The last couple of months have been insane I think a huge amount of time recently has been channelled into Guide Dogs because of doing the sponsored walk and that’s been brilliant! That’s been really positive and there’s been lots of publicity come out of it. hopefully, positive publicity for Guide Dogs That’s been our way of saying thank you to Guide Dogs for this gift. I had an email through somebody from the 7 Families to say would I be up for an article in the ‘My Weekly Women’s Magazine’ and if that’s okay that the reporter will be in touch and the reporter, Julie phoned I did a telephone interview and the article is being published, the issue date is the 31st of October and that’s the first actual paid article, although that’s not my writing but it is about the 7 Families project and about us and our involvement in it. So that’s really good, that’s positive. I think the beginning of the 7 Families year, it was a distant dream, the idea of writing to publish but I didn’t have the faintest idea how to go about it and lots and lots of people had said to me that I really ought to turn this Facebook blog into a book which I kind of began to get the hint, didn’t I really? But that’s what I ought to do The involvement with the 7 Families has kind of, we’ve been linked up with a mentor and various other people in the industry. That’s been extremely valuable because that’s pushed me in the right direction and now having a mentor to kick me of with it and who’s willing to continue beyond this year is just superb, absolutely fabulous. because he’s actually said to me, just get the first few chapters down and send them to me and I’ll go through them and do some critique and that’s just brilliant. Yeah, it’s all kicked in the right direction and it’s all boosted the confidence to say “yes, I can do it”