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I’m Salome and today I gonna show you a recipe how to make super creamy peanut
butter so stay tuned and to see how we go for this creamy peanut butter recipe we
need basically only one ingredients two others are optional most important is
peanuts I usually buy them roasted and unsalted but even if you find them only
salted that’s fine you either what you could do is wash the
salt off and let them dry overnight or just blend them with the salt because
what I love to do is adding a little bit of salt anyway and some sugar
here I’m using Piniella this is like an refined sugar pretty a pure product but
you can use any kind of sweetener you like for your taste and I just add maybe
a tablespoon when you add a little bit of salt and a little bit of sweet
it’s just irresistible we just add all the peanuts to the blender without salt
and sugar I only add that in the end if you like but I said you also can just
have peanut butter playing the most important is that it turns out a super
creamy and just super tasty and what I love to do some crunchy chunks in it so
if you like that keep something at the side maybe crush them up and add them to
the finished peanut butter so that gives like the nice crunchy now the peanuts they turn into kind of
like almost like a peanut butter flour pretty quick and the secret here like to
have it really creamy is just keep blending maybe sometimes you have to
help with little spoon depending also your blender probably just keep blending
until it’s super smooth and you see it’s as shiny when all the oils come out and
turn into liquid it’s magical so you will see after blending in for around 10 minutes
you see this absolutely creamy texture that’s exactly what we want so just keep
the patience and blend until you have that texture you love so much a lot of
other recipes recommend to add oil it’s so unnecessary for any nut or seed
butters because all the nuts and seeds they contain by itself like 50 percent
oil depending the nut or recede more or less and you just have to like through
the blending process they will turn into liquid so it works with actually every
every nut or every seed in the same way so just keep it be patient wait until
that magic happens so now I’m gonna add a little bit of my sugar and a little
bit of salt not too much and then I’m gonna blend it again and you see how it turned out these
super creamy and see how it runs then from the spool here we have our peanut butter so as I
mentioned if you like it just enjoy the peanut butter like this I crushed up
some peanuts and I’m adding some of those to my peanut butter mix here we
have it our creamy peanut butter look at this
good mass of creaminess so thank you for watching and see you in the next video
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