What up footubers! I hope you’re very well from me, Mr Oliver and the one and only Tobie Puttock woo, hey there foodtubers Me and Tobie have cooked
together for… since the 90’s brother. Since the nineties, we sound like an old dodgy band We kind of are an old dodgy band. We probably are. Today we’re gonna have a look at how to perfectly cooked a whole fish in this case I’m going to be using trout, I’m going to show you guys how to dry grill vegetables and I’m going to show you how to make a little marinade as well I thought would take a look at this it’s actually really cheap you can get a whole fish for like twelve or
fourteen dollars as well so that’s awesome, and the same here in England, obviously they’re a bit smaller but great value, great flavour Do you want to make kinda 3 incisions along there? Yeah absolutely take some little garlic slivers as well
push them into there, what do you think? yep go for it, so shall I rub salt and pepper into it first?
I think so So look tobes just so you know. Talk to me. I got some basil soft, some fennel tops which is soft. It
looks beautiful but I’ve got some sage and some thyme and some oregano and it’s a nice little mix it So I’m going to take some lemon here and put it into quite thick slices, about 5mls thick So you’ve seasoned the cavity, haven’t you? I have I have chef. Good man good man. And do you want to get some of those herbs into there or should I? I’d love to Do you want me to stuff them in hard? Please, please. Let’s tie it up, while we’re tying this up, I’ve got all these beautiful, really fine garlic slithers some of them aren’t so fine but that’s okay because it’s going to cook for quite a while in here Pass us the oil my darling, so guys this is
gonna go in the oven A fish of this size will take about 22
minutes at about a 180 degrees
Celsius which 350 degrees fahrenheit so in she goes Okay mate, the fish is in, what are we going to serve with that? A such awesome technique for dry grilling
veggies you done that much before? No It’s awesome it retains all the nutrients. We’ll make a really, really cool, easy marinade for it Nice, let’s do it, let’s go. Pick some veggies. How many baby leeks do you want bro? I reckon if we grab about six or seven You got some cavolo nero or kale or? yep just over there. Take me to it Mr Oliver. Okay follow me. I feel a bit weird walking around with a knife in my hand but anyway So I reckon if we get I don’t know about 9, 10, 12 leaves of this this works well but kale work really
good as well. Come on then bro. So we’re just going to take some coals and put it directly on top of there but you can also get a grill plate or
whatever grill thing you’ve got there you go mate, so a rack on top, home made BBQ. I’m going to dry grill them directly on here but the first thing I want to do is look at that little dressing and I’m gonna take a couple of these cloves and I’m just going to put them directly on top of here so a really nice thing to do with that is take some tomatoes just sort of cut them into large chunks and
then we can look at grilling those up as well these are baby leeks, you can just put them directly on this grill. Do your Aussie accent. Mate, mate the fish the fish is done the fish is done mate The way I always tell if a fish is
cooked is kinda by touching it around here which is one of the thickest parts. Absolutely. And as
soon as that gets kind of a little bit firm you know you
pretty much ready to rock So this is starting to char up really nicely here These don’t take long at all but these
smaller ones are done, those big ones just need a little bit more yep these tomatoes are probably good. Let’s get them off, just pop them here for a sec and I’m going to pull the skin off there while they’re hot Look how easy that skin comes off. Straight off. Just pinch it off. We can start to think about cooking this cavolo now as well This doesn’t take long at all you can pretty much eat this raw Colour’s gone beautiful. It’s awesome isn’t it? Chuck them on here cause once they’re done, here you go So to make this dressing, just going to take a bit of wholegrain mustard about a teaspoon of that loosen that up with a couple of tablespoons of
extra-virgin olive Chop those tomatoes in half and just kind of squeeze those in a little bit keeping the flesh intact as well and
then that hot kale and the hot baby leeks in there will really kind of sop up all those juices and we’re going to get this garlic in there as well J, just kind of pop that into there So I’m coming in alright. Come in let’s get a little bit of salt and then we can get some of this lemon juice I’m just sort of scrunching this up a little bit. It’s really ideal to get in there with your hands We’ve got the whole fish here and that other half of the lemon just squeeze that all the way along, get rid of the pips afterwards obviously Shall we eat some? Yeah let’s eat. Shall I portion some up? Please Get in there. I’m just gonna hop around behind you and put some – Shall I just use my hands? I quite like doing it like that Mate get in there, I mean look at the color
of this fish guys and you can just take some of this juice
and kind of just pop this over the top just a little bit this skin by the way if this goes back on the grill creates
the most incredible like kind of pringely crisp, like pork cracklings but trout cracklings this is now super super crispy don’t
waste a bit Mate that’s beautiful whole cooked fish
with dried grilled veggies dressed in a beautiful healthy dressing thank you for the clean food.
Thank you. Guys check out his channel it’s Channel Tobie on the foodtube family of course, click the link below, right there or look in the description box below
thanks very much guys Lots of love, bye