Hi I am Cherylin and today we’re going
to be replacing a bake element in a Maytag range You may need to replace one of your bake elements if one of your elements is not heating to the proper temperature when set to bake this repair should only take about 20-25
minutes for this repair we’re only going to need to two tools a quarter-inch nut driver in a flat head
screwdriver if you don’t already have a new bake
element they are available for purchase on our website before repairing any appliance always
make sure it is completely disconnected from its power source we will be working in the back of the
range so what you have access to that we’re looking to remove the lower back
panel and I will start by removing the trim in
between the top back panel and the lower one we have quarter-inch nuts take a quarter-inch nut driver to remove
these Care for the sharp edges then we can remove the remaining a bolts
around the bottom and edges now we can remove the back panel just tip it back and lift it up may have to wiggle it little loose a little
bit but then set it to the side in order to
access the bottom bake element we are going to need to get some things
out on the way in order to reach it so we’ll start up here now we have access to the bottom bake
element on two wires connected to it all start by disconnecting those You need to use a flat head
screwdriver to help pry these off if you can There are 3 quarter-inch nuts we’ll need to remove thsoe now we can pull straight out on the element And it’ll come out you can insert your new element the same
way you took out your old one line it up push straight in, the wires out of the way make sure those holes line up when you can re-insert those mounting
screws reconnect the wiring Get them on all the way you now we can
reassemble the other parts on the stove We’ll start on the right position the assembly on the left metal piece here should slide into the
slot on the back with all the holes all lined up so we can
start re-screwing in those screws we’ll start on the bottom you can reposition the bottom
cardboard Replace the old screws and finally this piece and goes at the top to accommodate for the wires and now we can replace the back panel and start by lining up bottom section and lining up those holes make sure not to pinch any wires line up the top holes ok finally replace the trim That wasn’t too hard right? Here’s a quick recap: … All of our OEM parts and tools are available for purchase on our website. check them out let us know what you
think and the social media sites… up