welcome to barbecue food for you the backyard barbecue show I’m Jason King and today I’m going to be showing everyone how to cook up the ultimate potato boats let’s get started let’s take a quick peek and all the ingredients you’re going to need to get this recipe together for nice size bacon potatoes one package of sliced bacon a little bit of oil to brush on the potatoes seasoning this is 1 tablespoon of kosher salt black pepper with a teaspoon of onion and garlic powder but you can use your favorite barbecue rub as well half a cup of cream cheese this is onion and chives 1 cup of shredded cheese this is marble and to finish it off half a cup of sour cream and some diced green onions start by rinsing the potatoes under cold water place the potato on a sheet of aluminum foil we brush on a light coating of oil getting the whole thing coated and then we’ll just wrap it up potatoes are wrapped and ready let’s go get them on the barbecue today I’m using the weber kettle barbecue but this recipe can be done on a barbecue set up for indirect cooking it pulls off to one side will spread those out a little bit place a drip pan with a cup and a half of water on the void side of the cooker and place the potatoes directly on the hot coals letting them cook for around seven minutes on each side after seven minutes keep the potatoes a flip we’re trying to do is get a nice brown skin on them and cook them at the same time get the lid back on give them another seven minutes let’s get these potatoes off put back to the kitchen get them all together take a large knife and slice the potato right in half take a spoon and slowly dig out the middle of the potato taking out about 75% of it and place it in a bowl get the rest of these done we’ll be right back potato halves are all cleaned out got nice little boats here take your seasoning add two tablespoons to the potatoes you took out and sprinkle a little bit in each one take the cheese toss her in along with the Philadelphia Cream Cheese give that a good mix for couple minutes take each potato boat and spoon in a good amount of the filling pressing it down with your spoon will go through get these all filled up with the potato boats nicely stuffed take two slices of bacon for each one wrap it around starting at the bottom try and get it right to the edge here stretch the bacon out just give her a good rep continue with the second piece where the first one ended again stretch it out trying to get right to the edge here press it down a little bit bang on get the rest of them done just like that one with a potato boats stuffed and wrapped with delicious bacon sprinkle on a little bit of seasoning to both sides and we go get it on the barbecue get your barbecue set up to cook at 350 degrees and we’ll get these potato boats on leave about an inch of room in between them to let the air flow potato boats have been cooking on the barbecue for 10 minutes now hickory wood smoking away and it smells great if this recipe looks good give it a try be sure to share it with your friends and family let’s crack the lid and take a peek after 10 minutes looking good hickory wood still smoking away let’s get the lid back on let him keep cooking after 20 minutes you see the cheese is starting to melt and ouzo with the potato filling but that’s looking good to me get the lid back on let them keep cooking after another 10 minutes let’s take a peek that filling continues to ease out let’s take a piece mmm after 45 minutes let’s take a quick peek these are looking done let’s take a couple of miles crush on a little bit of barbecue sauce take your favorite barbecue sauce brush on a good coating flip them over and get the other side as well then place them back on the grill for about five minutes so they get nice and sticky after another five minutes these are done total cook time right around 50 minutes pull them off the barbecue check that out now just spoon on some sour cream and we’ll talk them with the green onions let’s cut one of these right down the middle and take a peek check it out cheese is all melted in there Bacon’s nice and cooked still pretty hot looking good the ultimate potato boat hot off the barbecue and they taste great give this recipe a try please share it with your family and friends because it’s easy to do barbecue food for you give it a try you