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video here are 5 foods that completely destroy your brain without your knowledge the brain is
a powerful machine that helps us To walk and to think
we can build cities, heal our diseases …
However, the brain is fragile and sometimes we damage it excessively
, without even noticing it because of our eating habits and many others
things that cause serious damage in the brain
As we will discover you will see that they hide in the food you will not have
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I also invite you to absolutely watch this recipe to the end because the content
is very interesting : As I said these hidden components are
precisely those who destroy our brain without us knowing
Here are 5 unsuspected foods who are destroying your brain without your knowledge
In number 5, salt I put it in number 5 just because
somewhere he is also good for the body, it depends on the use,
He can be harmful to the whole organism in general
that’s why my advice is very much moderate
salt consumption and not pay attention to those myths that say
than sea ​​water is healthy, it’s very wrong mainly for two reasons
first because it contains a lot of the bacteria and the second because when
we drink seawater Bah
There is water but also salt, which is bad for cells and kidneys
but hey here we will focus on the damage caused by salt
excessive in our brain before going further I will also like to know
the country from which you follow me, you know how much it makes me happy to know
where you m accompany me, support me do not hesitate to let me know in
the comments for that I put you a heart It has been proven by various
studies that even affects our intelligence
it’s mainly because there is a relationship between salt and nitric oxide Nitric oxide is a natural substance
which protects the blood vessels, salt and sodium lower levels of
these compounds, so that’s why eating salt in
excess increases the risk of significant damage cerebrovascular, cardiac, renal
, regarding the brain the
causes it to damage precisely the vessels blood
of the brain leading to a acceleration of cognitive deterioration
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mistakes that can be very expensive daily many experts consider indeed
salt as a silent killer so I think that
you must Consume this food in a moderate way
Also think about foods filled with salt for example is the famous
miso the soy sauce, serrano ham or for example canned anchovies Now I have a question for the most
smart of you,: What is there to balance excess salt in the body?
Mostly drink a lot of water Consume a lot of potassium or foods
containing potassium like bananas … In number 2 as you could imagine
sugar, I often warned you in my different
videos of the damaging effects of sugar on your metabolism Especially since our day sugar is hiding
everywhere in products with added sugars, their effect is bad
for our health and it’s also bad for
our brain
First of all, we must identify all these foods, Pasta, pizza, baked foods
, ready made, transformed, like cookies and others
it also implies the glucose released quickly in our
organization this produces hard knocks, highs and
stockings energy in the brain
and the body to counter that will generate large amounts of
insulin that makes that amount of energy of the body will go down to
in the long run and that’s what It has been discovered in a multitude of studies
therefore, you absolutely must avoid abusing each day of excess
very sweet foods or foods such as pasta In number 3 we have processed fats
, there are many studies
about this type of fat, these studies all agree that they harm
greatly to brain
They can be found in foods like those transformed
for example snacks, industrial pastries
, the microwave popcorn I have so much
talk in the videos, I do not stop sound the alarm on this, they
are carcinogens
and if you ask me but where can to come these processed fats, I explain to you
, trans fat is a type of
the fats that form when the oil liquid beating in effervescence
turns into a solid fat they get it by adding hydrogen atoms
, This process is commonly called
hydrogenation and allows food of
Stay much longer in good condition that’s why it’s so used in
industry supply many studies also pushed them
as others, of these US companies have
actually demonstrated that this guy fat decreases the capabilities of functions
cerebral, and also decrease its size that is to say
they make it smaller even if it seems incredible can also cause the loss of
memory The University of Oregon which
brain aging study has actually confirmed the claims
of American Heart Society in there
Demonstrating that it could slow down reflexes and our
brain’s response capacity In 4th position we will talk about tofu tofu is very famous
among vegetarians because it is very very low in calories and is considered
as a healthy product even as a superfood
, but a recent study of
huc stream and oxford colleges have determined that it should be of advantage
control and also the amount of tofu ingested excessive consumption of tofu
can cause significant losses of memory
Also know that the bushy a product converted This is the reason why it mainly hurts
to our organism that’s why you really have to be
very careful about consumption of this food And we finally come to number 1
I’m going to talk to you here about monosodium glutamate which
very well won the place Number 1 monosodium glutamate gms or
flavor enhancer 621 we already have talk in multiple videos is an additive
frequently used in the food industry to emphasize
certain flavors, to improve the flavors
this additive is usually found in French fries
we are talking about good appetizers also in the
chicken broth, junk food it is extremely toxic
even at low doses, it damages the brain The worst is that it is difficult to prove it
and therefore to point specifically this finger molecule, of different
studies l still have corroborate, for example, according to
food administration and various drugs studies have
proved that glutamate injections monosodium in mice
altered nerve cells in the brain that were effectively associated with
various diseases such as for example huntington or alzheimer
excessive consumption of these foods Containing glutamate
monosodium can also cause symptoms like sore
head and disorientation Know also
that there is a rather curious study from the University of Michigan which has
linking suicidal thoughts to the presence of these additives in our
brain Here are my loves this list we just saw today
is dangerous and should always be consumed in moderation
I advise you and limit them as much as possible
Especially for you to know how much it is ideal to keep your brain in good shape
health , this with a
healthy diet mainly fruits , from
good vegetables, meat, and fish in short avoid at the maimimum of processed foods
the bad hydrogenated fats like those mentioned in the video, but also
low quality oils such as oil of palm tell me in the comments how is
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