Why Is Too Much Sugar Bad For You? Bumbley – Eeeeee..is it true?. Why did this happen? Coley – Yes it’s true. Because soft drinks contain higher sugar..
which cause the tooth to decay. Bumbley – I thought sugar was a source of
energy? Why do I feel so weak even after eating so
many chocolates? Coley -You bee so stupid! It’s because sugar weakens the immune system,
which can cause weakness and loss of energy. Bumbley – Bad pun. Coley – lllllll
Bumbley – Ahhhhhh… my legs are paining badly… Its hurting.. I will be back. Why is this happening to me? Coley – Excess of sugar can cause acidity
which can cause joint pain. Also, large amounts of sugar can cause diabetes. Which is very very bad. Bumbley – Oh no! I love sweets but I will eat less sugar. Health is after all more important. Coley – Now you bee smart! Bumbley – Why another bad pun?