When I first created
my color-coded, portion-control
container system, it was because
of one simple observation. A client of mine was working out
consistently and hard, but she wasn’t getting
the results she wanted. And that’s when I realized
it was her food. She thought she was eating right and she was eating
pretty healthy, but she was just eating way
too much. Once I gave her a simple system of what foods to eat
and how much, the weight started to fall off. And that’s when I realized
what people need is an easy way to understand
proper portions when making food choices. That’s why right from the start, this simple concept
of color-coded, portion-control containers
and balanced eating exploded. And I don’t just mean
it exploded in popularity, even though that’s pretty much
what happened. I mean,
it exploded in variations, infinite combinations, and thousands of questions
came in as people wanted
specific direction to personalize Portion Fix
to their situation, their body type,
and their goals. People would ask, “But how do I use this
to help the entire family? How do I use this to help
convince my kids to eat better?” And the most
common question of all, “How can these color-coded
containers help me cope
with my habitual snacking and a weakness
when it comes to sweets?” There were hundreds
of different questions. And the good news is,
I have answers for them. I never stopped
refining the program for the last five years. I’ve developed applications
around timed nutrition, so not only would you know
what to eat and how much to get
the best results, but how often. I developed a vegan plan,
and even a carb-cycling program for people on a timeline
for a specific event. It’s all in
the Ultimate Portion Fix 30-day program, an approach to eating
that will last a lifetime. I show you how to meal prep,
so you are prepared. Because being prepared
isn’t half the battle, it is the battle. And with that
I even give you a way to take your food with you, so you’re not stuck
if you’re on the go. There’s 102 new recipes
in the Fixate Volume 2 cookbook and new Fixate cooking videos
to teach you how to create delicious meals
for the whole family that are actually good
for you too. And then there’s
75 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids to help you
send your kids off to school knowing that they are getting
good nutrition, and that they will love it, and that it will help them
feel better and perform better. But I know
what’s important to most people, it’s confidence that the effort
you’re putting into losing or maintaining your weight is gonna get you the results
you want. That’s why
I show you step by step how to find
the right calorie bracket for you and your goals. Seriously, this program
is designed to work for anybody, even if you’re an expected mom
or a breastfeeding mom, I help you understand how much
food to eat to fuel your body for your growing baby. I’ll walk you
through the grocery store. So you understand
how you’re getting misled into buying foods
that look healthy, but in actuality are sneaking
more sugar in than a candy bar. The Ultimate Portion Fix
is about getting you results by giving you control. It’s not complicated. There’s no mystery. All you need to succeed
is the right information and this simple system. I’ll be honest with you. I’ve been training clients
for 20 years. And without fail,
it is nutrition and how they eat
that will determine how fast they lose weight and whether or not
they keep it off. I’m so tired of watching people
struggle through desperate tactics that cut out entire food groups
or ruin the experience of eating just to eventually
get frustrated and go back to their old ways. But look, it’s not your fault, everyone around us
has some new twist, some new gimmick that helped a friend of a friend
lose 15 pounds. Of course, they never tell you that once they stopped
eating that way they put the weight back on
and probably then some and felt exhausted
and cranky the whole time. But that’s not
what’s gonna happen with the Ultimate Portion Fix. This is the one that’s going
to work because I’ll admit it, I’m a little bit
of a control freak, so I’ve taken the time to really help you
connect to your why with the tools and information
to help you get control. Isn’t that all you really want
to be in control of your food instead of food controlling you? But that’s not something
I could deliver in some pamphlet or quick 20-minute video. We are going deep, so that you and your family
can be fully committed and really embrace
the entire program. So it really works
not just for 30 days, but for the long-term. Once and for all, you are
making your health a priority and I cannot wait
to help you succeed. And I bet
you love this part too. To make sure you
get the best results, I’ve even made the decision to reshoot
my popular 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts and include them
with Ultimate Portion Fix. So day by day, right along
with me and my cast, you’ll get a new 30-minute
workout in real-time. It feels like you are
literally a part of my group as everyone in the cast is sharing their
Ultimate Portion Fix journey, while also doing my workouts to get in
the best shape possible. We are your new fit fam. I have left nothing to chance. This is the ultimate solution,
the Ultimate Portion Fix. Wait, hold on a second. Okay, guys,
I’ve talked to so many people who got amazing results since we launched
the Ultimate Portion Fix. They felt like they finally
had control over food instead of
food controlling them. And then
they let it all slip away because
they didn’t have the support to keep their nutrition
on track. And they weren’t looking
at this, like the lifestyle that it is. So now I want to add something
to this offer. Welcome to The Monthly Fix.
Here’s what it is. It’s an ongoing support system, an exclusive community
to keep you on track and turn your investment
in Ultimate Portion Fix into a lifestyle
you’re gonna love. And if you have or buy
the Ultimate Portion Fix now, you can try
The Monthly Fix for free. That’s right. It’s a full month
to try The Monthly Fix for free. We’re gonna have
weekly check-ins, live Q&A sessions,
bi-monthly meal plans, and one-on-one conversations. And we’ll even make
audio files available, so you can listen
while you’re on the go. The point is this,
I want you to get results. And even more importantly
than that, I want you
to maintain those results. No more of those
big up and down cycles. Every month that you’re
a member of The Monthly Fix, I’m giving you
incredible new strategies to help conquer
those progress killers. We’re gonna take deep dives
into managing your containers, identifying your triggers. We’re also gonna get
the whole family eating healthier
without complaining about it. I know that’s something
every parent struggles with. I’ve been there,
I dealt with that. So I’m gonna show you firsthand
how I make it work with my son. And you’re also gonna get
exclusive new Fixate recipes months before those are released into the Beachbody On Demand
library. And then we’re gonna share all of our creations
in our group. You’re gonna love
cooking for once. But here’s the thing, I can’t help you
staying on track unless you’ve got
the Ultimate Portion Fix program and you’re a part
of this community. So the next step is yours,
join me, and let’s help you
finally get control over food. Let’s get to work together.