– Hi, my name is Zena. I am a complete sugar addict. But for the next 30 days, I will be eliminating it from my diet. (pop music) So the rules for our challenge
admittedly are pretty tough. I’m making it real challenge, guys. – Does coconut sugar count? Does monk fruit cut? Xylitol?
– No. (laughs) – We are doing no sugar. We are doing no added sweeteners. That means maple syrup,
honey, coconut sugar, any of those other natural sugars: gone. We are doing no sugar substitutes. So that means no xylitol, no stevia, no monk fruit. We are doing no dried fruit. Maybe you saw on our Whole30 video that I notoriously binged on
an entire bag of dried mango that had the equivalent
of 76 grams of sugar. That’s why we’re doing that. And finally, we are doing no wine. – You threw the wine in last minute. Since you just added on wine, I should probably lose 10
pounds in the next 30 days. Just kidding, seven. 10’s a bit aggressive, guys. I’m still gonna drink tequila. You said that’s okay. – So really no added sugars or fake sugars of any kind for 30 days. The reason that we are doing such a strict sugar elimination is, again, I think really just to create
a clean pallet for 30 days and to avoid substituting
sugar with sugar substitutes and just still being in this
cycle of wanting sweet things. So I think truly eliminating
all of those options really puts your mouth
and pallet and health in a clean, nice place. – So I decided to let Zena
convince me to do this challenge because I do love to have a piece of sweet after every lunch meal. And I do like to eat vegan ice cream a couple times a month. I don’t think I have a sweet tooth, but I thought it’d be
nice to eliminate sugar, completely eliminate sugar for 30 days. – So this actually isn’t my
first doing a sugar elimination. And you might have seen our Whole30 video in which I eliminated sugar. You might have also seen
our keto experiment video in which I eliminated sugar. But I’ve never done just
a sugar elimination. Both of those are very specialty diets that included eliminating a
whole bunch of other things. Keto, you can’t eat carbs, Whole30, you can’t eat bread or legumes or all sorts of things. So I’m very interested to
see what results I’ll get just by eliminating sugar by itself. I don’t have to think about this. I eat sugar every day. I eat sugar every single day. I like chocolates, I like ice cream. I just like having something
sweet at least once a day, if not multiple times throughout my day. – I eat some form of sugar every day. Whether that be in something that one of my $12 keto smoothies
that come from Kreation, or in some type of
powder that I might have, or in a yogurt. Yeah, for sure. – In cutting out sugar, I’m hoping to see better skin. I do feel like I get some congested skin. I also get some eczema
flare-ups on my fingers when I indulge in too much sugar. You can see I have a
little bit right there. So I’d like to see my
skin in a good place. And then also just mood and energy. I think I get these vile, cranky moods that I’m sure are related
to my insane sugar intake. So I’m gonna be keeping an eye on that. And then just overall
feeling good in my body. I mean, I’d like to slim out a little. I think eliminating sugar hopefully would do that for me in 30 days. – I think the most challenging part, I think I say this at
every 30 day challenge, is gonna be wine. And it’s not like I drink a lot, it’s just that wine is always there. There’s a big difference in that. I hope everyone understands. I don’t drink a lot, it’s just that wine is always there. You understand? Okay. – I think the hardest
part of this challenge will truly be rewiring my habits. ‘Cause I think I have it
really ingrained in me to just reach for sugar when I’m bored or when I’m sad about something and don’t want to think about it. And I think this
challenge eliminating that is really gonna force me to get real with how I’m doing in a given moment and thinking about what I
really need to feel good, instead of just short-cutting
everything with a cookie. So 30 days, no sugar, no
sugar substitutes, no wine. Will she make it? Let’s find out. We are one week in. I’ve been sticking to the
challenge pretty closely, as best as I can at least. I traveled this weekend, I
was in Joshua for the weekend. And I did find because I
was eating at restaurants, that that was really challenging. Just because I think they put sugar in so many things that you
don’t think about, like bread. And giving up sugar is one thing. Giving up bread is another. But because they put
sugar in bread so often, it becomes really difficult to navigate. So I’m trying to stick
to it as much as I can and to ask questions, but you know what? I did have a sandwich on Sunday and I’m not gonna kill myself about it. ‘Cause the really important victory is that I haven’t had
a cookie or a brownie or a piece of cake or
a birthday cake truffle or an ice cream or any of the delicious,
sweet, yummy desserts that I normally have. I haven’t had one for a whole week. Just an accomplishment for me. So stayed tuned! Three weeks to go. I can do this. Vanessa, what do you have there? – I found a little cheat book
in my library of randomness. “21 Day Sugar Detox”. I’m gonna use this to help me get through this 30 day challenge. – [Zena] ‘Cause you don’t know what to eat for breakfast anymore? – Because I don’t know what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and
dinner apparently, Zena. You took everything off my list. – It is day eight of
the no-sugar experiment. And I honestly have to admit, the last few days have been really rough. I’ve been feeling super depressed, I’ve been feeling really anxious. I’ve just been doubting myself. It’s been hard to concentrate at work, to the point where I was
like “What is going on? “What horrible thing is
happening in my life right now “that I’m not addressing? “Is there some change I need to make?” And today I finally looked it up. And sure enough, symptoms of sugar withdrawal include depression, anxiety,
and not being able to focus. So I’m just kind of blown away right now ’cause I really have been just
feeling so awful emotionally the last few days, and I didn’t even think
that it could be related to the lack of sugar intake. But I’m really blown away. I’m freaking out a little bit right now. – Well, we’ve got different cupcakes. (laughter) Brownies, cookies. – [Guy] Do you know what,
let’s be adventurous. (laughter) – They catered a lunch at work today, and usually I would pick through this box of leftovers cookies all day, but walking away. Gonna eat this very satisfying
piece of fruit instead. – [Vanessa] Oh, look at all of
that sugar that I can’t have. David, are you going to enjoy it? – Absolutely.
– Vanessa, are you going to? – Yes.
– I’m very jealous of this. – It is week two of
the no-sugar challenge. And I just went on Postmates and Milk Bar had free delivery. Which is something I
always order when I see, but I’m not doing it. I’m not doing it. (pop music) The 30 sugar-free challenge
is officially over. How did it go? I think I did pretty well, honestly. We said that we were going
to avoid wine, sugar, sugar substitutes, artificial
sweeteners, dried fruit. That was a lot of things to avoid. I would give myself a compliancy
percentage of like 90%. Maybe 85 unknowingly because eating out at
restaurants is really hard when you’re trying to avoid sugar just ’cause you don’t know. For example, it’s very hard
to eat bread out anywhere because there’s usually at least a little bit of sugar in bread. – On a scale of one to 10, 10 being I never cheated, I would say I’m at a six. I think that’s pretty good. – I slipped up a few times. I did have wine maybe twice this month. I also had some bacon
wrapped dates one night. But it was at a Queer Eye
book release party for Antoni. Which I couldn’t really not
eat the food there, guys. But I didn’t have any desserts this month. That is, I just want to repeat. I did not have any desserts this month, which is amazing because I am the person who usually buys a
brownie on my way to work to have as my two o’clock snack. Or has several helpings of the
birthday cake in the office. Or will eat several bags of
gummy bears, or chocolates. I usually keep chocolate in my desk. I usually buy a sweet breakfast treat. I cannot tell you how much I was sugar
was eating before this. So the fact that I purposefully was avoiding any added
with sweeteners is amazing. – Times I ate sugar. Kombucha, five grams, I don’t
know if we’re counting that. Goat milk had five grams. Bread had one gram. Ketchup with french fries,
ketchup has so much sugar. Wine. Cookie. And wine. Then there was dates in my keto smoothie. Couldn’t get those out of there. Had one mini cupcake
leaving a 40th birthday. And I had it in the Uber ride. It was almost like I could’ve made it the
whole party without it, and I grabbed it and I
got in the Uber with it. So that was bad. I omitted (mumbles) from my smoothie. So that was me being aware of, no I don’t want that extra sugar. And then I went to Palm Springs. Then it’s all downhill from there.. And then I came back. So the point of this, I was aware of the times that
I needed to take sugar out. And I did. And instead of drinking wine, minus those three times that I noted, I drank tequila ’cause
she said it was okay. And gin. And mezcal. – The most difficult
part of the last 30 days was around week two. I hit a low point where I was just feeling super anxious and sad, and I think it was my brain actually having sugar withdrawals. So that’s also a really scary and informing realization as to what sugar is doing in my brain normally. All the sugar that I’m used to consuming. When I took it away, I felt really crappy, and I was like “Oh, wow,
that’s a little scary “that I’m just so
reliant on this substance “that’s not good for you, “that I’m having actual
withdrawal symptoms.” So that was very enlightening. – One of the most challenging parts about the 30 sugar-free challenge was actually looking at all
my foods that I currently buy and how much sugar was in what
I though was my healthy food, like my full-fat Greek
yogurt, my nut milks, my granola, my cereals. And so that was really hard ’cause, A, it was open in my
Kitchen so I was gonna eat it, and B, I already buy those
things so I like them. The easiest part was just not
ordering dessert at dinner and not having wine at dinner. So packaged foods, very challenging to take
out of your routine. So did I notice any physical
changes in the last 30 days? Not really. As far as physical changes go, I lost maybe two pounds over
the course of the last month. So not terribly exciting. But also small wins
should not be discounted. Yeah. – I would only recommend this to someone if they’re willing to
only eat grains, beans, and I don’t know know what the other, and not drink for 30 days. So no. – Would I recommend this to other people? Yes. Especially to fellow sugar addicts. Fellow sugar addicts, I see you, I am you. – I am actually really glad
that I did the 30 day challenge ’cause it was really nice to know how much sugar I eat when I
really think I eat healthy, and that there’s so much
added sugar in stuff. Even when you’re thinking
you’re buying clean, not super processed food. It’s still in there. – Overall, it was really great month. I came out of this knowing
I don’t need sugar, that it’s okay to say no
to sugar at social events. And feeling like this is actually a change I can implement long-term. Out of all the diet challenges I’ve tried, I feel like this is
something that I’m like “Oh, I could actually see
myself sticking with this.” I think there is definitely a
social psychological challenge with sugar just because it’s
so ingrained in our culture as a point of celebration or also consolation. If you’re really sad and you
want to eat a pint of ice cream or it’s your birthday and
celebrating with a birthday cake. It’s just ingrained in our culture that sugar is kind of
this tool we can have to celebrate our highs and lows. I think the benefit of
removing sugar from your diet for a set period of time like this is that in those moments, you really have the
opportunity to focus instead just on the gratification
of the moment at hand. Or even just feeling, if you’re feeling sad that it’s okay to feel sad without eating something really
sugary to comfort yourself. You can kind of just sit in
the sadness for a minute, acknowledge it, and then move on. You don’t need that ice cream, it’s fine. Or at least I don’t and will
try and tell myself that long after this video is finished. So that’s it, guys, the end of our 30 day
sugar-free challenge. If you liked this video,
give it a thumbs up. Comment below, tell us how much sugar
you’re eating every day, if this is something you would try. And don’t forget to
subscribe to our channel to see more challenges coming at ya. Bye. (pop music) – Okay, fine. So, what was the question? (pop music)