we’re Eamon and Bec and we live in our
van to travel the world but full time travel isn’t always a pumpkin spice
latte in fact we often make mistakes sometimes
big mistakes and find ourselves in uncomfortable situations this week was
no different I’m backing out I think I don’t know good morning everybody this is a rare
occasion where Eamon and I are up for sunrise and it is beautiful magnificent
up with the horsies this morning a la hora see they stop I’m ready Hola Virginia! why all the
helmets? are we going somewhere crazy today. somewhere so crazy I’m
okay no pasa nada it’s been about an hour drive on
our way to Centelles from Blanes and we’re super lucky because Ricard’s amigo Marc is a guide in this area so he’s
going to take us on this beautiful hike and a very scary bridge walk today and
we’re also meeting up with one of our friends Leo Venus who we’re super
excited to see again a doctor very small we need a one harness more there was a
little communication difference between Ricard and mark this is Mark everybody
he’s going to be in charge of all of our safety making that ourselves with me but
it is not you I looked you looked like I trust okay okay we need to go by one
more harness nobody wants to go over the bridges no harvest listo Mandarin orange? yes thank you you don’t know what we’re doing I was
just surprised but all the helmets the Caribbeans and everything yeah it just
seems like a different level than I was expecting
it’s making a nice little weekend block we have nuts we have peanut butter
sandwiches we have mandarin oranges and agua is
enough number one concern least Oh where’s your trike strike yeah you’re
trying to clean thing I don’t know what I mean it’s a small bike for a child mark has given us a very brief and I
mean brief Spanglish explanation of what we’re doing here are you how are you
feeling it wasn’t that brief it was very thorough you just only listened I’m
trying to hype it up for the video no I’m actually quite nervous but really
excited it looks like you can see behind us some climbers that we’ve let go ahead
there so he doesn’t say much he just said we’re going here and then he sent
me a Google link I forgot to mention that dr. leo here also has a YouTube
channel which we’ll definitely link below you guys should check it out if
you need a little bit of inspo in the gym or in the kitchen or you just want
to look at a sexy gorgeous looking for human oh he looks better without the
helmet right much more than I bargained for this
morning regarde is it okay I’m backing out I think I don’t know marks got your
back yeah and I’ve got marks back just to be totally honest I really don’t
want to do that but I feel like it’s so important to face your fears and seek
discomfort and this is definitely me doing that and I hope it can encourage
you to do that in a small way you don’t have to cross a crazy bridge but in a
small way today tomorrow I’m proud of you baby
I’m proud of you for even being here adios see you on the other side we made it but this actual area is almost good
color Lois cool colors Thomas Cooper is a
ferret Alabama school colors and it’s totally free to do yeah but you can find
mark to get the equipment and how are we gonna link mark or mark doesn’t wanna
late for snack / lunch / breakfast because we haven’t had any of those
proper meals we’re having mandarin oranges some walnut cocktail mix my
famous peanut butter sandwiches extra thick extra peanut butter and yeah I
guess that’s what I’m updating hopefully we’re drinking some agua this Oh
pistachios lots of proteins lots of fats how’s that doc and that’s gonna wrap up the amazing
hike big thanks to my new friends Marv welcomed an absolute beauty babe how do
you think it went it was amazing I’m so I kept saying Amon
since the bridge I’m so glad I conquered my fear of the bridge super poly the
amigos are learning how to fly the drone Leo you’re glad you came I’m so happy I
think this has been a total adventure and thank you so much for the harmless
hike I’m pleasantly surprised we’re walking off the clouds right now after
an amazing week adjusting back to van life parked outside our friends place it
was time to journey south along the east coast – Theresa been driving for a
couple of hours and we’ve been pulled over by the police I think it’s just
like inevitable with our license plate and everything so we’re currently I
think in trouble because we don’t have an international driver’s license
lesson learned hopefully these cops were not in the mood to negotiate and
escorted us to an abandoned gas station where we had to pay on the spot 250
euros it’s a 50% reduction it was 500 euros so absolutely insanity like I
think Peck may be ahead mentioned we’ve been pulled over multiple times now it’s
not an issue if you get a cop that wants to make it an issue he’s gonna make it
an issue so it is our fault but I’m not even sure we can get one out of country
so we’ll just continue traveling well they’re just checking everything because
of our license plate again for some reason I feel like you feel like we’re
doing something wrong but it’s a weekend so the Canadian Consulate wasn’t open
anyways so we just tell them we’re on our way to the Canadian Consulate here
are the papers for the fine we’ve already paid for not having it and we’re
gonna go get one oh my god Eamonn tell them what you just bought you just found
my international I knew I had it but I didn’t know I had it headed as I thought
I did it before South Africa but I wasn’t sure and I try we look we spent
like 10 minutes to 20 minutes looking at my emails trying to find it yeah I just
found it in this stack of papers oh my gosh so yesterday we had a 250 euro fine
for not having it hey Tony 50 euros I think it’s expired
yeah it expires after a year oh they do appreciate the missing turneth you know
see other expired cover and CC per dollar one year
see if I give you a traffic ticket you’ll have to pay now my friend my
friend connect a year a year in policia vamos our malaga malaga to Canadian
Consulate for 4 nuevo so we are going see see man this is
brutal hey seat Jonathan Oh Pongo muda you know ok so you and I are gonna go to Malaga
tomorrow and we’re gonna go to the community consulate and see if there’s
anything cuz we now that I know we have this I think that really is helpful it’s
just an extension as opposed to a thing alright just leaving the embassy and
they kind of confirmed what I probably should have kind of already knew you
need to be in Canada to get this so maybe I can call CA and get them to
issue my dad or a friend one of these and then he could send it to us well Lisa tried oh no no and I met
another couple that was just robbed yeah it’s a problem so that leaves us in a
little bit of a situation the bright side is we’re already at the bottom of
Spain and I did look last night in Morocco you don’t need to have an IDP
you can use a normal driver’s license from your country as long as it has
English which we speak English I think it’s super important to just like be
really honest with you guys and like the transition back to van life has been
wonderful yes but we’ve been on edge because we’ve been broken into and then
you hear of people getting broken into a lot and just like relearning how to find
camping spots that are saying every day and moving all the time and
like it does add up with all options exhausted we made the decision to
continue on and cross our fingers for some better luck happy to report we made
it safely to Teresa good morning everybody and welcome to
tarifa a place we have dreamed of coming for a long long time because of the
amazing winds and aiming it’s decay part but instead of amazing winds we have
amazing rain like a cast we now we saw as you can see we’ve been camping out
with about a hundred other campers so many great people and so many great dogs
that we will love to introduce you guys all to in a little bit but because of
the inclement weather today Emma and I have decided to make it like a chore
catch up day when we’re on the road doing adventures and then spending three
or four days driving the laundry piles up the groceries deplete so we’re going
to head into the town of tarifa today and get a whole whack of stuff done a
laundry machine little block with a grocery store and all these amenities
you can super-tall that tarifa caters to tourists that are in campervan that’s
about hosting worse much to our dismay there’s always bits that didn’t make it
into the back whoa do you want the tongs yes we’re draining the rest of water
because we weren’t so sold on the last water full up but this is potable water
for three euros you can fold the tent it’s always important to travel with a
hose because that host was broken and now I can add my extra filter I think
for three euros you got about 100 liters while she’s blowing and for some clean clothes bonus love and area the Kenya of 14
kilos all Grande okay hey wait I don’t know a to vote of almost 14 kilos per
low-cost us 60 roaster load comes with the detergent and everything and then
dry three euros for dry so not cheap cheap but so anybody else is gonna like jump in a
pile me there’s nothing better than clean sheets and sleeping clean in your
clean sheets so I’d love to get a workout in and a shower today you see
okay let’s make it happen before we head back to get some exercise in while we’re
in town we’re gonna do a little grocery shopping a grande grocery shop that’s
true from downtown Mercadona and look at this for timing who would
have thought we’d find you guys here I see we’re on the road I thought you’d be
in Portugal yeah no we just fought you know every wanna go on an adventure we
miss the bang line you guys brought the rain yeah we did from the UK manwich
expect a change so you guys just loading up on some groceries and we’ll meet you
back at the at the freeloading spot high five All Right see you guys now we’re
just kidding we obviously knew indie project we’re here and that wasn’t
planned but we’re gonna put away the groceries and then we’re gonna head back
there hoping the rain will stop because we’ve promised each other we’re going
for a run I don’t mind cold showers huh looking
all right everybody meet Sookie Jen and kite van he’s got an awesome channel you
guys should check it out we’ll link it up below but first of all we’re going
for a run yeah sure thing let’s go boy here we go good form well
what happens next yeah the good thing that he is super dry heat so it does dry
everything out nicely yeah including our skin but we’re thinking about doing a
shower and now we’re explaining that I’m not like totally sweaty and yeah yeah
not totally sweaty just really really wet but I have to say I feel a million
times better yesterday was also raining all day and I just like didn’t move my
body and we’ve been in a good routine of it and you feel it when you don’t so get
out move your body you’re gonna feel good it’s all about feeling good I guess
okay I’m gonna undress now so are you there you guys want to come for dinner
yeah are you getting goodness let’s kick it nice to meet you finally all right here’s the spread guys we’re
doing our favor famous lentil walnut mix with some
cashew cream salsa and then a little bit of avocado and tomato let’s get after it start again
no you’re obsessed with smells I know you stink and we love it sixty square
feet but it’s just a broken record I’m sensitive nose check love you buddy
anyway I love you too I hope you guys enjoyed the EPI and put your seatbelt on
because the apps are just gonna get a little bit more interesting from this
point on see you next Sunday to Swedish Dutch girls came up with one of our I’m
gonna cry it was the cutest thing of it one rhyme is canister and one original
canister or a try and a marker they didn’t even know how to ask for a
signature and I’ve never signed anything in my life
I just wrote back