Peanut butter cookies. 3 ingredients.
You guys, it’s Collin from I am sharing the simplest recipe
and you might have all the items on hand. Literally, three ingredients
low-carb peanut butter cookies. Alright guys, so here is how simple this recipe is.
You take a cup of peanut butter, pick one that’s no sugar added and
put that in a bowl. With that you put one egg, put that in the bowl. And then with that, you put 1/2 cup
of your favorite sugar alternative. I chose Swerve and I kind of put in a little bit more because I like them really sweet.
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Now you take all those ingredients, only three,
and mix them up. You mix them, you mix them. You get a workout on your arm.
You mix them until it forms into like a cookie dough. That looks amazing and it
tastes amazing. I’m a sample the bowl often when I make
cookie dough. Then, I’m spicing things up but you totally don’t have to. From there you can put them
on a parchment lined baking sheet. I actually put in chocolate chips. I love the Lily’s chocolate chips
that are sweetened with stevia They’re so good and I wanted to try them
with my peanut butter cookies so I did throw those in.
So then all you do is you put parchment paper on a baking sheet.
You put like 1 inch balls, mine might have been bigger because I kind of eyeball it.
And you put them on the baking sheet. Takes a little bit of time, but not too much.
Then you take a fork and you can do the little crisscross motion
so they look like a peanut butter cookie. And then, you guys, just throw them in the oven.
And then you wait 10-13 minutes. Okay, so you take them out of the oven,
those glorious peanut butter cookies, and they just smell heavenly
and you’re gonna eat them! And eat as many as you want. They’re only 3 net carbs.
3 ingredients, 3 net carbs. Three, three, three…