– Okay, so while we were streaming
at VidCon earlier, Jack made a bet–
Tori says hi. – Hi.
– Jack made a bet with the audience that if
we got a certain amount of members–
Mikaela also says hi. Jack made a bet that if
we got a certain amount of new members to
our Super Fam, he would do this. – Let’s take two seconds.
– Okay. – Let’s all just think about
where we are right now. – And we’re on our way
to buy peanut butter, ’cause we’re gonna make
a Jack-wich, I guess. What would you call it?
– Burn him. Jack’s a witch? – “The printer is so loud
because–” In Jack’s voice,
“Peanut butter, baby, is stuck in it.”
– Jack, say it. – Peanut butter, baby.
– Peanut butter, baby. – (Jack) All that PB. – LS wants to know,
“When is peanut butter Jack happening?”
Well this is actually– that’s a good point,
’cause we did– – Got some conditions to meet.
– So there were two conditions for peanut butter Jack.
One was $500 in donations. We hit that.
We hit that hard. In fact, one person
hit $500, but now I want to check
and see how many new members we got today.
– 75? – 75 was the number.
Here’s the thing. You’re gonna have to
freaking earn peanut butter Jack. I’m not just gonna put
peanut butter on if you guys get to 71
or 72 or even if you get to 74.
I am not a generous person. Hey, Madeline or Stephen,
how many new Superfam did we get today?
– (Stephen) 52. – 52?
– 52, Oh my God. – Peanut butter.
– Peanut butter. – (Madeline) Peanut butter time.
– I hate to say it, ’cause we hit the donation mark.
The donation mark was 500 and one person hit that
by themselves. Part of me really wants
to do the peanut butter thing, but we said 75.
– Okay, so it can carry on for tomorrow.
– (Madeline) Can I just say– – We got three more days.
– (Madeline) I really don’t want to see that.
I think I could go the rest of my life without seeing that
and I would be happy. – (Stephen) Strongly disagree.
– Maddie, trust in peanut butter. – Me covered in peanut butter.
– (Stephen) Strongly disagree. – Stephen covered in jelly
and we hug, creating a peanut butter and jelly challenge.
– How about double or nothing? Jack, double or nothing.
– (Jack) Double or nothing, what? – With this bet?
– You mean tomorrow if we get 75?
– (Stephen) Tomorrow, yeah. – If we get 75 new members
tomorrow, we’ll do the peanut butter
and the jelly. – Hey Stephen, what’s up, man?
So question, we’re on our way to buy peanut butter for Jack.
Did you want us to get jelly for you
or you don’t wanna do that? I don’t think you have to.
This isn’t peer pressure. Stephen just said,
“I think I’m gonna be sticky, but it’ll slide off my body.”
Ew. They’re debating about
the stickiness of jelly. Want me to get jelly?
Yeah, okay. We’ll see you guys soon.
Bye. – (Tori) We’re getting jelly.
– Whoo. – (Tori) Somewhere in
this massive store is gonna be peanut butter
that’s gonna be on Jack’s body.
– Where do we buy babies? – (Tori) Okay, now chunky
or creamy? – Ew, we’re not doing chunky.
Just chunky peanut butter all over his body.
– No, that’s fun. – (Tori) I feel like we should
take six and then if there’s a non-opened one,
then it’ll be for the office. – There we go.
– Can we return peanut butter? – If it’s unopened, yeah.
– (Tori) I wanna carry one. – There you go.
You’re participating. – Everyone gets a peanut butter.
– (Tori) Okay, now jelly. We should have gotten
a cart. – Stephen’s a little lanky.
How much do you– – (Tori) I think we should get
another– let’s get another six.
– Okay, let’s see what we can do.
– (Tori) Is this excessive. – That’s $60 worth of
sandwich toppings. – (Tori) Maybe we should
just get four of each. – Maybe.
– Probably. – (Tori) Costco haul.
So we got two pairs of large shorts
for the boys and then we have–
– Peanut butter and jelly. – (Tori) Peanut butter, jelly.
Wow. – What’s up?
– (Tori) Peanut butter, jelly. – Sorry, I’m listening to music.
– (Tori) What are you listening to? – Peanut Butter Jelly Time. ♪ It’s peanut butter jelly time ♪ – I just said hey, head’s up.
This isn’t a backflip or something dangerous,
but I will be covered in peanut butter
in the episode. I believe I was there
when we did the bet and so he’s cool with it,
but I’m not even kidding, I’m really considering–
I think I’m gonna run to Home Depot right now
and buy a hose. We’re production.
There’s messy [bleep] all the time. How do we not have a hose?
– No hose, no area code. – I’m gonna get a fire hose.
– You get a receipt for it? – Nah.
I’ll be back. So I’m at Burbank’s hardware.
Paint and Hardware, sorry. Had to get me a hose.
For some reason at our company, we don’t
have a shower, which is fine. I get it.
But, what about the next person that’s gonna cover themself
in peanut butter so that people sign up
for memberships? What about that person?
I’m speaking for the little guy. Not everybody has Madeline’s
company credit card at their disposal.
Not everybody can go and buy their own hose
while a stream is happening. I don’t know what I’m doing
with the camera. I don’t know.
I don’t vlog a lot. – (Brandon) Maddie, they’re
trying to get an Insta post made. – Yeah, I’m putting this
on my Instagram. – –are made of jelly.
– You know what else is made of jelly?
– That was even dumber than what it was.
– (Brandon) Jack, quick question. How do you get yourself
into these things? – It’s literally–
I’ve been saying all day, it’s future Jack.
I don’t consider msyelf in two weeks,
that’s the end. And so I’ll just be like,
“Yeah, I’m in.” I’ll do it.
And then that’s been– that was how the backflip,
which by now, is nothing compared to the other stuff,
but that started because Eric was like,
“Will you do it?” and I was like “Yeah.”
– (Brandon) No one told you to cover yourself in peanut
butter, sir. – Peanut butter baby
had been talked about. Dude, whoa.
– (Brandon) Hold on, dude. Hold on.
– We’re not even started! – Oh my God.
– (Brandon) You straight peanut buttered that guy, dude.
– I was like– – (Brandon) Hold on.
– Wow, that was an interesting sensation.
I was not– – (Madeline) Did you just
use your hand? – That’s honestly how
you should do it. – Wear gloves.
– There was gloves? – (Brandon) You have to
eat it now. – (Tori) Ew.
– That’s a big glob, bro. This is very weird situation.
– (Tom) You got peanut butter on your arm.
– You were so premature. We’re like five minutes out
from the start. – Yeah.
– No, try to clean up. – Scrape it off.
That’s gross. I’ll put it back.
Thank you, Tori. – I’m not a toy.
– (Madeline) I saw the aftermath of Jack going, “Oh wait,
why’d you do that?” and then I immediately looked
at the stream on my computer and saw Tom wipe it on after. – I feel like it’s too wide,
but not long enough. – (Tori) Yeah.
– (Madeline) I thought Jack would honestly
be in a diaper. – Yeah, Jack.
– I asked if he should get a diaper.
– (Stephen) He was hoping you’d forget.
– To be honest, I never said that.
That doesn’t sound– actually, that does
sound like me. – We’re with the cool kids now.
Just the members. – (Brandon) Superfam
over on React. – The people who make us
do insane things. It’s like, hold up.
– You know what I feel exactly like right now?
You know in the beginning scene of Walk Hard:
The Dewey Cox Story when he say, “Hey Dewey,
it’s time for you to go on stage.” and his drummer says,
“No, Dewey Cox needs to think about his entire
life before he plays.” [Bleep] you, Tom.
– Jesus Christ. – (Madeline) Jack, don’t.
– I did that. – We need you to understand
the environment we’re in. I don’t know if you’ve seen
the new stream space, but we have open windows
on every side and Jack’s boss is in
the office next to us with a window directly
connecting us. – Sup, Levi.
It’s all right, I gave him– he thought it was
very funny. – Peanut butter time, baby. – (Brandon) Jack, what’s going
through your head right now? – I’m thinking of the shirt,
on or off? – Yo Mikaela, yo.
– Ayo. – Got that peanut butter, ay.
Damping it up, that’s how we spread love.
– Yeah, we spread peanut butter. – Yeah, dude.
– Hey, man. I hate that.
– I want more peanut butter. – We each should have a jar.
We have four. – Yeah, you’re right.
– Where’s the other jar? – (Brandon) What, Jack?
– Do you guys like my Jesus Christ pose?
– (Brandon) Oh my God. – You know I’m so uncomfortable
with sleeves and stuff. When this shirt sticks to me,
I’m gonna get so claustrophobic. – Theoretically, could you
rip it off? – Yes.
– Whoa. I’m peanut butter, baby!
– Four, – Be careful with my eyes,
that’s it. Murder me.
– Two, – Murder me with peanut butter.
– Peanut butter, baby! – Oh my God.
– That’s disgusting. – He just dropped a whole
thing of peanut butter on the floor. – (Brandon) You have to put it
on his legs, too. – I don’t wanna put it
on his shirt right now. – (Madeline) Right now
they’re all like, “No, take his shirt off.”
– I hate that it’s white. Oh my God.
– (Brandon) Oh God, this is too much, dude.
– Let’s take two seconds. Let’s all just think about
where we are right now. – (Brandon) Hey buddy,
you like peanut butter? – Meh.
– I feel like it’s patting his chest.
– (Brandon) You have the pat his chest.
– No, it’s weird. My chest feels so weird
right now. – Do you wanna rub some
on yourself? – Hey, buddy.
– (Brandon) You gotta get those legs, too, dude.
– Ready? – (Madeline) If we were in
an art museum, what would this mean?
– (Brandon) Hi, Mary. – Hi.
– Oh hey, Mary. – This is capitalism.
– This is capitalism right there. – We gotta put him in
a walk in freezer so it’ll just turn into a shell.
– Turn around. Show them your back.
– (Tori) Did we get it? – (Brandon) Oh my God.
– Wait, okay. We have to cover Stephen
so you guys hug. – Yeah.
– You wanted to go first. – Here comes the jelly, baby.
– Actually, I don’t know if you did.
– (Brandon) Hold on, hold on. Thumbnail face, ready?
Thumbnail face. Look at me.
Okay, hold on. Stay still, stay still.
Surprise. You’re yelling.
– No. – (Brandon) Okay, now just
gross. Freeze, freeze, freeze.
Hold on, hold on. – Like you’ll be able
to see any of my emotions. – Oh, you will. – All right.
– Oh [bleep]. All over me.
– Wait, wait, wait, before we do this,
I wanna say we had a big argument earlier
about what’s worse, having peanut butter on you
or jelly on you? We’re about to find out.
– You know what’s worse, having hair when you’re doing it.
What are you doing? – I should have–
– Should we avoid your hair? – No hair.
– No, no, no. He signed up.
– You gotta do what you gotta do. – You guys ready?
– Yeah. – Count it down, Stevie.
– What? – You gotta count it down.
– You guys should probably also switch gloves.
You’re gonna give him– – You’re gonna hug anyways.
– Yeah, it’s fine. – Okay.
– Three, two, one. – Rebecca.
– (Stephen) Oh dear Lord. It’s so cold.
– Ew, ew, ew. – (Brandon) Get his arms.
What are you doing? Get his arms!
– We’re getting them. – I feel like I’m in Carrie
right now. – I got jelly on me.
– You smell delicious, guys. – It’s so strawberry.
– You smell like my childhood right now.
– Also, I’m really pumped for you guys to all
clean this up because Stephen and I
are getting the [bleep] out of here as soon as this is over.
We already have our stuff packed. – My ear.
Now everyone’s coming. No one came for Jack.
– No, I was supposed to tell people in the office.
Like “Hey by the way, this is happening.”
– As for Ethan, the sadist squad over there.
– I got more. – Hey.
Now it’s getting thick. – I feel like it’s all
in my hair. “Stephen literally looks
like a newborn baby.” – It’s your birth.
– We got peanut butter baby and newborn baby.
– Holy– – (Brandon) Hug, hug, hug!
Yeah! Now do a spin
while you hug. Do a spin while you hug.
Oh, whoa. I got him.
And we just got a new member of the Superfam.
– This is team Jack and team Stephen making peace.
– Don’t fall. – That was so scary.
My feet went out from under me.
– (Brandon) Do we have bread or should we put
a bread on either side of them or something?
– Yeah Brandon, that’s you and Mikaela.
– (Mikaela) We’re good. – (Brandon) Yeah, I’m fine.
– We’re good. – All right, I covered myself
in peanut butter. Let’s not waste it.
What other content can we get out? – (Brandon) Tori, what you
got there? – Bread. – Hey.
– You did it. Eat it, bitch.
Eat the bread, bitch. – (Brandon) Ew! – Nailed it.
– (Brandon) Wait, I want to, too. Ew.
And we put one at the top right there
and we put this down here. You’re a sandwich!
– We gotta do one piece of bread on each side
of our faces. – (Brandon) One piece of bread
on each side of their faces.
Thumbnail, Jack, look at me.
– Are we smiling or what? – (Brandon) Smiling.
Jesus. – If I fall in more peanut butter
and jelly, I’m not gonna be mad. – At this point, it’s over.
– All the bread will cushion my fall. – Everyone is–
I hate that there’s all this glass right now.
I feel eyes on me. – How are you not walking
like a space man? – You’re right.
Well because my diaper’s a lot lower hanging.
You’ve got mobility. – I got the absolute mobility.
– Hey Sidney. – Want a hug?
Oh my God, come on. What?
– Get away from me. – I say we take the elevator.
– Peanut butter, jelly. – (Eric) You wanna take
the elevator? – I say we do, no?
– Yeah, 100%. – Oh.
– No. – Come on.
– He’s the idiot. I ain’t done [bleep].
And look, he’s got the long thing.
Diaper works. You see?
This and the pumas. – Someone will clean that up. – (Tori) It’s the walk of shame.
– How do you put this on? – (Tori) Switch with me.
– Yeah. You are shockingly
clean, Tori. – Yeah. (police siren)
– Just in general, if anything crazy happens,
keep filming. ♪ (funky outro) ♪