There is definitely one food that makes children and adults alike agree upon. Cookies!
They are a joy for our taste and our sight. Today, mom will show you how to
make cookies sharing a few tips. [MUSIC] O’sole mio Ciao a tutti!
Today, we will prepare biscotti (cookies) together. I really want to tell you my secrets. Let’s start with butter. Normally, people suggest to use cold butter. But one of my secrets is to use butter
at room temperature. I prefer butter at room temperature because it blends well in the dough
making less effort when mixing. The second ingredient is sugar and my egg. Another important ingredient is vanilla. The best is using the real vanilla pod in the biscuits. But unfortunately, here, I don’t find vanilla pods, that’s why I use liquid vanilla. I mix all the powders together. And, it’s time to put the powders. If you see that your dough does not bled well the solution is very easy.
You just need to add liquid. Normally you add milk. But I thought “why not giving more taste to the dough?”. So to do this you can add a little liquor, if you want. I use rum but any sweet liquor is ok. And I want to also add a little bit of whipping cream. A little summary. Remember, the butter needs to be at room temperature. Vanilla, choose the pod if it is possible. Add some liquor and whipping cream and don’t forget to add a little yeast. Then,
I’m sure that the dough will be very tasty. Now, the dough is ready.
It’s time to pass to the second stage. The second stage is to shape the biscuits and baking. My real secret starts now. I want to show you the way
to get perfectly shaped biscuits. For this, you need some special tools. The first special tool is … one daughter … who is around 10 years old.
You have one? If you don’t have one sorry, but I have one and I call her. Maria Chiara! Maybe you also need a three years older daughter! Okay. Oh You brought all tools. First tool. We need two… [Maria Chiara] … plastic sheets [Toni] Two …. [Maria Chiara] skewers.
A cookie form. First you have to cut a plastic bag
into one sheet Do the same with the other plastic bag. Take the two skewers Get some dough and squish it a little. Get the other plastic bag and get the rolling pin and roll.
[Toni] Why do I do this, Maria Chiara? [Maria Chiara] So that all the cookies are the same measures and in same height. Take off the first plastic bag Then you take off the skewers Put it back on and then you flip it over.
[Toni] Why do I do this, Maria Chiara? [Maria Chiara] So that the cookies won’t stick and then it will be easier to put them on the pan. Since using skewers is still hard for me,
you can take a pan and get the bottom. Put a plastic bag on top of it and get some dough. Then you put it in the middle. You squish it a little bit so that’s more easier to do this Get the other plastic bag and put it on top. Then you have to roll it. As you can see here there are some gaps. So, you take off the first plastic sheet and get some more dough and fill in gaps. And then do it again till the bottom of pan is easy. Then you take off the first plastic sheet and take all this extra dough off Take the plastic sheet again. Then you lift up the dough and you flip it. Take off the plastic sheet. Take the cookie form No, no, no! The other way! Squish it and you get it. Take off some of the dough first, and then put it. And you continue this until all of your dough is finished. Now I finished. All the cookies are in the pan. [Toni] Another secret is putting the biscuits
in the fridge now. Because it is at this point that butter needs to become cold. [Toni’s home] Did you like mom’s tips to prepare cookies? Leave your suggestions in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe and like on the bell button.