Howdy folks welcome to my virgin kitchen it
is Barry here on todays video I am being taught how to make a delicious roast pumpkin and
welsh rarebit frittata it looks amazing, give it a go, good times.
So the other day I was offered the chance to visit the Bodnant Welsh food cookery school
which is based in Conwy, North Wales to get taught how to make quite frankly a delicious
frittata by the lovely Eira so I headed up to North Wales by train and took in some of
that awesome scenery on the way before heading to the cookery school grabbing some fresh
ingredients from the on site farm shop which was amazing and then got given my crash course,
Welsh rarebit is a traditional melted cheese dish that is normally served over toast, but
today we are adding it to a frittata this is it, we have an actual crew here so it is
quite exciting for me. Looks pretty darn amazing right so Eira left
me to it, I prepped all my vegetables and this is how I got on. Roughly chop up a bunch
of spring onions, half a red pepper, and peel and cube 600 grams of pumpkin, the pumpkin
goes into a roasting tray with two teaspoons of olive oil and a little salt and pepper
before putting it into the oven at 190c or equivalent shaking it half way through at
the ten minute stage the veg prep is done and it is time to make the rarebit, this cheese
is made here on site and is stonkingly good so in goes that cheese, I have a little left
over to sprinkle over later on I remember that step in there, just a little drop in
there at first and I remember I need to add a little bit later on, it was half a teaspoon
of cayenne pepper and then it was the wholegrain mustard with a little bit of honey I remember
that so we have our cheese in there we have our wholegrain mustard and cayenne pepper
and of course that amazing cider give it a nice mix together.
We have got these authentic Conwy eggs, we have got 6 and I am going to crack them straight
into our little bowl here, it is all coming together I am feeling quite confident which
hopefully if I am confident you guys should be too. Little bit of black pepper on there
and I think if I check my pumpkin we are ready to build the frittata.
Lets get this out of the oven now, I am happy with that colour it is time to bring this
frittata together. So there is always when you are using someone else kitchen whether
you can get your hob on or not I am really hoping this is going to warm up we will get
the pan nice and hot then cook the spring onions and peppers so here is my gorgeous
olive oil again just gonna get a good amount in the pan so let these warm up in the pan
with the oil there, smells really good, right starting to get a light sizzle on now so will
add in the peppers too nice and rustic chopped too so now we get in the gorgeous roasted
pumpkin and I guess if you have undercooked it I guess you could cook it in the pan right
here you can tell I am concentrating now, normally when I am at home and filming by
myself I stick my tongue out so now you know I do that guys in goes some nice dollops of
our rarebit so song golf ball size blobs like so we will now grab our egg and pour that
in what I really liked about this rarebit when I tasted it earlier was it droops and
goes gooey all around it so I will start to bring the egg in from the sides I can see
it is starting to cook already so just like I saw Eira do I am just going to keep pushing
away let it cook a little bit, so it is all cooked through around the edges I am now going
to give it one last cheeky sprinkle of cheese around the edges, the oven is going to warm
this through, then we will grill it on top. So baked it through with a grill finish on
top and I am extremely happy about this, check that out! I could just scream and run for
the welsh hills what do you think, it loos fantastic it is time to have a taste, it is
red hot but, it is very hot but sometimes nice to have straight out of the oven it tastes
amazing but I think the real winner today is Welsh food and this amazing frittata recipe
that you have come up with. Yeah you know what guys I was pretty darn
proud of myself if you enjoyed this video do not forget to give it a thumbs up share
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school of your attempts at the frittata and I will see you again next time. Cheers guys.