Hello friends and not-yet-friends, welcome back to Mary’s Test Kitchen where
we’re back on the bread. Thank you for your requests on the community
page and upvoting the ones you wanted the most. As you could tell by the title, we’re starting
with vegan raisin bread with icing…or you could think of it as cinnamon roll bread. Soft, luscious, sweet and delicious. It’s an amazing treat that is well worth the
work that will go into making your homemade yeast bread. Full of gluten. Sorry, my gluten-free friends. I’ll make you one as well but this is not
the one. This is also a really easy recipe that anyone
can make. I swear. The basic process to make this vegan raisin
bread dough is mix, knead, cover and let rise, then roll out the dough, add sugar and cinnamon,
roll it back up, then cover and rise, then bake. It’s pretty easy so don’t let the number
of steps intimidate you. You got this! Starting with measuring out all your ingredients. 300 grams or 2 and a third cup all-purpose
flour, 1 envelope AKA 2 and a quarter teaspoons of instant or traditional yeast, a quarter
teaspoon of salt, a few tablespoons softened vegan butter or refined coconut oil, three
tablespoons of sugar (any kind), raisins – of course, and a cup of warm soy milk or your
choice of plant-based milk. When I filmed this, I did things kind of backwards
adding the milk and yeast first and mixing it. Then I remembered I’m using instant yeast. It doesn’t need to be dissolved first like
traditional yeast. So I started dumping in all the dry ingredients
one at a time. Friends, you don’t need to do this all orderly
like. When you’re using instant yeast you can dump
all the dry ingredients, including the raisins, into a mixing bowl first and mix it, then
add your liquid; the plant-based milk and softened vegan butter or coconut oil. You can stir everything together manually
until the dough comes together. Then if you’re using a machine, let it knead
the dough for a couple minutes. At this point I added the raisins but they
didn’t incorporate that well. So while, this is fine, I made another batch
with the raisins in at the start and they were way less prone to falling out of the
dough. Do with that what you will. If you’re working manually, knead the dough
for 5 to 10 minutes. Right in the bowl is okay. You’ll just continually fold the dough over
on itself then punch down and repeat. Raisin bread doesn’t require too much. Then, you can cover the dough and let it rise
until doubled in size in a warm, draft-free location. For about 45 minutes to an hour and fifteen
if your home is a little cooler. Uncover and voila! Dust your work surface with a bit of flour
and you can flatten this dough out. Either way, flatten your dough out into a
large rectangle. Just use your hands or you can have a rolling
pin help. Or if you have child labour handy, you can utilize that. (I joke!) The short side should be the same length as
your loaf pan or as long as you want your finished loaf to be. The long side…well, that length depends
on how layer-y you want your raisin bread to be I suppose. I just went as long as my work surface. I like a thick roll if you know what I mean. You can make yours thinner if you want. I guess there are no rules. You can spray or brush on a thin layer of
water to help the fillings stick. Then cover the entire surface with a tablespoon
of cinnamon. If you wanted to get wild, try apple pie spice
or pumpkin spice – which are basically the same thing except marketing. Also sprinkle on some brown sugar. If I’m not going to add icing at the end,
I’ll use up to three tablespoons here. If I will be adding icing at the end, I may
add one tablespoon of brown sugar or none at all. The sweetness level is really up to you. Then roll up the dough tightly starting from
one of the short ends. Roll the dough right on to the other end,
seam at the bottom. Generously grease your loaf pan or baking
sheet with vegan butter or refined coconut oil. Don’t use unrefined coconut oil unless you
want your raisin bread to smell like coconut. Transfer the rolled dough into the pan or
arrange it in the middle of your baking sheet and cover again with a clean damp kitchen
towel. Let it rise like before for about an hour
or until the loaf has doubled in size. Afterwards, reveal your beautifully risen
dough and bake it for 35 minutes or until the top
is golden brown. Transfer it to a rack to cool for at least
20 minutes before icing the loaf or slicing into it. On this filming day, I just couldn’t help
it. I had to slice in. This bread is lovely just like this, you don’t
need icing. It would be great simply toasted with some
peanut butter or plain. But you requested icing, so let’s do icing
for this second batch. Mix a cup of icing sugar with a teaspoon of
vanilla and a couple teaspoons of water or plant-based milk. It’ll look like not enough liquid at first
– in fact, I was faked out and added a bit too much liquid. You’ll see. This glaze was a bit too thin for me so I
added a little more icing sugar. Isn’t that much nicer? Don’t worry, I put the right measurements
into the printable recipe so definitely go by that when you make this recipe. That’s a good rule of thumb when you’re making
my recipes. I’ll always mention when there’s a difference
with what you see and what’s in the printable recipe but if there are any changes after
the video is published, I can’t change the video. I can only let you know in the description,
the pinned comment, and in the blog post. The icing takes about 30 minutes to set. It’s the same as the glaze on my vegan confetti
doughnuts. Remember those? So fun. But anyways, back to the raisin bread that’s
really a cinnamon roll in loaf form. Cut these slices thick. Because they deserve to be thick. So luscious. So tender. So delicious. Cinnamon-y, hint of vanilla, little hits of
sweet plump raisins… you’ve got to make this. If you do, don’t forget to let me know how
it goes in the comments below. And take a pic and tag me on instagram! Post it in your feed or on your stories. I love to see them and shout you out. Speaking of… So flipping fluffy!! Who else has made my recipe from a couple
weeks ago? I’m still dreaming of these puffy clouds masquerading
as breakfast. Thank you so much for watching my friends. Let me know if you have any questions in the
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