I was inspired by the panel tonight because we had an adventurer, eco-engineer and a person who is trying to propagate Earth Day around the world. That combination really speaks to the kind of things we need to bring together to start solving many of the environmental problems of the world. Because they are a leading company through a culture that is looking at solving problems ecologically for infrastructure and this is something the world needs to hear. The perception of many people is that the private sector is not doing such things and so for companies that do those kind of things to bring themselves forward I think is a very positive moment. I think that most of them are thinking that they need to find a role for themselves in finding solutions for the kind of things that we discussed: the plastics, the water issues, the climate issues, and sustainability of the earth itself. I think first and for foremost I learned about Maccaferri’s plans which I was not aware of, and in that context it was interesting to see Ian Campbell talk about moss, talk about gabions, talk about various ways by which solutions that are typically hard engineering solutions are being modified in a way that is ecologically sensitive. I also learned about the adventurer Alex that was really interesting. I don’t quite know what he thinks he will do once he is inside all the garbage in the Pacific Ocean, I hope if he is able to generate a lot of enthusiasm for thinking about that because it’s such an iconic thing that he will be able to put together before people [Music]