Got diagnosed with cool guy syndrome
yesterday haha So now I take.. Adderall haha 😮 This is.. so dumb The higher I am, the better I can see. You can- you can fly. HUSHNOW GREGORY, I AM SERACHING OOF (☞ຈل͜ຈ)☞ Hi my name is Paul I am new to the single scene I am looking for a discreet relationship that– WHATRE YOU DOING?1?!??? Hey I’m lesbian I thought you were Amewican ???? Juliet! Where fore art thou when I need you? Hurricane Katrina! More like hurricane tortiLLa wtFOCK RIchARd HELLO Hey.. I don’t think you’re old enough to be smoking those kid KEEPWALKING OLD MAN the fuck ur days are numbered I wanna be a cowboy baaaaaybe want to see my impression of a British
driver all right I thought you were BAE turns out you just fam who’s the hottest
uber driver you’ve ever had I never went to oval Java your word is condom could you use it you
know when people are like vegan foods gross really
and I’m sorry miss don’t be species exist if they have an anime profile
picture that do not trust them unless if it is no brutal because Naruto is not an
anime it is art you know it’s huge you want to start playing your best baseball
towards the end what’s your name and what do you about to do well son it
appears that your cancer oh I have cancer oh I interrupt people yes you
either buckle down and do your work or you’ll end up at McDonald’s we go in and
McDonald’s if I don’t do my work no my mom just no off-topic questions because
I don’t want to know there’s no permission denied that’s an autop of
questions next you have been stopped oh my gosh is that
corbin blue from jump in that’s it okay would you like that
toasted for here no toasted no I’m not Cinderella why do you want to go to the
ball coz stepmother ball is life ain’t that the girl from Twitter yes girl go
say something to her scuse me he was talking all that trash on Twitter but
I’m hearing now so what’s up oh my god I was just johnny has 19 bottles of dish
soap and he gets G me why does Johnny have so many soaps
mind your business baby what you’re doing there watching porn this one is
guaranteed to make you go crazy let’s go what did you do ah shit ma why did you
do that I don’t know I don’t care dad I’m not living life or you thought Liam
Neeson Liam Neeson’s nice son Liam Neeson’s nice on his Nissan Nissan any
son I spelled lipstick in your Valentino bag this thing has a daughter
someone let him put his orange crusty weenie in no this is a crown hurry up we’re gonna be late for school
bruh chill I don’t know why you in a big time rush he’s being convicted of
capital murder DUI finally finished my book about nutmeg well it’s about time
no Kevin it’s about nutmeg get me a bloody mac and make it snappy
sir this is subway just make it happen girl why you why you always up guys I’m
just chillin roam my name is Errol still the white mother is that a dog in a car
hey hey are ya where’d you learn to drive why
from st. Vincent st. Mary’s High School number 23 wanna go smoke a joint like to
get on your math test this is the dimension of imagination it is an area
which we call iridescent lightest Ralph did you eat my tater tots roadwork ahead
yeah I sure hope it does it’s a beautiful day oh we gonna find out what
makes me happy and I’m gonna change the fucking world at least mum not be done look feliz
navidad underway low-key dudes Loki Loki hate myself hi my name is failure and you’re
watching my life crumble into pieces dudes do it to do it do it Joey what’s
up fuckers up Kyle no what you say what’s up everybody today my brother
pushed me so I’m starting a Kickstarter to put him down
the benefits of killing him would be I would get pushed away if there are any spirits here tonight
tell me does this sound like Shakira what’s your name I mean for female Ghostbusters the
feminists are taking over coming a dog version I want this picture of
spider-man on my desk tomorrow did you think I got him today these look like
fucking selfies that’s crazy to you money hello mr. Barnes
we’re going to take your arm off I think I just need help give you a cool robot
too huh hello everyone
Bill Nye is out on vacation I am bill nine days bathroom a day helium balloons
two days replied away Zack stop Zack stop you’re gonna get in trouble yeah
sorry my friend Fanny’s on TV so what’s up dude never say that I’m your friend
cuz I’m not you’re just viewing my image hey you want another chocolate bar
you’re gonna wish you never said that did you wash the dishes I thought you
wanted to do that zzzzz you were wrong small like good famine here what’s good
fam chillin fam was good with you rogue boys rob boys boys how did you take down
Captain America we shot him in the legs because his shield is the size of a
dinner plate and he’s an idiot had enough yet do I look