morning guys and welcome to the BOSH! boys blog where we’re coming at you from Italy we’ve come all the way to Milan to
come and get the first ever edition of the BOSH! cookbook here it is without
further ado welcome to Milan or just outside of
Milan we’ve come to a printing press to come and see the BOSH! book come clean
off the press excited dude I’m so excited the order of business today is
we’re gonna go and check out all of these printers and just geek a little
bit how cool the machines are and then we get to see the book flick through it
and be proud of all the work we put in there hi everyone and now we’re here the
bindery where you will see the finished book coming out and we’ll be producing
2,000 books per hour so that’s plenty of time for you guys to check and see the
finished book which already look great so there we just saw the book being put
together they’ve got like booklets of pages and they’re literally stitching
them together which are going to be bound up into the actual books looking good baby orange was a good
shout, nice and bright so that is the individual book blocks
they’ve already been sewed together and these orange things are the endplate
which they’re going to go on either side of the book and this when the pages are
kind of found together they’re actually not cut into individual pages they have
the giant blade now which cuts every single page perfectly so you can
actually read the book so we now have the book blocks
ready to be assembled to the cover this is the finished book that’s it we have had a tour of the
printing press it’s been amazing it has been amazing
but these are really amazing check box so this robot is really trying to take
us down we son again oh yeah maybe yeah it’s got instructions to get rid of you
yeah he’s after the vegan so we’ve come to the end of a very exciting very
surreal day I think neither of us really thought we would ever get to the stage
will be releasing a cookbook of this magnitude I feel so proud there’s a
really nice feeling inside me that we put all this effort over a year of our
lives into this book people will use this and that makes me feel very very
proud so they have it the BOSH! cookbook available to pre-order now that’s it
we’re done in Italy one day there and back next stop London