yes. This is very important.
– That’s what I like! – What’s a waffle cone
supposed to taste like? Something sweet and golden, but not too overpowering as to overpower the ice cream. So something neutral, I would say. – Our waffle cones sat
in a little bit of heat, so they’re all a little soft. But maybe a little flavor judging as well. – I would say don’t judge them at all. (laughing)
– Yeah. (playful music)
(water rushing) – [Jamie] So let’s start with Ned’s. – I think this waffle cone presentation is pretty spot on until
you get to the tip. It’s a little broken. – So the problem is just the tip? – Um. – Looks very thin. – Yeah. Super thin. – It’s beautiful, but I can tell right away as soon as you plop a scoop on there, that thing’s gonna crumble. – And it’s white. It’s like not golden. It should be golden, right? – It should be the color of the tip. – Of just the tip.
– Yeah. (laughing) – Just the tip. – Funnier that time. – That has no taste. Maybe compare- – What am I eating?
(laughing) – It feels like we’re at, like, mass. Right? – Yeah, it tastes like holy communion. (laughing) Did you put any sugar in it? – Uh, yeah. – I can’t taste anything. – Yeah. – When I was making it, it kept getting really spongy, so I made it thinner and thinner. – It’s like a weird cracker. – Okay. But I think it, you know, a little plainer makes a good vehicle for the sweet ice cream. – That’s why you gotta try
it with the ice cream, right? No. Still no flavor. (laughing) It’s not bad. It just doesn’t have any taste. – Maybe like, we just like, cut the waffle cones out of the video? (playful music) – So, this is my attempt at a waffle cup. It unfolded a bit. But Jamie, again, there is
almond liqueur in the batter, so I would refrain from tasting. Awe, don’t give me that look. You can eat the rose next to it. (laughing) – Want another rose? – This rose is better than that rose! – There’s cardamon in here, too. – Mhm!
– Yeah, a little cardamon. – See, I like that. – A on flavor. The texture’s really chewy. – Really chewy. Like, yeah, it’s weird. – Too much moisture. Too much liquid. Maybe you used- – Too much alcohol, maybe. – Yeah, maybe. – It’s a good taste, though. – Yeah, very good taste. – Going back in. – You like it better in
that than the ice cream? – Yeah. (laughing) (joyful music) – Look at this beautiful- Well, that one you broke already. A beautiful waffle bucket! Probably the finest you’ve seen today. Wow, the color, the crunch. Unbelievable. – Mm! – The best color I’ve seen so far. – Yeah. – Is this vegan as well? – Uh, nope! (chuckles) Dairy-free, though. – It tastes, like, eggy. – Mm. I think it tastes good! Did you put honey in it? – Sure! (laughing) – It tastes eggy. Which is not good to me. – Impossible! Try the other one. – This is probably my
least favorite tasting of all the cones, but it does have the best texture and the best color. – And what about that crunch? – And the crunch, yeah. – And, yeah. – He loves it. – Wow, you’re just goin’ nuts over there. Judges, thank you for
those glowing reviews. (playful music)
(polar bear roaring) – Oh, what about does it look? – Wait, look at it. It’s got a hole. – What’s this? – It looks a little uncooked right here. – I’d say your problem
is not just the tip. – Yeah, I know. – Not much taste, huh. – No, and this part, like, on the top, is very chewy. – Well, let’s judge the
part that isn’t chewy. – Maybe eat the bottom. – I feel like the
outside of it got cooked, but the inside of it didn’t
cook all the way through. You see this kinda like raw dough? – Yeah, I agree with that. But like, you’re holding
the part you could try. – The part that did cook correctly, it’s crispy.
– Yeah! It could be crispier. It’s neutral. Could be a little sweeter. – You did say, at the
beginning of the video, you liked it neutral. – Yeah. That’s a plus. – She’s so nice. – That’s why I’m only talking to her now. – What she meant to say
is there’s no taste. – I’ve already lost over here. I’m playing strictly to
the audience that’s left for second place here. (intense music) – All right. The judges have deliberated. But right now, it’s just me. So, I’m gonna do the correct ranking. – And since I’m the
ranKing, you’re the ranKid. It’s just us today, so it’s a free space to
award who you know should be number one. Jamie, which waffle cone got fourth? – Well, actually Eugene,
there is no fourth place. Because you have been disqualified. – What? You can’t disqualify people on this show! – Oh, really? Because, if I’ve learned
anything from you, I’m right, you’re wrong, shut up. (laughing) – I guess I deserve that. – Couldn’t eat anything but a plant. – It was a rose. – You served me a plant. (laughing) – Wow. A Without a Recipe first, Eugene has been disqualified
from the competition. (sad violin music) Jamie, who’s ice cream
cone got third place? (intense music) – The cone that has
gotten third place is… Ned. (ding) Oh man, he got third place three times. (laughing)
Third place. – Jamie, why did he get third place? – It tasted like a cracker. Plain and boring. – A lot like Ned. (laughing) I’m kidding. Don’t tell him I said that. – Okay. This brings us down to Keith and Zach. Keith. What a gorgeous shaped cone! And it tasted so good, but that texture. I don’t know about that. And Zach’s, I liked the texture. I liked the flavor. But, if I give it to Zach, I don’t want it going to his head. I think I’ve made my decision. The winner of Without a
Recipe waffle cones is… Zach! (ding) – Oh! – What? (laughing) – Wha? Really?! I won? I’m number one? – You won, Zach. (squeals) Why do you think he won in the end? – I’m the best! – I think Zach won- – Oh, my God! – Well, I’m not sure if
he really did win, I’m- (screaming) The flavor was good. The texture was good. I’m kind of regretting this choice. (giggles) – Thank you, Jamie! Thank you, Eugene! I’ve never won! This is huge! I’m the Without a Recipe champion! – Okay- – The entire season has
been leading to this moment! Doesn’t matter where you start. Doesn’t matter where you end. Thank you to my family, to the fans, everyone who ate ice cream. I’m a champion. (panting) – Um, Zach, I hate to break it to you, but you didn’t really win. This is a bonus episode, you know. – You can’t take this from me, tiny man. I’m the champion. – Okay. – Well, this has been a bonus episode of Without a Recipe that
doesn’t actually count. Jamie, thank you so much for
coming back to judge with us. – This counts. This is official. This is a Wednesday
and/or Saturday release. This is a real video. You have the power to
make this official, Jamie. – I’m sorry.
It’s in your hand! – No, I’m sorry. – You can make it official!
– No! – You decide!
– No, no, I’m sorry! I’m sorry.
– No, no, no, no. You’re comin’ with us! You’re comin! – Bye! We’ll see ya next time
on Without a Recipe! (ding) (rock music) (laughing) – You finally won, it’s not even official!